Take A Tour Of The Palm Springs Home Featured In A Famous Slim Aarons Photo

Photographer Slim Aarons took a photo, "Poolside Gossip," of the former manager at Pacific Investment Management Co. Brent R. Harris's Palm Springs modern home in 1970, which just sold for $13 million, according to New York Post. This gorgeous mid-century designed desert home was built in 1946; Harris purchased the home in the '90s and made renovations to it over five years. It was originally designed by Richard Neutra, via Zillow, and the Kaufmann Desert home is known to be an iconic home of the 20th century.

The home was named after the original owner, Edgar J. Kaufmann Sr., who was a Department store entrepreneur and was owned by many after that. The new owner is anonymous, but Wall Street Journal claims they're said to be a European businessman. It sits on three acres with five bedrooms and five bathrooms, designed with the utmost prestigious materials that make the home mid-century modern.

Green surroundings

The Palm Springs home mirrors the aura of what Palm Springs is as a whole. A dry, earthy, and peaceful place. The desert home is located behind a gate that leads to the entrance, which has tons of huge rocks and cacti in the corner before entering the gate, per Zillow. There are multiple green areas surrounding the modern space, as well as long corridors that lead in and out of the house. The modern home has a white plain exterior with multiple massive windows and open entrances that create an indoor and outdoor environment. Long white window blinds can be seen from the outside surrounding the home.

The backyard where Aarons took his famous photograph has gorgeous green lawns around the inground pool along with multiple lounging chairs. There are various bushes and massive palm trees that encase the home. There are also beautiful brick accents along the outer walls of the home and its own brick chimney. A set of stairs lead up to a second deck that has a lounging sofa and coffee table in front of a brick fireplace.

Window panels and brick accents

The stunning interior has mid-century modern features throughout, such as in the living room, there's a beautiful oak brick fireplace with an animal skin rug in front of it. The living room is a simple white interior with a brown cushioned couch in the corner with a coffee table in front of it, per Zillow. In the center of the living room are two soft cushioned chairs with their own rug and round coffee table. There are massive sliding door windows that lead out to the pool that have beautiful long yellow curtains.

Next to the fireplace is a wooden dining table with six wooden side chairs surrounding it on top of a beige rug. Moving along behind the fireplace is a long hallway with a mahogany wood finish ceiling and stone flooring. There are multiple panels of windows allowing in a lot of natural sunlight and views of the backyard.

Mid century décor with wood finish features

On the second floor of the home is a stunning sunroom that is encased with floor-to-ceiling windows with the blinds open that look out onto every side of the home and all the palm trees. It has beautiful mahogany wood flooring that reflects in the oak wood ceiling, according to Zillow. It's decorated with minimal furniture, holding a couple of white lounge chairs and ottomans, a white steel bench, and a black and white oak coffee table.

Located by the pool is an enclosed patio room that has two garage-like openings on either side. It has a kitchen with a black countertop and oak wood finish island with wood bar stools on one side. There are a couple of white couches and a round and square coffee table on top of a massive white rug. There are a couple of brown leather lounge chairs in front of an oak finish storage unit with multiple cabinets.