Take A Tour Of This Gorgeous Island In Montana's Flathead Lake That's For Sale

If you've ever thought about building your dream property in a scenic rural setting where you could live in luxury while still enjoying the peaceful ambiance of being surrounded by nature, there's a property on Montana's Flathead Lake that you'll definitely want to check out. 

As Realtor shared, the property is located in Dayton, Montana, on paper, although technically, the estate for sale is on a nearby island, adding even more privacy to the rustic retreat. It's listed for a staggering $72 million, which may seem steep considering the sale doesn't come with a fully finished home — however, it's certainly a property with potential to be an incredible estate, and the unfinished state of the main property means that any potential owners willing to invest could create their dream home.

While Montana may not be the first state you think of when envisioning peaceful waterfront property, Glacier Country Montana reports that the nearby Dayton Bay is well-known as an ideal location for sailing, making it a perfect spot for any water sport enthusiasts.

As per Robb Report, the scenic island was purchased by Robert M. Lee and his wife Anne Brockinton Lee back in the 1980s. The land proved irresistible, but the family ended up relocating to Lake Tahoe, leaving the estate in limbo. It's been on the market for 12 days now.

Read on to learn more about this unique opportunity to build your dream home on a stunning island for the ultimate in luxury lakefront living.

Welcome to Cromwell Island

While the property is considered to belong within the confines of Dayton, Montana, the actual piece of land for sale is a private island known as Cromwell Island. And, the eventual owner is getting quite a plot of land — as per the Realtor listing, Cromwell Island is the largest freshwater private island west of the Mississippi River under a single ownership. That's right — the entire island is all yours to do whatever you'd like with if you end up snagging this property. You might even consider transforming a portion of it into a nature reserve, as the initial owners considered doing, per Robb Report.

The island contains a total of 348 acres of land filled with a mixture of lush green meadows and various trees, with abundant greenery visible from all corners of the home. In addition to the gorgeous lake views, the space also overlooks Wild Horse Island, a protected state park that packs a ton of wildlife, including bighorn sheep, bald eagles, mule deer, and of course, wild horses, as Visit Montana explains. It's a day-use park, so you can jet over for a morning or afternoon adventure before returning to your own private island for a good night's rest.

In addition to the acres of land ripe for exploring, there are 3 miles of shoreline on Cromwell Island. And it's adventure-ready with an already constructed dock and boat slip that can accommodate water vehicles of varying sizes.

A luxurious facade with an interior awaiting your vision

Cromwell Island has a two-bedroom, two-bathroom guest house that you may be able to stay in while you undertake renovations on the main residence, although the Realtor listing doesn't provide photos of that particular space. However, given the size of the main residence, that process may take a little while — although the end results are likely worth it.

The structure is built for a massive 45,000 square foot home nicknamed "The Villa." The listing photos showcase concrete and framing on the interior, ready for you to select your choice of materials and tweak the floor plan to your specifications.

The exterior has terracotta roofing that adds a Mediterranean feel, as well as a facade consisting of beige and cream stones. The natural color palette of the home allows it to make a major style statement while still blending in somewhat to the rolling hills and greenery of the island. Plus, the foundation constructed from concrete and Montana limestone provides a sturdy base that will stand up against any harsh Montana weather.

You may already be able to envision what life would be like when strolling across the massive patio that stretches all along the back of the home, surrounded by an ornate stone railing. There are also two staircases constructed that stretch from the patio down to the grounds, so you're only ever a few steps away from heading out and beginning your next adventure in nature.