Which Member Of DC's Suicide Squad Has The Most Expensive Home?

DC's "Suicide Squad" — a movie released in 2016 — is about a government agency hidden from society who works to recruit dangerous and imprisoned villains to save the world, according to IMDb. The cast of this film has some of the biggest names in Hollywood: Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Viola Davis, and more. The Numbers says that "Suicide Squad" made about $750 million worldwide, bringing in big bucks to its cast members.

Big bucks means you can buy big houses, and one cast member conquers the rest when it comes to who has the most expensive home. Smith — who delivered a heavy-handed smack to Chris Rock's face at the Academy Awards in 2022 — dominates with his $42 million mansion, according to The Richest. Smith, who is one of the highest-paying actors in Hollywood, played as Deadshot in "Suicide Squad," making approximately $20 million for his role, according to Go Banking Rates.

Who is Deadshot?

DC Comics says that although Deadshot does not have any superhuman powers, he is still one of the deadliest assassins in this fictional universe. While spending his time in prison, Amanda Walker, played by Viola Davis, persuades him to join the Suicde Squad by offering to reduce his prison sentence. As a member who has spent the most time on the team, Deadshot was a sort of leader who guides the team towards success.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Will Smith joined the "Suicide Squad" cast as Deadshot to try something new. Previously, the actor had never performed as a character with no moral compass. He explained this sort of role was "freeing" and appreciated Deadshot's love for his daughter. In the second movie, "The Suicide Squad" released in 2021, Smith was replaced by Idris Elba. Moving forward, Smith may or may not play as Deadshot in a future Deadshot movie due to the price of hiring him as well as his Oscar incident, according to Comic Book.

The interior of Will Smith's Calabasas mansion

Will Smith's $42 million home took seven years to build in Calabasas, Los Angeles, and was designed by Stephen Samuelson, according to Velvet Ropes. It was important to him and his family for the location to be far enough from Hollywood for privacy purposes. The residence is 25,000 square feet, and is inspired by the nature and cultures derived from the African continent. An example would be the Smith's home theater with themes from Morocco, which is located in western North Africa. The rest of the space also has nine bedrooms with ceiling beams, burnt orange walls, and light fixtures that complement the African theme.

Other notable spaces are the meditation lounge, pool room, bathing room with a fireplace, and recording studio where Smith's daughter recorded "Whip My Hair," her 2010 hit single. Smith also incorporated themes of Northern India into the mansion by recovering parts of a fort from that area to create the front door.

The exterior of Will Smith's Calabasas mansion

Besides the 25,000-square-foot home, Will Smith and his family also have 150 acres that are home to plenty of activities, according to Velvet Ropes. On the property, there is a basketball court and tennis court that are next to each other, a built-in trampoline, and a large, abstract outdoor pool. Besides the pool, the world-renowned family also has a small lake with an island in the middle. That island also has a small gazebo that is surrounded by trees, plants, and stones for a relaxing feel. Smith has previously told Architectural Digest that the gazebo is his favorite location on the property, where his answers often come to him.

Unlike the dry and desert like conditions off the property, the lawn and trees on the Smith estate are green and healthy. A wet bar is also located on the property, which can be accessed either via the indoors or outdoors. Each outdoor patio follows the traditional theme of the mansion and has built-in space heaters to provide warmth and comfort for the ultimate vibe of relaxation.