How Much Does It Cost To Build A Pool House From Scratch

The addition of a pool house immediately elevates the value and functionality of the entire property. Homeowners often think of pool house facilities as a luxurious element that won't suit a typical neighborhood home, but the truth is that this feature can immediately add a new layer of comfort and utility to your life.

Angi estimates that a typical, 150-square-foot pool house will start at around $26,000 with a space that doubles this footprint costing an average of $114,000. Angi also reports that a prefabricated pool house structure (rather than a custom build) at this same 300-square-foot size averages $26,600, making it a great alternative for homeowners looking to maximize the purchase of their budget.

Thought of in another way, the cost to build a pool house rivals that of the cost basis for constructing a new home, or an addition to an already existing home, averaging between $160 and $600 per square foot (via HomeAdvisor). Considering this space as an extension of your home's overall footprint is a great way to approach a pool house building opportunity. These facilities can be as simple as a bathroom, shower, and changing room that adds flexibility to your outdoor space, or they can provide a complex living and entertainment area to amplify your backyard and create a whole new lifestyle for yourself and your family.

Factors for cost

The most important factor when considering the cost of a new construction element on your property is the overall size of the addition. The floorplan and resulting concrete foundation, walls, roof, and interior structural requirements will make up the bulk of your planning — and your cost.

The structure that will support your outdoor lifestyle takes up the bulk of the expense

The first question to ask yourself when building a pool house on your property is one regarding the size you'll need and want. Forbes Advisor reports that a pool house can add fiscal value to your property because it adds immense beautification to the exterior space. It can also help you keep the interior of your home free of excess pool water and the potentially damaging chlorine and other chemicals that are integral to overall pool health (via Zodiac Pool Blog).

The size you select will be dependent on your home's needs. For many homeowners, a pool house is a simple addition that augments the outdoor lifestyle by separating the potentially messy elements of outdoor living from the living room, kitchen, and hallways leading to bathrooms within the property. Therefore, a pool house typically will incorporate storage space, showers, a bathroom, and a changing area for homeowners and their guests. Forbes suggests that pool houses should be built in proportion to the main home, meaning a larger overall home size can easily support a rangier pool house.

Labor costs can be quite high on a major undertaking like a pool house build

In addition to the materials required to build the foundation and walls of the new addition, HomeAdvisor estimates that labor costs can run between 30% and 60% of the total cost. This can range dramatically based on the inclusions you are bringing to the project. For instance, if you want to add services that require plumbing (a shower, bathroom facilities, or kitchen amenities), you can expect the project to become a bit more complicated and the labor costs to rise accordingly.

For one thing, plumbing inclusions will likely mean that the foundation requires additional considerations to support the pipework that will be necessary to bring water to the pool house and drain it away again. SFGate provides a great guide on the interaction between poured concrete and the plumbing elements that run underneath, around, and sometimes through it.

Angi reports averages of $1,500 as a starting price for the installation of pool house plumbing, with a standard shower coming in at around $1,000. Labor costs factor heavily into this equation, so understanding how that feeds into your budget alongside the plans you have for the new installation is a must.

Finishing elements bring the whole project together for enhanced quality of life

Lastly, many homeowners opt to go all out when adding pool house facilities to their property. This is a unique space that can add immense luxury, comfort, and financial value to your home and the lifestyle that you lead in it, so making it fit with your goals is a great way to ensure that you get exactly what you're bargaining for. Finishing off the addition with smart wooden fencing can elevate the style of your completed backyard as well.

In addition to the general pool equipment storage and showering facilities, a pool house can support kitchen functionalities, entertainment installations, and a home bar. Many homeowners have made an outdoor bar an integral part of their pool deck or other outdoor living space in recent years (via The Spruce). This adds a dollop of opulence to the property and transforms the way that you, as a homeowner, will think about the often mundane task of relaxing at home. Installing a fridge, adding covered barbecue equipment or a more robust kitchen feature, and constructing a home bar to go with the pool house will change the way you think of time spent at home for the better.

Additional costs

In addition to the labor and basic materials required to build the structure, there are some other considerations to be made when pricing out the total build cost for a new pool house. These typically find focus on luxury upgrades and additional amenities that will round out the usefulness of the space and give you an even greater sense of style and comfort in this area of the home.

