Inside The Most Expensive Home For Sale In Arizona

If you could picture in your head the most extravagant home you could think of, it just might come close to this unbelievable home that is for sale in Arizona. Located in Paradise Valley, this 8-acre, 36,000-square-foot mega-mansion has everything you could possibly want in a home, and then some. According to the listing on Concierge Auctions, the opulent residence was for sale for an astonishing $35 million. Designed by architect Vernon Swaback — who apprenticed under the influential American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright — the result is a dream-worthy house set among a picturesque landscape.

Appropriately named "VIlla Paradiso," by the owner — New York City hedge fund exec, Robert Sussman —  the mansion took around five years to build and was completed in 2005, per Insider. But the final result had to have been well worth the wait. The massive home and adjoining guest house are surrounded by palatial greenery including thick, lush palm trees which offer plenty of privacy throughout its many acres. The guest house consists of two large master suites, a covered patio area complete with its own creatively designed infinity pool, and a separate two-car garage. With large windows and over 3,600 square feet of living space, if this is how impressive the guest quarters are then wait until you see the rest of the property.

A look outside the Arizona mansion

As you pass through the massive midnight black front gates and wind your way along the patterned bricked drive, you pass hanging trees and a babbling stone water feature. Pulling up to the main front entrance you are greeted by an elegantly stoned tiled arching walkway that leads you to the front doors of the home. Close to the entryway spans a luxurious outdoor grande patio area that opens up to an infinity black stone pool, which is connected to the guest home's separate infinity pool by a long bricked path of flowing crystal clear water, per the listing on Concierge Auctions. There are also multiple hot tubs in order to further the resort spa-like façade.

Located only miles from downtown Phoenix, you will feel like you are on your own private oasis far from the hustle and bustle of downtown. There are multiple terraces that are ideal for opulent gatherings, and a 10-car garage plus five extra carports so that there is room to park all of your guests' vehicles.   

Step inside this luxurious Arizona mansion

Within the walls of this spacious Arizona mansion lays an eight-bedroom, 11-bathroom home that has separate wings connected by an interior bridge. Throughout the home you are treated with rich wood flooring and large bricked walls which make you feel as though you are walking through a modern aged castle. As you make your way down the extravagant hallways you come to a double staircase foyer with polished wood banisters that can be viewed from the floor-to-ceiling glass windows framed by polished marble columns. From there you reach a water room, which lies in a covered rotunda surrounded by large glass windows that take in the encompassing pool area, according to the listing on Concierge Auctions. Along the hallway is museum quality artwork that adorns the walls and hangs to the standards of a classy art gallery so you are sure to see them just as they were meant to be seen.

The main wing of the home features its own sitting room, spa with separate entryway, private outdoor terrace, small kitchen, as well as an adjoining hair salon. Each bedroom has a view of the beautiful surrounding property and is tastefully decorated with modern art, and in most cases have their own half to full bathroom.

Almost too many amenities to count

With the visually striking interior and landscaping design of this property providing so much to swoon over, you can easily forget all the incredible amenities that are included that make this home an absolute dream. The full-sized gym spans enough area to include multiple pieces of workout equipment, as per the listing on Concierge Auctions. Plus, if you need more space to get exercise, there is also an indoor basketball court that has an overhanging viewing area which resembles a private box found in major sporting arenas. If you're looking for other entertainment there is also a separate game room as well.

When you're longing for ways to wind down amongst the thousands of square feet of living space, you can treat yourself to a fine bottle of wine from the 1,200-bottle wine cellar and wet bar. Then take your glass to the theater lobby which has classic movie posters along the walls and overstuffed comfy couches to relax in. When it's time for curtain call, you can settle into one of 12 blue suede-like movie seats and catch a flick in your privately enclosed theater with a large 3D projection screen. This house truly has an air of higher living and contains everything you could possibly wish for, as long as you have the available millions of dollars in order to indulge.