20 Before And After Front Porch Remodels You Have To See

First impressions count for a lot, and your front porch is your home's chance to shine. They are the ideal hospitality place where you can sip a drink in the evening with friends, but also the perfect spot to relax in the morning with a cup of coffee, Blythe Building Company says. Porches are often neglected as the renovators and builders often focus solely on the home's interior, but they are a great place to really bring your personal style out for everyone to see. Luckily, they can also be very affordable to dress up. While some may decide to undergo a very expensive renovation process to take down and rebuild their verandas — usually happening in the case of serious water or termite damage — you don't need to call a construction crew in to give your front porch a facelift.

You can transform your veranda with a small or big budget with just a few cosmetic changes like freshly painted doors or shutters, some thrift store furniture, an outdoor rug, and some potted plants. Check out 20 of our favorite front porch makeovers to get you inspired.

Before: Outdated and drab front porch

The liminal beige bricks lining this porch leading to a tiny window in the door make this veranda feel outdated and claustrophobic, even for a tiny area. 

After: Balanced modern and woodsy porch

Whitewashed brick and a moody-colored door make this porch pop, while the new windows on the front door complete the tight space as it feels more open. Notice the new post? Stained to look like real wood, it's an excellent idea for anyone who loves natural wood finishes.

Before: Dingy and beige front porch

The pre-fab door, cracked concrete, and overflowing pots make this front veranda look neglected and sad. The owner of this patio knew they needed something more inviting.

After: Mediterranean oasis

The deep green front door immediately warms the front porch area, while hand-laid herringbone brick pavers elevate this veranda from builder-grade to custom-made. The striking plants and patterned floors make for a warming Mediterranean vibe.

Before: Mismatched and messy

The red door brings out the yellow of the home's plaster, and mismatched furniture combined with debris gave this porch a more shabby look than chic.

After: Contemporary farmhouse porch

This area has instantly become a classic, comfy place to sit with a cup of tea or read a book by painting the door and patio décor in the same flat black paint. This is a lesson in how a few coats of paint and some potted plants can totally transform a space.

Before: Clown colors and outdated columns

This house's entire exterior needed a lot of work when this family took it on. The red trim and super thin columns make this porch feel like a hot mess.

After: Modern arts and crafts porch

Black paint gets this stunning veranda back to its mid-century roots, and the broadened natural wood finish posts are sturdy, masculine, and classic. Again, a few key plants elevate and liven up this outdoor space.

Before: Boring furniture and kid-cluttered porch

Porches too often become an outdoor junk drawer and can become cluttered, making them an unlikely place to spend time with your family. That was the case here when the owner decided it was time to give their verandas a much-needed upgrade.

After: Sleek, family-friendly porch

The new veranda really proves the point that you don't need to makeover your whole home's exterior to create a cohesive, cozy porch. The black bench ties into the door, while cream couch cushions pull in the light area rug.

Before: A porch lacking cohesion

The owner of this house wanted to give their space a good spring cleaning and create a more inviting space with better flow. While there was nothing wrong with this wraparound patio, it lacked character and unique charm.

After: Lush shabby chic area

Using greens and whites creates a serene garden porch straight out of an illustrated children's book. Plenty of vibrant potted plants and distressed white furniture make this area a picture-perfect shabby chic scene.

Before: Sparse and characterless front porch

While this patio furniture ties in the brown brick and black shutters nicely, it's nearly camouflaged. Plus, a lack of cozy cushions makes this an uncomfortable seating arrangement, making it more difficult for the DIYer to really enjoy their outdoor space.

After: Charming and simple front porch

The owner customized some pillows with a Cricut machine, which warms up the space immediately. The oversized pillows also look super lush, instantly making this space a comfy place to kick up your feet.

Before: Weathered and tired furniture

Just because you've got a small porch doesn't mean your creativity needs to be limited. The owner of this house wanted to add some small details to their landscape and outdoor furniture to make it pop but didn't want to bring out the sledgehammer.

After: Springy and chic

Not all front porch makeovers require construction or demolition. As this restoration proves, a fresh layer of mulch, a few potted plants, and some refurbished furniture instantly make a veranda look worn out from winter to be totally ready for spring.

Before: Christmas decorations in spring

It can be so easy to ignore holiday décor, especially when outside — out of sight, out of mind! But this homeowner knew it was time to move on with the seasons and bring this porch into warmer conditions.

Before: Floral and fun porch

The veranda is instantly more cohesive by painting the window panels black with a stunning focal point. Then, by using faux flowers and a darling bee motif throughout, the homeowner made this veranda ready for springtime.

Before: Outdated southwest style

This desert salmon pink looks a little 80s, and the warm red stain of the concrete muddles the colors of this gorgeous covered front porch. Instead of creating a warming desert effect, this area simply looks dated.

