Step Inside The NYC Apartment That Alexander Skarsgard Is Selling

If you're a fan of Alexander Skarsgård and adored him in roles like the title character in "The Legend of Tarzan" and Amleth in "The Northman" not to mention his work on both "True Blood" and "Big Little Lies," per IMDb, then you might be interested to find out what the star does when he has some free time. That may include being intrigued by where he spends his time and the place that he calls home when he's not on set filming his next popular show or must-see movie.

For a time, that happened to be a stunning home in New York City which Skarsgård has put on the market for $2.6 million. An example of a home that one celebrity sold to another, the actor's NYC apartment once belonged to Parker Posey before she sold it for $1.8 million back in 2008, according to Realtor. Of course, that was before Skarsgård picked it up in 2017 for $2.3 million.

Found in the East Village, per Compass, the entire townhouse is 26.5 feet wide. However, it's part of a co-op that includes a total of six buildings and 29 homes. When it comes to Skarsgård's particular building, it offers some pretty impressive perks both inside and out, which make it seem obvious why he may have chosen it as his home (although he apparently did put some work into it that certainly paid off).

Alexander Skarsgard's apartment comes with two outside spaces

Alexander Skarsgård enjoyed plenty of benefits while living in his East Village apartment which is found in a historic building, according to Compass. For instance, the impressive residence offered the star not one but two fabulous outside spaces. The first is a stunning outside garden that any of the residents in the building can make use of when they wish. Filled with gorgeous trees that provide cooling shade, there's also a fountain that would add serene sounds to the already peaceful spot.

Of course, if Skarsgård — or whoever is lucky enough to be the new owner of his apartment — isn't in the mood to mingle with the neighbors in the garden, there is also a rooftop that boasts a view of the surrounding buildings and would be a fantastic place to get some fresh air. Although it isn't an overly snazzy spot as it is, the owner of the apartment is allowed to create and do up an outside space for themselves, per Architectural Digest, and there's no doubt that could end up being an absolutely dreamy oasis in the middle of the busy city.

As for the interior of the apartment, Architectural Digest also notes that Skarsgård was responsible for renovations that has left the abode looking simply stunning.

Alexander Skarsgard's apartment mixes the old with the new

Once inside, you would have to travel to the highest level of the building to find Alexander Skarsgård's home, which takes up the entire floor at the top of the townhouse, per Compass. Once inside, you would surely notice that although the home has been renovated, the TLC that the star put into the space kept the existing enviable features of the home and brought them back to life. That can be seen in the main living space which shows off exposed brick walls and prominent beams on the ceiling as well as pine floors and pocket shutters. That's along with the massive windows, built-in bookshelves, skylight, and a fireplace that's marble, is pre-war in date, burns wood (not gas), and is a true treasure.

Although the kitchen is on the smaller side, it still features a fair share of style thanks to the beams, which continue into this space and are paired with chic black cabinetry and matching tiles as well as stainless steel appliances. The counters are topped with Carrara marble while there is also white oak cabinetry that is European and custom-made, according to Architectural Digest.

The combination of old and new is not only something that clearly works in this space, but it's also an eclectic style that's carried throughout the apartment, including both the bedroom and bathroom.

Alexander Skarsgard's bedroom and bathroom are both lovely

European white oak isn't only found in the kitchen of the apartment that Alexander Skarsgård put on the market; it was also used in the bedroom closest which spans an entire wall. That may sound like a lot of space, but the bedroom is actually tucked into one corner of the home and isn't massive, although it does run almost the same length as the living room. At the same time, Compass points out that there is the potential to create a second bedroom if the new owner needs an extra sleeping space.

At the moment, the apartment also has one bathroom, although that may be all that's needed thanks to the fact that this space is just as sleek as the rest of the home. Again mixing newer details with older accents, the pristinely designed bathroom features smooth tiles that are an ideal background to show off the clawfoot tub, which has more than enough character alone to create a charming aesthetic.

As if both rooms aren't enticing enough, Architectural Digest notes that they also have skylights just like the living room, which surely makes every room an incredible place to be when either the sun is shining, the stars are out with a full moon, or rain is coming down and trickling down onto the glass above.