How To Decorate Your Home Like A Tropical Resort

From the white sandy beaches to the endless array of fruity cocktails, it is nearly impossible not to be inspired by the luxurious lifestyle offered at a tropical resort. That being said, sprucing up your home with some resort-style touches makes it easier to feel like you're on vacation every day. According to Plum Guide, things like high-quality bedding, vibrant greenery and florals, and spa-like touches to your bathroom are great ways to make your home have the professional look and feel of a resort.

Though our realities aren't always as lavish as they are while on vacation, that doesn't mean that we shouldn't try to create a similar vibe in our own homes. Since your home is intended to be a safe space, feeling at peace and serene is important, and there are several ways to accomplish that. So, without further ado, here is House Digest's guide on how to decorate your home like a tropical resort!

Use lots of wicker and wooden furniture

Wicker furniture has a beachy and laid-back style that makes it perfect for a resort-inspired home. According to Homes & Gardens, rattan is most often used when making wicker furniture. It is a very versatile material that can be bent and built into various shapes. For the most part, wicker furniture comes in neutral and basic colors, making it easy to match with a variety of colored accessories and accents. From pendant shades to chairs, it is definitely possible to fill up your entire home with wicker pieces.

Since beachside resorts tend to emphasize indoor/outdoor living, wicker furniture creates the same effect due to its warm and casual nature. When it comes to cushions on your wicker furniture, stick to white or light colors to create a peaceful atmosphere and setting. Lighter colors also appear fresher and more upscale than darker colors, which can often clash with wicker and certain kinds of wood.

Add some tropical wallpaper

There is nothing quite as iconic as tropical wallpaper. From the pink and green palm leaf wallpaper that the Beverly Hills Hotel is known for to more subtle, Hawaiian-esque designs, tropical wallpaper can take your space to the next level. Changing out or adding wallpaper is no problem if you are a homeowner. Whether you want to hire someone to do the job or you feel like getting crafty with a DIY project, switching up your wallpaper is one of the most impactful ways to transform your space. From pink flamingos to green palm leaves, Wayfair has many great tropical options.

If you rent or are not in a position to do a legitimate wallpaper project, have no fear! Stick-on wallpaper is an easy and temporary way to get your desired effect. For example, this tropical peel and stick wallpaper from Target has a warm design and easy step-by-step process so that your walls can appear professionally done. Once it is time to remove them, simply pull the adhesive back off the wall, and you're good to go.

Invest in lots of plants (real or faux)

Vibrant greenery, whether it is real or fake, adds a stunning touch to any space. According to Wild Interiors, plants create an environment that is more reminiscent of warmer weather and summer, which is perfect when creating a tropical oasis in your home. If you have the time or patience to care for real plants, filling your home with them comes with many benefits. In addition to providing oxygen and cleaning the air, plants can also help when it comes to productivity and mental health.

That being said, if you don't have a great green thumb, faux plants are a solid alternative. Amazon has an amazing selection of fake tropical plants to choose from (and they're super affordable). The best part about investing in faux plants for your home is the fact that they can be placed anywhere and everywhere. Since they require no sunlight, you don't have to worry about putting them near a window, meaning your home can feel like summer all year round.

Stick with crisp white sheets and duvet covers

Nothing is quite as lavish as the clean and fluffy sheets in a high-end hotel room. In addition to being versatile and matching with different accessories and styles, a white bed catches the eye and draws your attention to the center of the room. According to DesignThusiasm, white linen sheets and duvet covers are timeless and refreshing. Plus, linen is very breathable, making it a great material to have if you prefer to stay cool throughout the night.

That being said, the biggest downside to having a white bed is that any stains or marks are hard to hide. However, if you are willing to take the risk and do what you can to be extra cautious, white linen sheets are definitely the way to go. If you prefer something softer than linen, cotton is another breathable option that is a bit more gentle.

Hang a canopy above your bed

Canopies add an ethereal and delicate touch to any bedroom. Per Architecture & Design, a bed canopy enhances the lavishness of your space and makes it more romantic. Since many places in the tropics use canopies to protect guests from mosquitoes and other bugs while sleeping, it will make you feel like you're away on a tropical vacation. While you can buy proper canopy bed frames, hanging a canopy above your bed is super easy to DIY. All you have to do is drill a hook in the ceiling above.

While there are several different kinds of canopies to choose from, the most resort-like canopies are very simple and standard. That being said, some canopies can look a bit juvenile or young. For a more mature and elegant look, try one that is fuller and wider, like this large white bed canopy from Bed Bath & Beyond. If you don't like the idea of sleeping with a canopy draped around you, tie the curtains back and place them behind your headboard at night.

Add spa elements to your bathroom

Being able to pop into the spa for a massage or facial is one of the most relaxing parts of staying at a tropical resort. While you might not be able to receive those professional treatments at home, you can definitely enhance your bathroom with some spa-inspired elements to create a therapeutic and relaxing environment. According to The Spruce, adding a bathtub caddy or tray makes it easier to read a good book or enjoy a glass of wine while soaking in the tub.

Having an all-white bathroom also feels reminiscent of a hotel. If you want to decorate the walls, hang professional photos of ocean landscapes or beach scenes. Organized shelves and towel racks also contribute to that "spa-like" style that we all love to immerse ourselves in while on vacay. Of course, don't forget to hang a fluffy white robe on the back of the door for the authentic spa experience.

Hang a hammock outside

Are you looking to spend more time lounging outside? According to Home Depot, you can hang a hammock pretty much anywhere, from a porch to a backyard. All you need are two sturdy structures like trees or poles to tie your hammock around. Of course, some hammocks can stand alone, meaning you can place them literally anywhere without having to worry about tying them.

