This Georgia Home Is The Perfect Blend Of Space Age And Old Hollywood

On the outside, this single-story home doesn't look like much. On the inside, it looks like the living quarters of an old-time Hollywood starlet or the backdrop of a Lana Del Rey music video. Tucked away in the rural suburbs of Stone Mountain, Georgia, about 30 minutes from downtown Atlanta, this 2,800-square-foot home has one of the coolest interiors you'll find anywhere. Features like a conversation pit, white fur shelving, and mirrored tile accents make it look better suited for 1960s Palm Springs than modern-day Georgia. 

The home was grabbed off the market in late March 2022 for $590,000 — not long after being featured on the Zillow Gone Wild Instagram account, which reported its asking price as $475,000. The post gained a lot of traction, with over 36,000 likes and 1,300 comments. One user excitedly commented that the home looks like it smells of "Aqua Net and Pall Malls." Another user pleaded that the new owners, "Don't. Touch. A. Thing." 

The public is fascinated, hoping that this time capsule is kept well-preserved. Below, we'll take a look into the history and features that make this home a mid-century modern lover's dream.

Inside the mid-century modern dream home

Walking into 5110 Antelope Lane, you're greeted by a bright foyer lined with floor-to-ceiling windows. The home details on Zillow note that the ceiling is covered in "smoky mirror tiles laced with gold" that reflect light from the windows. Beyond the foyer is a living area covered with plush turquoise carpeting. A built-in white couch surrounds the free-standing fireplace that is covered in disco ball tiles. To add to the gaudy and glorious aesthetic, there's lighting installed into walls, matching turquoise drapes, and a white and clear plastic dining table. 

The living room leads out to a large, elevated wooden deck that overlooks the backyard creek and is perfect for entertaining. An additional living space reverses the color scheme of the first, with turquoise walls and white carpeting. This living room features Asian-inspired indoor gardens complete with a fountain. It also has another built-in couch lining the main attraction of the room — a 70s-style conversation pit (which Architectural Digest says are back in.) Aside from all of the unique features, both of the living areas are bright and spacious, with large windows and open floor plans.

A look into the bedrooms

As you continue through the house, you'll find that the bedrooms are just as glamorous as the living spaces. The master bedroom features a built-in mirrored canopy above the bed, which faces another interior garden. The walls are designed to resemble Shoji blinds, and the room is complete with small Japanese accents throughout. The bathroom contains a double vanity and connects to a room that can be used as a sitting area for the master bedroom, or as an additional bedroom, per Zillow

The home's two other bedrooms sit towards the front of the house. One features a large circular bed that sits beneath a silky, fan-like ceiling piece complete with a miniature chandelier. To the left of the bed is a wall covered with more mirrored tiling. Lots of pink and silky accents make this room reminiscent of Hollywood's golden age. YouTube account ThePerfect.Property has a video that highlights some more eccentric details of the home. 

History behind the home

The house has a history of long-term ownership. It was built in 1968 by an architect who owned it for nearly 20 years before selling in the mid-1980s. Axios Atlanta reported that the second owner kept all of the home's original details and furniture for nearly 40 years before selling in March of 2022. The home is now onto its third owner in its 54-year history.

When talking to Axios Atlanta, realtor Pat Soltys said that she would get nearly 70 calls a day while the house was on the market — but this didn't last long. After being listed for less than a month, it sold for more than $100,000 over the initial asking price. 

Estate sales were held on March 5 and 6. The home sits on a 1.1-acre lot and contains four bedrooms and three bathrooms. For additional photos, check out the listing on Zero Down.