Pool houses begin with simple bathroom and changing amenities

Plumbing is often a must in this new structure: Additional services that make for increased creature comforts can add immense value to your project. Plumbing averages around $500 to $800 for this type of work, with the additional price of parts not included, according to HomeGuide. Finishing off the exterior plumbing work on a pool house will add to the expense, with HomeGuide reporting that plumbing services typically cost between $45 and $150 per hour with a potential call-out fee ranging from $50 to $200 tacked on to the total bill. However, the addition of changing rooms, a bathroom, and a simple shower (or one that provides the feel of an indoor bathing facility) will amplify the utility that this new installation provides you with.

The Swim Guide reports that rinsing off before and after swimming is a great way to maintain body health. Chlorine is a powerful cleansing agent that is typically dumped into pools by the gallon, yet it isn't a catch-all. Rinsing yourself before you dive into the pool removes oils, bacteria, and toxins from your skin, keeping the pool cleaner. Likewise, after you get out of the water, rinsing again helps keep your body free of the chlorine you've been steeped in while removing any bacteria or germs you may have taken from the aquatic environment.

A pool house bathroom is a perfect way to achieve this in a peaceful and private environment, giving you the ability to rinse off and change without ever leaving the party and pool deck.

Some homeowners opt to include entertainment additions

Pool houses also provide housing for entertainment equipment. Typically, a pool house will make use of an overhanging roof segment that is instrumental in protecting sensitive and often expensive electronic equipment. Even a simple covering will create the atmosphere required to angle an outdoor entertainment system toward the primary relaxation space or even the pool itself.

Rolling Stone recommends a few outdoor-specific televisions that provide both durability and a color palette that is perfectly suited to the glare-reduction needs of an external monitor. These range from about $1,400 to just under $3,000. But there are many other television options that can satisfy the basics on a much tighter budget.

Likewise, the addition of surround sound capabilities can boost the entertainment to new heights by allowing for crystal clear audio playback from the TV (to support watching big games, movies, and more in this outdoor environment) or as a means to play your favorite tracks while relaxing in the pool on a hot summer day. Popular Mechanics outlines a number of great speaker systems that start at $69 and range up to a few hundred for some of the higher-end models.

Pool houses can incorporate relaxation facilities, kitchen equipment or a bar, and much more

Kitchens, bars, and even seating areas inside the structure can make for an even more versatile home upgrade. A pool house can be as significant or simple an undertaking as you'd like to make it: Designing a space that acts as primary storage for your pool toys, towels, and other pool-related equipment can provide a great addition to the home, but for homeowners looking to make a logistical change to their exterior environment, one that brings in outdoor living staples is a core part of the process.

A pool house that lends itself to supporting a home bar, cooking space, and refrigeration or freezer capacity is a space that can give you a sense of vacation in your everyday life. Allied Market Research reports that global beach-specific hotel spending totaled $121 billion in 2021, with a projection of more than $215 billion in ten years' time. People all over the world want to sit by the pool or beach and take in the good life; a pool house that provides the blueprint for all these added amenities offers the same quality of life on a daily basis.

Adding a pergola outside the pool house can improve the overall exterior space

A pergola, gazebo, or other covered area that extends from the pool house is a great way to add a finishing touch to the construction. A wooden structure that extends beyond the pool house's foundation (perhaps to the side or directly in front of the structure to add a kind of entryway into the building) provides additional seating and the all-important covering that can make this space accessible no matter what the weather might bring your way.

HomeAdvisor estimates that a dedicated cabana or gazebo will cost between $2,000 and $5,000 to install, while Forbes Advisor suggests that a typical pergola will range from $2,200 to $5,900.

Types of pool houses

There are many basic layout options for a homeowner considering the addition of a pool house. The design choices that are right for you will be determined by your intended use of the addition and the amount of space you have available to create the structure.

The simple showers and changing rooms

The most basic footprint for a new pool house is the simple storage, changing room, and added shower facility. For an idea of what this can provide for your home, it might be a good idea to think of the bathroom space that a typical hotel pool provides. There is basic functionality built into this amenity that creates a more streamlined experience and gives you the primary services that you might need while enjoying the outdoor area of your living space.

