Inside Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie's Rented $12.7 Million Hamptons Mansion

In modern United States culture, public figures, such as entertainment celebrities, captivate broad audiences. This sort of focus has a long history. From a psychological standpoint, research suggests that certain people may perceive famous people to be ideal sources for their imaginative creations, as Psychology Today explored. The publication likened celebrity fixation to ancient Greek and Roman societies wherein people revered gods and demi-gods. 

Yet another aspect of this cultural focus on celebrities is the portmanteau. As Merriam-Webster defined, a portmanteau is a word derived from blending two words. Since one of the most widely written about American couples was Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie while they were together, many cultural commentators gave the pair the nickname, Brangelina. Overall, modern entertainment industries can be so celebrity-interested that certain readers may want to connect with places of significance for celebrities, including their homes. Notably, Brangelina once stayed in a multi-million dollar vacation home that was recently sold.

Outside the home

As the New York Post reported, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie once rented a nearly $13-million Hamptons mansion, which is situated in the estate part of the Southampton area. Both internal and external elements add to the overall appeal of this noted home. It is lightly hued with distinctive, structural paneling and more than a dozen windows, adding both light and the appearance of additional spaciousness to the home. 

Immediately outside of the home is an entertainment area with multiple tables and chairs. Farther from the house is the tennis court, which reflects a multi-sport functionality. Beyond the traditional tennis court, the area also includes a basketball hoop. The pool is enclosed by muted reddish and grey tiles. This area includes a relaxing hot tub, cabana, and poolside chairs, which can accommodate laying out. The landscaping is also stunning with lush green lawns and plenty of plant life.

Overall insider view

As the New York Post detailed, this property is rather spacious. The home includes an impressive eight bedrooms and seven and a half bathrooms. As explained, a full bathroom may be distinguished from a half-bath. In general, a full bathroom includes a toilet, sink, bathtub, and shower. A half-bath may also be called a powder room or guest bath. Usually, the half bath contains half of the elements that a full bathroom contains. Specifically, a half bath will include a toilet and a sink. Adding a half-bath to one's home can be a subtle and cost-effective way to increase the value of the home.

Other details inside the house include its color palette. The color scheme features black, white, and both rich and light-hued blues. Oceanic artwork and striped rugs contribute to a crisp, nautical theme. Rich blue table runners complement these choices. A family room includes richer hues, such as dusky browns and muted oranges. Cozy wood furniture and substantial wood furniture, including a coffee table and bookshelves, contribute a feeling of warmth to the space.

Additional insider views

This Southampton home, built in 2002, comprises 10,400 square feet and sits atop nearly 2.23 acres of land, as seen on the Zillow listing. It continues the nautical theme in various parts of the house, including in a specific bedroom with seahorse artwork adorning the walls. One of the many bathrooms in the home also includes a clean, airy space with a half-moon-shaped bathtub, multiple windows and a well-placed skylight. Double sinks sit parallel to the three long mirrors and soft lighting gives the space an overall cozy, cloudlike effect. A walk-in shower follows the tub.

Also noteworthy inside the home is a yoga studio, complete with a full wall of mirrors and a dancer's bar, and a recreation room with foosball, ping pong, and air hockey tables. Bookworms will enjoy the ample library and the light-filled sunroom to curl up with a book. An eat-in chef's kitchen completes the experience.