Here's Where You Should Place Amber Stones In Your Home

Though it is treated as a healing crystal, amber is not a gemstone at all. The rock-like element is actually fossilized tree resin mixed with hydro carbonic material, according to Crystal Council. Some amber is more than 320 million years old, and as long as 12,000 years ago, this element was just starting to be used in jewelry and trinkets to keep negative energies at bay. People from Egypt, China, and India have used the stone for its healing properties for a long time. It's been known to possibly treat several illnesses and even help healthy people develop their inner spirit.

Many crystal users keep amber stones in their homes or use the stone as jewelry. People trying to focus on their well-being choose amber to cleanse their bodies of toxicity and give them a fresh start. After they've been purified, the stone works to shield them from any negative energies coming their way so they can stay healthy and balanced.

In your bedroom

Amber can be very helpful in clearing bad energy and grounding the people when placed in the bedroom. The Spruce suggests putting an amber stone in the center of your room or under your bed, at the center of it. As the amber in your bedroom pulls out the toxic energy you've collected throughout the day, it will help you fall into a peaceful sleep, and once you wake up in the morning, it will energize and revitalize you, so you are ready to take on a new day.

Crystals & Stones also suggests using the amber stone in the bedroom to increase fertility or aid in impotence. If you have been trying for a baby, it's thought that an amber stone placed under the bed may help partners succeed in conceiving a child. The same source believes that once a child is born, amber used in the child's bedroom can protect them from evil spirits.

In your living room

Better Homes & Gardens also suggests keeping amber in your living room to keep out toxic energy and open the space to good conversation. Crystal Vaults explains that the stone can help dispel feelings of sadness and anxiety that are blocking your family members from participating in meaningful relationships. When amber is used in the living room, it allows you to become patient, think more clearly, and set boundaries.

Suppose your living room is a space where you regularly have serious conversations. In that case, even a single amber stone could guide your speech in a positive direction and help you understand what other people are trying to communicate to you. Even when you are alone in the room, amber can help you think through tough decisions or allow you to relax and detox after a stressful day. It works well as a spiritual tool to break away from negative patterns and work through difficult events from your past.

In your kitchen and dining room

Because amber is a stone used for health, it only makes sense that it should be used in the kitchen: You may use amber's ability to transmute negative energy to create a positive, healthful space to cook in. According to The Spruce, this can allow the food that is being prepared to become more nourishing for yourself and your family.

Keeping it in the dining room or wherever you eat can also prove useful. As told by Crystal Vaults, amber is doing a great job in stimulating sluggish digestion and treating ailments of specific organs. Eating while an amber stone is nearby might improve your health before, during, and after meals. Similar to using amber in the living room, placing it in the kitchen and dining room can promote productive communication, trust, and cheerfulness. If you are looking to connect to your family positively, bring amber into each of your living spaces to expel the energy forcing your relationships apart.