The Best Crystals Every Aquarius Should Have In Their Home

Aquarius, the water-bearer, is most well-known for their humanitarian and philanthropic traits, as explained by If you are an Aquarius or you know one personally, you're probably aware of their ability to put everyone else first. Aquarius, who is dead-set on making the world a better place, and is driven and passionate. You should never be surprised if an Aquarius ropes you into their plan to save the world. This sign is not simply a dreamer, they get things done.

Yet, like anyone else, they still need some help to become the best version of themselves. Crystals such as amethyst, hematite, moonstone, and amber ward off negative energy so the sign can focus on the positive changes they are making to the spaces around them. On the other hand, Aquarius can also use stones like aquamarine, rose quartz, garnet, and black onyx to organize their thoughts and make coherent plans so they may follow through on their ideas.

Amethyst for protection

Despite your sun sign, Amethyst is a crystal you should have in your home no matter what. Amethyst is a protective stone keeping people of all backgrounds safe from negative energy. The crystal, according to Ancient Element Creations, has been regarded for its beauty and power for a very long time. Rulers during ancient times used amethyst to ward against threats such as intoxication.

However, amethyst is particularly helpful for Aquarius because it is their primary birthstone or "power stone," as per Every Body in Mind. A person's primary birthstone always helps them stay in touch with themselves. Amethyst allows Aquarius to connect to their intuition and keep a clear head. The stone may also help them with their communication skills to enhance their personal relationships. Aquarius may meditate with an amethyst crystal to connect to their higher self. When doing this, they can begin to manifest their goals and their wanted future. Additionally, the sign may choose to wear amethyst as jewelry for protection or sleep with it under their pillow for a more restful night's sleep.

Aquamarine for serenity

Aquamarine stones are best known for their ability to calm people due to their connection to soft, lapping waves in the sea. As explained by Zen Luma, the crystal can bring users courage and empowerment that begins with a calming of the mind. By easing feelings of anxiety, aquamarine allows for honesty, effective communication, and mental clarity to come forward in conversation or debate. No longer is the person using an aquamarine stone burdened by biases or emotional fog.

This crystal helps Aquarians who have a difficult time prioritizing communication due to overstimulation or feelings of anxiety. When this sign can let go of the stress that clouds their judgment and speech, their relationships can come to the balance that is demanded for stronger connections. Aquamarine crystals are best used during a full moon in Aquarius. People of this sign may conduct a ritual during this time that illuminates their mental state. By connecting to the crystal, they can visualize their serenity and let go of their fears.

Black Onyx for self-control

Black onyx has long been a controversial stone, according to My Crystals. From the point of view of the Romans and Greeks, the stone represented power and victory. Roman troops would wear black onyx on their breastplates to assist them during battle. On the other hand, Chinese, African, and Arabic civilizations regarded this crystal as a source of negative energy and evil. Despite this, black onyx has been used around the world for centuries as a healing stone, helping to draw out negative emotions and ground oneself.

For Aquarius, this stone is needed to do away with grief and promote physical and mental strength. According to Crystals Alchemy, the stone may also help with increasing stamina, self-confidence, self-control, and decision making. When Aquarians feel as though their lives are disorganized and hard to manage, they can find solace in a black onyx stone which will always bring them back to Earth.

Hematite for grounding

Among grounding stones, hematite is the strongest and most successful for Aquarius. Known for its metallic appearance, hematite is regarded for its ability to help people get their lives back on track. Energy Muse explains that hematite is composed of much iron; this weight is essential for its healing properties. Almost like a tiny weighted blanket that can fit in the palm of the hand, the stone's heaviness anchors users to the ground.

Aquarians can find hematite useful for several reasons. As told by Ancient Element Creations, its healing properties can be used to banish self-imposed blockages and temper negative energies. By allowing oneself to delve into their past with hematite, Aquarius can process what is holding them back so they can go back to a healthier lifestyle. The metallic stone is best used in jewelry worn around the neck and hands. This way, it can protect the user anywhere they go. Throughout the day, hematite jewelry will absorb negative energies and allow for a positive attitude toward any challenges Aquarius may face.

Rose Quartz for self-love

Rose quartz is one of the most well-known stones by all kinds of people. Even someone who knows almost nothing about crystals can probably recognize rose quartz for its pink color that represents love and compassion.

Aquarius is naturally compassionate, and they often find their place in humanitarian causes. Yet, such is the case with most signs; they can use rose quartz to guide their efforts in the right direction. Aquarians often gets lost in others' problems, leaving their own needs behind. Sometimes, they focus solely on serving others that they forget to feel for themselves, as per Cosmic Cuts. Rose quartz encourages compassion inward on oneself, helping the user move past old trauma and forgive themselves for weaker moments. Meditation sessions using Rose quartz can also push Aquarius toward self-love and self-acceptance and bring awareness to the issues that need attention within. This energy can help the sign in many ways, such as enhancing their personal relationships and breaking away from negative patterns.

Moonstone for inner growth

The planetary stone for the moon, moonstone, is best used for getting in touch with one's emotions, as described by Zen Luma. Between signs, moonstone is a versatile crystal that can be used for many purposes. For Aquarius, this stone can help them connect with themselves and others, or bring out necessary emotions.

It's not uncommon for Aquarius to lose touch with themselves, unsure what needs doing or how to navigate through their daily lives. With moonstone, Aquarius can slowly connect back to their emotions without becoming overwhelmed. In turn, the crystal brings Aquarius out of isolation and brings them back into their bodies.

Other crystal users, such as believe that moonstone can also help the sign move forward with their creative endeavors. Aquarius is creative and thoughtful by nature, but sometimes the sign has trouble making its ideas a reality. Meditation with moonstone can put Aquarius in the right headspace so they can plan out what needs to be done and how they are going to do it.

Garnet for passion

Known as the traditional zodiac crystal for Aquarius, garnet is a stone for love, says Crystals Alchemy. Garnet helps Aquarians open up their hearts and bring unconditional, passionate love into their relationships. The stone also helps the sign show love to themselves. It can boost their self-confidence and balance their intimate desires. When an Aquarius feels as though their heart is out of whack, they can turn to the garnet stone to cleanse, revitalize, and balance their energy.

Cosmic Cuts calls garnet the stone of commitment. They suggest that the crystal not only balances Aquarian relationships, but it also helps them commit to other ventures at work or in their personal life. Garnet sparks their passion giving them mental and physical energy to reach their long-term goals. Of course, the stone won't throw the sign into chaos while lighting their fire as it is first a grounding stone.

Amber for healing

Though Amber is not technically a stone, the fossilized tree resin is still deemed a healing crystal due to its health-giving properties and metaphysical traits, as told by Ancient Element Creations. Most often, amber is used to cleanse the body to open it up to new beginnings. However, when a person is ailing, it can be helpful to clear them of the negative energy that is poisoning their body and mind.

Aquarians are known to struggle with health problems as they work themselves into the ground without ever taking a breath. Wearing amber in their jewelry can remind them to take a much-needed break for their health. As the amber alleviates their stress, toxic energies leave their body, so they feel healthier and happier. Not only will the crystal work to heal the physical health of Aquarius but also the health of their mind and spirit. Aquarians should keep amber in their home, at their work desk, and on their person when they feel ill or out of balance.