40 Pink Bedrooms That Prove The Color Is More Versatile Than You Think

Some people may shy away from the color pink because of its girly flare, but it can really give your bedroom the pop of color you didn't know it needed. Apartment Therapy says the availability of multiple different shades of pink used to be scarce and was consistently associated with the word, flirtation. But as technology changed and more shades were added, so did the definition of pink, and men began enjoying the color too.

When using pink to design your bedroom, there are different ways to incorporate the color in order to create a certain feel and look. Yes, pink can be feminine, but it can also add a feeling of comfort, according to Lush Home. Those who would like to add a feeling of masculinity can use gray or black with pink for a harmonious feel for all genders. There are several other ways to use pink to achieve a certain look, so let's take a scroll through all the possibilities the color pink has to offer.

Everything in pink

Pink shows up in this room in multiple different mediums — the paint, drapery, rugs, sheets, and panels. Although the same color is being used repeatedly, the different mediums create a dynamic room where the color can thrive.

Spacious small rooms

Although this bedroom may be small, the color pink works to make the space feel bright and spacious. It has the capability to not only bring in a fun color but to also not be detrimental to your overall design. A darker color would only emphasize how small the space is. 

Pink with gray undertones

The pink walls in this bedroom have undertones of gray, allowing the pink accents to pop out in various parts of the room.

Complementary colors

Green and pink are beautiful complementary colors, as shown in this design. With pink as the focal point and green as the background, this design has the color in your constant line of vision.

Cool tones

The cool tones in this pink bedroom give off a relaxing and calming feeling. The shiplap wall provides some nice visual interest and the large windows allow the natural light to bring out everything's true colors.

Mixing tones

The cool tone of the wall and the warm tone of the floor contrast each other nicely to allow everything else in the room to complement one another. 

Black, white, and pink

This cool design has created a visual effect similar to that of a black and white photo. The lower half of the wall is a black monochromatic color scheme while the top is pink. The pop of color has really accentuated the dark colors.

Comfy cozy

The pink wall color does a good job of bouncing off the white lamps and assisting with the illusion that they are floating. Pink fits the cozy vibe of this space well as it complements all the design elements.

Pink as playtime

Pink can be a great color for a children's room, especially because they emit the same energy. Here, pink is being used as a fun color with white clouds floating against the pink walls. The pink tent and comforter complete the look.

Chic in pink

The white flooring and fluffy rug create a chic look for this all-around pink room. The large, white mirror also adds to the overall look as it lays against the pink wall to create the feeling of a larger space.

Salmon pink

This salmon-pink accent wall has brought all colors of the room together to one focal point. The purple and sage-green touches contrast nicely as well.

Victorian child's bedroom

This victorian style child's bedroom with blush pink walls and beautiful molding shows how elegant the color pink can be when used with certain design elements, such as this tufted daybed.  

The perfect area rug

Almost every pink room needs a perfect area rug, and this one is it. The black floral, almost lace-like design goes beautifully well with the blush walls and every other pink piece in this room.

Luxurious teal

For those who are a fan of both pink and teal, this may be the perfect combo. The velvet teal headboard and drapes look luxurious against the blush pink and gold accents.

Subtle pink

The very light blush pink in the wainscoting is just enough to make the colors on the crib and chair pop out slightly to create an inviting feeling.

Pink and marble

This bedroom has pink walls and a wallpaper marble focal point design, which create a contemporary design that feels light and airy.

Wicker design

You can also complement the color pink in your bedroom by using certain materials, such as wicker. This beige color does well to add warmth to a cool pink while also adding texture to the room.

Polka dots

The combination of pink and purple can create a warm berry color. Adding this wall decal featuring pink and purple polka dots is a cute way of creating a unique design against a pink background.

Rule breaker

Typically, you don't want your whole room to be cool tones. However, in this room, it works. The cool tone of the pink wall and gray floor are not dull because of the added deep purple.

Pink whimsicals

Not only can the color pink be flirtatious, feminine, and relaxing, but it can also be whimsical. This room is decorated with items relevant to high energy, and the pink only provides a boost to the overall feel.

Pink merging together

The pink, black, and blue checkered area mat contrasts with the dark-blue accent wall, which creates a visual stop to the room.

Geometric pink and paisley blue

Although different styles, these geometric pink and blue traditional designs complement one another with their similar tones. The black lines and white designs also follow a certain pattern to make the room feel whole.

Don't pick just one

If you're trying to decide between two different hues of pink, try adding wainscoting so that you can use both. 


This bedroom feels like you're daydreaming when you look up and see the patterned pink ceiling. The golden light fixture and headboard designed as branches also add to the fantasy.

Roses are pink

There are pink flowers everywhere in this room as if you're surrounded by a garden. The dark color doesn't seem to be overwhelming either with the natural light coming through the window.

Complement with art

When painting your bedroom pink, you can always add some eye-catching art. This vibrant mural of a peacock goes well with the pink color, while also working to brighten the room. 

Black and pink simplicity

Using black once in a pink room is enough to add the contrast that you need without going overboard and losing the sparkle of your pink design. 

Pink decal

This pink wall in the bedroom does an excellent job of adding color with a hint of decal for the ultimate focal point.

Design around the color

Don't be afraid to add other elements of design when working with pink, especially a lighter color. It can work as a neutral, so feel free to add art, plants, wood, or whatever else you feel will go well with the overall design. 

Living in fuchsia

Fuchsia may not be the most popular hue, but don't be afraid to live in your favorite color. Making it not only your wall color, but also your carpet and bedding, is a great way to immerse yourself in what feels right.

Floral and pink

No design is ever too feminine. Creating a space with pink walls and floral decor is a beautiful way to connect the two.

Pink is Barbie's favorite color

This is exactly how we would picture Barbie's room. There's no shame in that, as she is a national icon. This pink room is adorable, not only for girls but for women as well.

Light it up

Although the color pink is known to give off a light and airy feeling, adding some fairy lights can also create the bright atmosphere you desire.

Pink bubbles

This adorable pink room is almost cartoonish with bubble designs on the walls as well as think bands around the windows. This is simple, sophisticated, and cute all in one.

Floral focal point

If you don't want your pink walls to draw too much attention, adding an accent focal point, such as florals, will make the color less intense.

Pink and functional

This children's room is not only adorable and modern but also functional, as it has shelving and lighting to emphasize certain design aspects.

Pink is glamorous

This overall design is a feeling of glam as white trim pops out against the pink wall color. The chandelier also brightens up the room, while the bed remains the focal point with its tufted and white headboard.  

Pink sophistication

This pink bedroom screams sophistication with its detailed trim, black wall sconces, and long drapery. This is a room that anyone could enjoy as the darkened hardwood floors balance out the feminine tones of the color.

Futuristic pick bedroom

This pink room gives off an evolved, futuristic look with clean lines, mirrors rimmed with lights, and an open entrance to the closet.

Pink is beautiful

No matter what you decide to do with your pink room, it will always turn out beautiful. This room has multiple design elements, including trim, wallpaper, lighting, and more. Within each element, the color excels and displays its ability to adapt to any space.