Before buying your hammock, make sure you know exactly where you want it to go. Do you prefer shade or sun? Do you want the hammock to be the focal point of your yard or a subtle detail? Knowing the answers to these questions will ensure that you make the best decision for your style. While nearly all hammocks have a beachy feel to them, this more upscale Saratoga Hammock from Anthropologie has all of the flair that you would find at a fancy, tropical resort.

Create a serene outdoor dining experience

Outdoor dining is an absolute must when traveling to beautiful places with nice weather. That's why having your own outdoor dining space is imperative to bringing a taste of resort life back home with you. Even if you don't live in a place that has pleasant weather year-round, covered patios and heaters make it possible to enjoy the outdoors 365 days a year. Per MyDomaine, al fresco dining is a transportive experience that is dreamy and easy to accomplish at home. All you need is a solid dining table, chairs, and decor to set the scene.

While setting the table with florals and details is important, you must first plan out the logistics of your outdoor dining area (via The Spruce). From the number of people you expect to accommodate to your desired view and style, it is best to be certain of these details before purchasing any furniture. If you have a pool, plan to place your dining table near it for a true and tested resort-style ambiance.

Build a pool

A swimming pool is definitely the ultimate at-home amenity. Since nearly every top-notch resort has a swimming pool or hot tub available for guest use, having your own private pool takes luxury living to the next level. According to Decoist, there are several different styles and landscaping options to choose from when creating your own backyard oasis. Add tiki torches around a curved swimming pool that features colorful tiles for an extra tropical style. If you prefer something more modern or refined, build an infinity-edge pool that is sleek and straight.

Of course, not everyone can build their own pool at home. However, if you are working with a limited budget or space, there are other ways to add a lavish touch to your backyard. While it certainly isn't the same as an actual swimming pool, this inflatable jacuzzi from Walmart is a great alternative for those who live in apartments or have small outdoor areas.

Hang white sheer curtains

Sheer white curtains are a very subtle and simple accessory that can go a long way when evoking that resort-like style. One of the most important aspects of creating a beachy and warm space is ensuring that your home gets an ample amount of light. Since heavy curtains can dim a room and make it impossible to feel connected to the outside world, sheer white curtains let enough light in while still adding some depth and dimension to a room.

According to Kwik-Hang, many people tend to layer their sheer curtains with thicker ones. However, if you are going for that authentic tropical hotel feel, leave your sheer white curtains as they are. Though they look great on any window, sheer white curtains look the most elegant when framing French windows or doors. Keep them closed when you need added privacy at night but leave them open during the day for a very airy and laid-back vibe.

Add an outdoor, gas-powered fire pit

While a classic, wood-burning fire pit never gets old, gas-powered fire pits are easier to maintain, and they have a sleeker and more modern look. Many upscale resorts feature outdoor fire pits for their guests to drink and gather around, giving you an excuse to spend more time outside in the fresh air. Per Design Furnishings, gas fire pits are also a lot safer than traditional fire pits, and they can be designed in various ways to suit your aesthetic.

Though there are many different options to choose from, this tabletop fireplace from Target is affordable and convenient. In addition to being a fire pit, it also acts as a table so that you can easily eat and drink around the fire. Mingle as you sit under the stars in your backyard and picture you are back on vacation feeling the ocean breeze. This fireplace is also easy to clean and cover during rain or snow.

Create a stunning bar set up

One of the best parts about staying at a nice hotel is having prime access to beautiful restaurants and bars. Being able to head down the elevator and take a seat at a sleek bar screams "vacation," which is why you should create your own set-up at home. While a bar cart is an easy DIY addition to your home, setting up a full bar takes a bit more effort. However, it is totally doable. Simply pick a spot in your house that would work well as a bar area and take your measurements.

According to Rock Solid Rustic, a standard home bar requires shelving, a bar top, and bar stools. From wood to glass, the possibilities are endless when designing your bar. That being said, if you want to keep it as tropical as possible, stick to light woods and neutral colors when building your bar. Then, fill your shelves with your desired spirits and mixers. Display some stylish wine and whiskey glasses for a more refined and elegant look.

Decorate with neutral colors

The color scheme is undeniably important when decorating your home like a tropical resort. For the most part, upscale resorts don't feature bright or vibrant colors. In fact, the nicest and most inviting hotels tend to stick with basic colors that create a calm setting rather than an overly stimulating one. The point of staying at a beachside resort is to relax, which is the same goal you want to reach when styling your own space.

According to The Spruce, neutral colors are the best to build upon, and they are a solid foundation for any space. While there are cool neutral tones such as gray or sage green, you'll want to stick to warmer shades when decorating your home like a tropical resort. Colors like beige, taupe, or tan are great for creating a cozy yet earthy space that is still very light and welcoming. However, be sure to give the rooms some depth and dimension by using lighter and darker shades throughout the space. A stark white or beige room can turn out too cold or modern.

Invest in some cool coffee table books

Per Havenly, coffee table books add a sense of sophistication and elegance to a space. In many boutique and luxury hotels, the lobby will feature stunning coffee table books that are available for guests to browse as they wait to check in or talk with the concierge. This simple yet stylish touch is an interactive way to add flair to your space. However, choosing the right coffee table books is key.

If you are attempting to curate a very beachy or coastal vibe in your home, "Holiday" by Pamela Fiori or "Great Escapes Italy: The Hotel Book" are both solid options. For something more modern, "Chic Stays" offers a more contemporary take on the coffee book cover. While the inside of the book is important, most coffee table books sit as decor. That's why the cover of your coffee table books is the most important part.