After: Mid-century modern chic

The owners decided to re-stucco the entire house with a stunning off-white/light grey color. They also used concrete paint to cover up the red tiles, giving the porch a much cleaner, fresher appearance. Finally, they sanded and stained the original doors to a rich walnut shade, echoing the arts and crafts and mid-century design movements.

Before: Traditional tiny ranch porch

This front porch has no big flaws, but it lacks curb appeal and isn't noticeable next to the beautiful blue paint color. The white metal post is also extremely outdated, cheapening the look of this house's front area.

After: Upgraded flooring makes a splash

By wrapping the iron post in stained wood, the new look successfully creates a No Demo Reno look that upgrades the house's exterior. The owner actually painted the original tiles and then used a stencil to create a tiled effect, making this a great budget solution for a statement floor.

Before: A blank slate porch

This porch has immediate architectural intrigue thanks to the adobe-style walls and cutouts but lacks any strong defining characteristics.

After: Chic desert entryway

Along with a homemade house sign that gives extra charm, this DIYer leaned into the southwest adobe style with potted cacti and succulents, giving this front porch a ton of character with just a few simple additions.

Before: Bland and cluttered porch

There's a lot of room for design options on this gorgeous southern-style porch, but it has mostly been used to collect junk. The chairs also face inward, blocking the space off, and the veranda swing's rusty chains are anything but inviting.

After: Glamorous southern charm

Using cobalt blue pops helps breathe life into this design, giving it more of a glamorous shine than a shabby chic finish. To instantly cozy up the space, outdoor curtains make a huge impact and add a ton of character to this area.

Before: Winter weathered porch

While there's certainly nothing wrong with this front porch, it does show some clear signs of aging from the winter months. It's important to refresh your outdoor spaces as the seasons change to breathe new life into them.

After: Floral and vibrant porch

Porch renovations can really just rely on cosmetic details like cleaning, organizing, and styling. While much of the furniture stayed through the before and after, careful rearranging and thoughtful design decisions made this area much more vibrant and fresh from a thorough spring cleaning.

Before: Porch used as storage space

Too often, people use their porch as an extension of their gardening shed or garage, which can be a huge mistake since your veranda is the first thing people see about your home. This home has a tarp, folding garden chairs, and other random pieces of equipment, which makes this space impossible to enjoy.

After: Quirky oasis

Redesigning your front porch does not mean you need to sacrifice your personal style. Instead, you can add fun throw pillows, eccentric wall art, and whatever else to make the area unique to you, as seen in this after photo.

Before: Sparse and indistinct porch

With a space this big, you need to have enough pieces to make it feel warm and full. Unfortunately, the two rocking chairs on opposite walls with a too-small rug make this porch feel deserted. The red door with the checkered pillows also comes off a bit cheesy.

After: Rustic and sophisticated

By switching the paint color to a muted, low-gloss blue, the space is instantly more sophisticated without losing that cabin-chic charm. A wreath, potted plant, and welcoming sign turn this veranda into a comfy, warm outdoor area.

Before: Outdated and warped front door

While this area is perfectly comfortable, the door is very outdated. If you only have the budget for one major upgrade on your front porch, replacing your front door is a great choice since it has a major visual impact.

After: Functional and cozy door

The new door is much more dramatic and makes everything around it, including the red brick, pop. While the furniture and décor have remained largely the same, the details like the pumpkins, pillows, and throw blankets can easily be changed out for year-round décor fun!

Before: Messy porch and damaged pavement

The darling layout of this porch is completely overshadowed by the icky old red-painted concrete that shows serious signs of weather damage. Plus, everything looks messy whenever kid stuff and clutter is left on the veranda.

After: Clean and comfy oasis

If you think you can't afford to makeover your front porch or a patio, think again. This renovation didn't end up changing all that much about the landscape, but fresh coats of grey concrete paint and a glossy blue layer on the front door instantly freshen this space, adding a ton of curb appeal.

Before: Bland country style porch

This huge porch has loads of space for outstanding design features but only has a few sporadic pieces of furniture. Plus, thanks to its white door, it's clear this area is in serious need of deep cleaning.

After: Country chic with a boho twist

The decision to focus on black colors makes this porch highly stylish in a flash, and the rug and pillows tie it together to make it a functional area and a comfortable outdoor space to spend time. And thanks to the black paint on the door, messes won't show up as easily anymore.

Before: Debris-covered hot mess

When you have kids, it's easy to let the patio become a place for the things you don't want to see in your house. Plus, if you host parties, it can become a catch-all for décor that you may not love. This patio was in serious need of a deep clean and a refresh.

After: Fun and lighthearted patio

The patio sail instantly creates a beachy, breezy atmosphere while providing excellent shade on this patio. Funky décor like a surfboard table and citrus pillows make this porch feel like a year-round paradise.