This Florida Home Might Come With A Feature Buyers Never Asked For

When looking for the perfect home, potential buyers tend to seek out specific features that best suit their family's needs. These can range from a large backyard to set up a play set to an extra room that serves as a home office. So it is not unusual for sellers to tout the various perks their property has. However, what if one of the main selling points included a person –- who comes with the house?

Crystal Ball, who earned her real estate license in 2019, is selling two of her properties in Panama City, Florida. One of them is a three-bedroom, two-bathroom house that comes with a pool, patio, hot tub ... and her ex-husband. Luckily, any prospective buyers would not have to worry about Richard Chaillou, Crystal's ex, mooching off of them or causing any chaos with the neighbors. In fact, if the buyers allow Chaillou to stay, they will get a discount off of the $699,000 price tag along with his cooking and handyman services, as mentioned in Newsweek. However, the listing does possess a bittersweet back story behind the humor since Chaillou and Ball have gotten a divorce but still remain friends, co-parents, and business partners. Regardless of its history, the house does possess some selling points.

A family-friendly split floor plan

The previous listing of the home (via the New York Post) displayed both interior and exterior photos with Richard Chaillou posing in a provocative manner. In some of the pics, he is even cuddling or petting a stuffed white tiger, which most likely belongs to one of the former couple's two young sons. Conversely, a different set of photos on Zillow reveal an open living space -– sans Richard -– in which the tiled, eat-in kitchen meets the carpeted living room. The only separation is a small tiered bar, but any host can interact with guests while preparing hors d'oeuvres. 

Throughout the home, wood flooring pairs well with a serene neutral gray on the walls that is accented with white on the trim and ceilings. The combination is further enhanced by the natural light that illuminates from large windows. Two of the bedrooms, which are also carpeted, share an adjoining bathroom, while the master appears to have its own bathroom as well.

A backyard for that's created for entertaining

Out back, a screened-in porch has enough space to comfortably house the hot tub and a seating area where adults can easily supervise kids who are playing in the swimming pool, as seen on Zillow. A covered porch, known as a Florida Room, and additional patio space also flanks the screened-in area. This spot could easily hold a dining area suited for barbecues and entertaining.

The yard itself is a combination of flagstone paving of two different but complementary shades, sizes, and textures, gravel, and grass. Off to the side of the yard is a fire pit constructed from brick that's commonly found on retaining walls. It sits on a surface of flagstone paving and gravel. When facing the house from the area of the fire pit, one can see a paved space that's large enough for a grill and possibly a small storage unit. The privacy fence matches the same shade of gray as the house's stucco exterior.

Amenities galore

Likewise, as pictured on Zillow, the round-shaped pool, which sits opposite of the fire pit, is lined with natural stone on the exterior. While the outer edges do not have coping that's suitable for sitting, there is a set of steps that lead to the ladder and rails. The pool has easy access with the stairs also leading out to the paved area that joins the patio. Plus, one side is flanked by paving and the other with gravel.

Moving to the front yard, this part of the property features gravel landscaping and a long, concrete paved driveway leading to the two-car garage and a walkway leading to the front entrance. The gray façade also contains shudders which match the white trim surrounding the window, the color of the frame around the glass screen door, and the garage door. Furthermore, according to the listing, the driveway is long enough to hold a boat and trailer. Overall, the home does stand out, but Richard Chaillou would actually just be a tenant and not the live-in help which is quite common when listing investment property.