Cabriole Couch Vs. Chesterfield Couch: What's The Difference?

Tufted furniture became popular in the 1700s and continues to be popular to this day, according to Club Furniture. What's especially great is that almost every furniture piece can come tufted, including headboards, ottomans, chairs, couches, and more. Interior design options are also endless, as tufted furniture can be used in both classic and modern home designs, according to Home Edit. Tufted furniture is not only versatile but can also be used as a focal point for most living spaces.

Couches can be of great use as a centerpiece when trying to accentuate a certain style, color, or overall feel of the room. Two styles of tufted couches are the cabriole and Chesterfield. Both of these couches come in tufted styles, but their designs vary. Aaron's Touch Up & Restoration says a cabriole has legs that are curved outward with decorative feet. Whereas a chesterfield typically has rolled arms and rolled feet to match, according to Regency Shop. However, they both come in various fun colors that can lighten up any room.

How does the appearance differ?

You can typically spot a Chesterfield couch from a mile away. This couch has distinctive design characteristics, such as buttons tufted deeply into leather and large arms rolled up to the height of the backing, according to Timeless Chesterfields. Although Chesterfield's are typically upholstered in brown leather, you can also find them in various fabrics, colors, and tufted designs.

On the other hand, cabriole couches also have their own distinctive looks, but this can vary from couch to couch, as some are tufted while others are untufted. Cabriole couches are typically made with an exposed wooden frame that goes from the back to the arms and is usually either straight or curved, according to Lynn Bryne. This design came into the spotlight in the 1800s when Louis XV was the king of France, per Home Stratosphere.

Differences in size

The sizes between Chesterfield and cabriole couches don't differ too greatly. On average, a Chesterfield can be anywhere between 3 to 6 feet, according to Chesterfield Sofas. Depending on the manufacturer and customer needs, the size of a Chesterfield can change. If buying a large Chesterfield, it is advised to measure your room for space efficiency.

Cabriole couches also come in various sizes, ranging from small to large, Home Stratosphere says. A large cabriole is usually around 6 feet, while a smaller couch is around 3 feet. It is advised that those who are taller should purchase a cabriole with a deep seat, and those who are short should buy a couch with a shallow depth.

What are the differences in cost?

A Chesterfield couch can be priced anywhere between $800 and $4,000, according to MyDomaine. This is thanks to various online stores that sell furniture at drastically different prices. Of course, an $800 couch may not be as high quality as a $4,000 couch, but you may be able to find the comfort, design, and color you're looking for at a price that is pleasant for you.

Cabriole couch prices are similar to the Chesterfields, with some going over $4,000, according to Wayfair and Jayson Home. With similar price points, the cost may not have to be a deal-breaker when deciding which style to choose from.

Pros and cons

Although both are great options, Chesterfield couches and cabriole couches both have positive and negative traits. A Chesterfield couch is made to be sturdy while also having comfortable seating available to multiple guests, Home Stratosphere explains. This fashionable couch is always trending and is expected to continue to do so. However, Chesterfields are large and are made for bigger rooms. This kind of couch may not work in a room that cannot properly accommodate its width.

Home Stratosphere also says the pro of a cabriole couch is its ability to resonate elegance in any room. Known for its curved design, a cabriole can transform most living rooms into a formal area to impress guests as a special decor feature piece. However, although some cabriole couches can be found at an affordable price, most are costly.

How to incorporate each into your design

Home Decor Bliss says Chesterfield couches can be styled with large coffee tables and tall end tables to complement the height and width of the couch. Since the Chesterfield couch has a coherent look, it is easy to have a symmetrical look in any room. Designers can place side tables on either end of a Chesterfield for a symmetrical and clean look. This way of styling a Chesterfield can be considered contemporary; however, you can use a Chesterfield in almost any design due to the various styles available.

For lovers of French culture, the cabriole couch gives off a French country and feminine look, according to Design Scene. If this is the style you are going for, Home and Gardens explains to incorporate design elements that invoke a soft yet rustic vibe. To do this, include pastel colors (such as a light blue), wallpaper, florals traditional to French culture, and rustic furniture.