20 Yellow Bathroom Ideas That Will Brighten Up Your Life

The color yellow is often associated with words such as bright and fresh. It makes people think of the sun, lemons, daffodils, and other things that can usually lighten up your mood. In fact, David Kelly writes on Medium that yellow can help someone feel happy and optimistic, promote the development of your thinking skills and make you feel more energetic. So since the bathroom is typically the first room people enter to start their day, it wouldn't be a bad idea to incorporate yellow in its overall design.

Homes & Gardens also notes that it's actually easy to implement this color in any home style. So whether your house design is rustic or contemporary, featuring a yellow bathroom shouldn't be a problem. The color is also timeless, meaning you won't have to change the hues as trends change — unless you personally want to. So let us take a look at a few ways you can turn your bathroom into a yellow and cheerful space.

1. Yellow subway tiles

A fun and easy way to implement yellow into your bathroom is by creating a simple design with subway tiles. These tiles come in various sizes and textures to add the touch of color you're looking for.

2. Mixed materials

You can see that the design has incorporated different types of materials with yellow hues in this bathroom. This can help create a monochromatic feel without being dull. In addition, the glossy mustard wall creates the feeling of a brighter room as it compliments the yellow seen on the mosaic tile and marble floor.

3. Bumblebee in action

The playful yellow and black tile on the wall contrasts nicely against the black floor and cove. Not only does the yellow ensure the bathroom stays bright, but so do the white drapes, bathtub, and countertop.

4. Everything yellow

This bathroom is all yellow except for the few white touches. The great thing is that the minimalistic style prevents the color from feeling overwhelming. Without much else in the bathroom besides a sink, toilet, and showerhead, there are not many things to look at besides the colorful walls.

5. Keep it simple

There's no need to cover everything in your bathroom with yellow to feel its brightening impact. Contrasting bits of this happy color throughout the room with white can create an open and warm appearance.

6. Focal point

Using yellow as a focal point, especially in a small room, is an excellent way of adding color to a space without making it feel smaller than it already is. However, using the wrong color can make your bathroom look small or even awkward.

7. Yellow cabinetry

Those who have already chosen their tiles and wall color, but would still like to incorporate yellow, can introduce yellow cabinetry in their space. However, you need to ensure that it compliments your existing colors, as it does here with the white and black hues.

8. Contemporary bathroom

Yellow doesn't just have to look cheery and playful; it can also look contemporary and serious. The sleek and shiny concept with the black shiplap walls and concrete floors incorporate the yellow glow artfully.

9. Looks like gold

Yellow can also look expensive as it resembles gold. This yellow mosaic tile used around the bathtub gives it a textured, wet, and shiny look that gives off a luxurious tone.

10. A future with yellow

This bathroom definitely gives off the design you would see in a futuristic film. Yet it seems functional and organic with the open shelves and yellow-colored wall. The combination is harmonious and creates an eclectic vibe.

11. Wood tones

A yellow bathroom doesn't always need white colors to correspond with it. It's also possible to use various wood tones that the bright color can complement, just like this décor.

12. Fill an awkward space

Use yellow to fill in an awkward space! Especially if it's a favored color of yours. A wall like this is too angled for artwork or tile, so some paint or wallpaper will do the trick.

13. Pastel for spa-like relaxation

Those who desire their bathroom to feel like a spa should use a pastel yellow. The slight dullness of such a bright color can calm your senses and create a more relaxing feeling.

14. Trim it up

If you're too skeptical about covering too much of your bathroom with yellow, you can start off by painting the door trim. This will add a touch of color without being overwhelming and can easily be incorporated throughout your bathroom by using a rug.

15. Shiplap for the win

Dividing the wall with yellow paint and white shiplap can create a balanced and bright farmhouse look. The shiplap doesn't always have to be white, you can use other colors such as black and gray to achieve other interior design looks as well.

16. Create a rustic look

Yellow can be used for a rustic bathroom design as well. Here, the designers used a distressed wooden shelf above the window as a start toward a warm, bucolic theme.

17. Yellow patterns

Incorporating a wallpaper with a yellow brick pattern can be an easy way to achieve the cheerful look you're going for. It adds an interesting design element so that the rest of the bathroom can be kept simple yet complimentary.

18. Make that yellow pop

You may think that white or especially black are the best colors to use if you want the yellow in your bathroom to shine. However, a gray bathroom with yellow accents, such as a bathtub or drapery, can really make the cheerful color the main interest.

19. Bring spring in

The floral, yellow wallpaper in this bathroom makes it feel like spring every day. The concrete bathtub surrounded by plants also gives off the feeling of bathing in nature.

20. Classic and timeless

You can never go wrong with this timeless and classic look. The yellow combined with the black and white checkered floor has yet to go out of style and probably won't for a long while. The black wainscoting also adds an element of class, as it contrasts nicely with the floor and wall.