Feel Royal In This 5,000-Square-Foot Mansion On Sale For Just $625K

When it comes to the kind of spectacular homes that you might dream of living in one day, there are certainly plenty of incredible mansions that you simply have to see to believe. There are also massive homes that you can rent on Airbnb if you don't have a fortune in the bank but still want to see what it's like to live in such a grand (and potentially pricey) residence. Or, you could simply buy a mansion yourself which is possible even if you aren't exactly rich.

While it's totally understandable why that might seem like an unattainable dream thanks to the fact that larger houses can be quite costly — for example, just check out the million-dollar homes in Hawaii and the equally expansive abodes in Los Angeles — it turns out that there's a stunning 5,000-square-foot mansion for sale in Rhode Island that hit the market for the relatively affordable price of just $625,000, according to Realtor.

Known as the 1868 Oscar J. Rathbun Mansion (he was the former lieutenant governor of Rhode Island, if you're curious), the home can be found in the city of Woonsocket. Along with the impressive amount of square footage — which doesn't actually factor in five upper rooms and various spots like the spacious covered verandah — the home boasts 11 rooms in total as well as seven fireplaces throughout. That's not to mention all of the other details around this home that will surely catch your eye and pique your interest.

This mansion has an idyllic exterior

This is the kind of home that surely impresses people the moment they set eyes on it, and from there, it definitely doesn't disappoint. The exterior — which is made of Italianate brownstone, according to Realtor — is both stately and stunning, as is the grey shingled roof. The angled lines, curved arches, rounded leaded glass windows, and architectural accents also make this home beyond charming. At the same time, the warm lighting and lush landscaping make it a place that gives off a welcoming vibe despite what could otherwise be a somewhat intimidating appearance due to its size and grandeur.

The same can be said for the property around the home. Indeed, aside from the exterior of the house itself, the yard and what can be found there is just as wonderful. Outside of the abode, residents and guests can wander onto the covered verandah, where they will be able to look out onto an area that's been set up like a delightful English garden. That means long stretches of green grass, hedges that have been trimmed with care, perfectly placed gravel pathways, and the occasional piece of pottery all come together to make up a dreamy outdoor space.

Beyond that, there's also a sizable carriage house on the property, which offers the owners another 1,584 square feet of space over two floors as well as a basement. Of course, that's just a fraction of the kind of space that's inside the mansion itself.

The mansion's living spaces are just as stunning

Once inside this mansion, those who live there can take time to relax in the enticing parlor. A space that offers a warm atmosphere thanks to a fireplace that's made of Terracotta, per Realtor, the coziness is enhanced with the help of the wood panel walls and furniture that is primarily all in the same shade of brown. That's not to mention the charming coffered ceiling, gorgeous wood floors, and window seat, which would be a perfect place to watch the world outside.

Of course, in a house this large, you also end up with a formal living room. With the same charm as the parlor, the living room is much lighter, thanks to the white walls and large windows. The room also boasts Corinthian columns as well as details that are both hand-painted and hand-carved, not to mention a fireplace.

When it's time for dinner, residents can enjoy a meal in the formal dining room, which, yes, has a fireplace. Another room with plenty of windows to give it lots of light, wood floors are paired with wallpaper and green paint that's certainly quaint. The food that ends up on the table — beneath a chandelier, no less — will surely have been prepared in the kitchen and butler's pantry, which feature stainless steel appliances and granite countertops, among other modern touches that blend perfectly with the home's original features. The same can be said in both the bedrooms and bathrooms.

The mansion offers gorgeous rooms for rest and work

With a mansion this big, it might not surprise you to find out that it has quite a few bedrooms. In this case, that happens to be six bedrooms, according to Realtor. Each one has its own design and details while also all fitting with the overall style of the home. For instance, one bedroom features an exposed brick wall and a pair of side-by-side arched windows as well as a sink that's tucked away in a little closet, while others have tiny window shutters and fancy light fixtures. The main bedroom also offers a walk-in closet, a fireplace, and its own bathroom.

In total, the home has four bathrooms on the second floor, with many upper rooms opening onto a hallway and staircase that are just as lovely as the rest of the home. A polished wood railing and matching wood floors, doors, and trim all gleam with the help of an intricate light above.

When the homeowners are all rested, they can make use of the office, which may, in fact, be one of the most striking rooms in the home due to the bright blue walls along with the matching curtains and fireplace. Wood floors and trim, as well as both bay windows and one circular window top off this stunning space. It seems like it would be an absolute pleasure to get down to business in this particularly lovely office.