For homeowners seeking a simple construction to make their lives easier, a prefabricated and easy-to-install pool house facility might be the best option. HomeAdvisor estimates that a pool house kit ranges from around $5,000 up to about $44,300 for some of the larger and more luxurious installations. For a small investment, transforming the value and comfort of your outdoor space can pay back huge returns.

The lounge area

Adding exterior lounge equipment to this space is a great way to naturally extend the sitting space that you enjoy as part of your pool deck. Building a covering that makes use of the pool house gives you a large space to bring in new lounge chairs or even a table and chairs that can support large gatherings or family dinners in the open air rather than inside with the same surroundings each and every day.

The entertainment hub

Entertainment centers loom large in the minds of homeowners. The pool house structure can easily support the electrical and coverage needs of a fantastic entertainment system that can really amplify the utility of an outdoor space. Transforming your pool into the center of action is easy with some planning during the construction phase. The installation of a pool house can act as a foundation for many different outlets (via Homes & Gardens) and building an entertainment center into the front or side walls of the space is a massive hit with nearly everyone.

The guest house

Generally speaking, pool houses aren't intended to be used as guest quarters. However, for a homeowner looking to create a facility that pulls double-duty, a combined addition that offers both a guest house and minimized pool house functionality can be built to satisfy both requirements.

For this application, you'll want to consult early on with a contractor who can help you create a dual-purpose building that provides both living space and the stripped-down building features of the more traditional pool house.

Why you need a pool house

Building a pool house might not be at the top of many homeowners' renovation lists initially, but this is one of those changes to the property that really shines once it's been incorporated. This upgrade is a true game-changer — homeowners that enjoy the facilities of a pool house won't ever want to go back to the way things were.

Pool houses provide creature comforts in the outdoor space of your home

It may not initially seem like much of a change, but the addition of a pool house provides you with the secret sauce that transforms a backyard space. From the inclusion of television and other media entertainment systems to the increased relaxation opportunities that come along with the installation of this feature, a homeowner that builds this addition into their exterior living space can expect to enjoy a massively expanded comfort in all that they do in the backyard. The pool house offers itself as a magnetic centerpiece for hosting events, providing for enhanced outdoor living, and much more (via Live in Your Backyard).

The pool house can add versatile storage solutions to the footprint of your property

At its most basic, a pool house is a fantastic addition in the form of storage and organizational quality. The pool house provides a homeowner with the ability to quickly and effectively store all their outdoor equipment with ease. Instead of moving all your pool equipment into the garage after a day of swimming, the pool house keeps your backyard equipment secure and contained in the place that you use it.

Acting as a hub for outdoor activity, the pool house can add depth to any party or gathering that you host

Most importantly, a pool house provides your home with a central hub to coordinate entertainment and activity (via River Pools and Spas). Whether you're hosting a large gathering with lots of friends and family or simply planning a household barbecue for the evening, the pool house provides a base of operations that can be used to support bar functions, food item refrigeration, and relaxation throughout the afternoon or evening. Simply put, this addition to the home elevates the look and feel of your backyard to a whole new level.

Benefits of a pool house

A pool house is often a quick renovation project. Depending on the size and scale of the addition, this can be done in short order to create a massively different vibe throughout your property. Because the pool house is a separate structure, there's no need to prepare your home for a lengthy and invasive renovation schedule, making this a change that can be done at any time that's convenient for you.

Exterior renovations increase resale value and add a sense of luxury to the property

One of the most obvious changes that a pool house installation provides is the elegant visual effect that is created once the project has been completed. River Pools and Spas estimates that any permanent addition to the property (and perhaps the inclusion of a prefabricated structure that can be moved or removed with ease) will likely add significant financial value to the home. Forbes Advisor reports that a pool house will also transform the visual appeal of your property, making for a much more sought-after space in the event that you choose to list the home for sale and move away.

Building a pool house provides your home with a taste of the good life

In a more immediate sense, a pool house vastly changes the calculus of your home's backyard environment for the better. This addition — whether done with a large, multipurpose design in mind or a simple and functional installation — immediately boosts the comfort and quality of life that you and your loved ones enjoy while taking advantage of the exterior living spaces of the property. It's for this reason that people love this powerful change so much.