Inside The Most Expensive Home For Sale In Hawaii

If you have ever spent your time wondering what it would be like to live your days in absolute luxury on a tropical island, then this could be the home for you. This slice of paradise is located on the gorgeous white-sanded shore of Hanalei Bay, Hawaii, which features rolling waves that would be the envy of any surfer or avid beach bather. The home in question is not just any run-of-the-mill dwelling but is instead a collection of exquisite exotic structures that work together to create a dreamworld-like compound. Filled with such opulence in just under an acre of property to call your own, this wonder of real estate is surrounded by lush natural greenery.

Although there are many million-dollar homes in Hawaii out there, this one is without a doubt the most expensive one available. On the market for a staggering and precise price tag of $21,255,800, this collection of homes — that total seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms — span 7,290 square feet of total living space, according to the listing on Trulia. Although the cost of living in Hawaii is the priciest in all of the United States — with the average home setting you back roughly $730,000, according to World Population Review – it's no doubt that the warm climate, soft beach sand, and mountainous views are what could make dropping millions for real estate a little easier. Now let's take a look at what makes this extravagant home worth breaking the bank for.

Gorgeous surroundings with plenty of space

This unbelievable beachside home boasts views that are worth a million dollars. Well, in this case, just over $21 million. Surrounded by exquisite greenery and local plant life are the cascading clear blue waves of Hanalei Bay. Constructed in 1989, the estate seems almost larger than life even though it sits on just under one acre of land, according to Zillow. This is due to the sprawling views of the water and the rolling mountainside. Reclaimed teak wood is used to floor the outside decks, and the roof is covered with shingles. The rest of the home is made from bleach-white wood that is kept sturdy with natural rock-based pillars.

There is an obvious focus on outdoor living with this home, which features well over 1,500 square feet of decoratively covered lanai. Soak up every minute of Hawaiian sun from various outdoor areas that make the most picturesque spots for entertaining guests or enjoying with the family. Cozy designer couches await you outside as you are cooled from the tropical air with overhead ceiling fans. If you just can't seem to muster up the energy to make your way to the sandy shores, then you can go for a dip in the sparkling pool as you take in the breathtaking beauty of the natural landscape around you.

This tropical wonder features a stunning main home

Although the location and outstanding views of this Hawaiian property are certainly what contribute to the hefty price tag, the main home is nothing to scoff at. Featuring five bedrooms and five bathrooms, this tropical home has a total of 4,650 square feet of living space, plus the added bonus of 850 square feet of the outside lanai to lounge by, according to Trulia. Decorated like a true tropical resort, the home has white, wood-paneled walls with the same lovely teak wood flooring throughout. Adorned tastefully with art and sculptures, the living room — and every room for that matter — contains big windows that allow each space to light up with natural light.

The kitchen provides ample room to store your cooking wear and knick-knacks on the designer shelving surrounding the gas range stove. Bathrooms are modern and have shining white countertops and large glass showers. However, the real prize of this spacious home has to be the bedrooms. They are light and airy with smooth flooring and wonderfully crafted wooden bed frames. Each room has an unrivaled view of the water and plant life that will make you seriously doubt whether it's worth it to leave your bed at all — unless it's to push back the doors and step onto the covered balcony area to get a closer look at the remarkable scene around you.

Three homes for the price of one

When one home just isn't enough, how about the bonus of two extra living spaces? Aside from the main home, this Hawaiian property comes with two separate smaller homes that get to enjoy the same lavish luxury as the rest of the property. According to the listing on Zillow, one of the extra buildings is a two-bedroom, two-bathroom beachside home that boasts an impressive 1,790 square feet of living space. You get an added 730 square feet with the stylishly shady lanai as well. The warm-colored flooring is made from salvaged teak wood and is expertly finished to add to the charm of the home.

The other separate dwelling is a modest 850-square-foot studio and comes complete with one bedroom and one bathroom. The interiors of both bonus living spaces mimic the style and feel of the main home, providing perfect unity between all areas. Wood flooring is matched delicately, and both homes have large windows that let in plenty of Hawaiian sunshine. These dreamy beach houses are not only within walking distance of the sparkling waters and bright sandy beach, but you can also visit the nearby Hanalei Bay Pier where you can walk out 340 feet into the crashing surf of the bay and enjoy the sights and sounds of the island, according to So, if you have money to burn and want to live your life in a tropical paradise, this might just be the home you've been looking for.