50 French Country Bedrooms That Will Inspire A European Getaway

France is known for the beautiful and romantic vibe its architecture and interior design emits. Although Paris is a typical favorite, many people enjoy the country aspect of it as well. Nimvo says French country design is based on the farmhouses and rural areas of France, and its purpose is to create an inviting and comfortable space. There are different ways you can interpret this design, whether it be rustic or contemporary, but there are certain characteristics you must follow. The Spruce says there should be faint patterns in light colors, vintage furnishings, and wood should also be a present element.

This sort of warm style is perfect for those who are thinking about designing their bedroom. A French country bedroom can emit relaxing vibes as you dream of being in rural France. This ultimate and elegant feminine design is perfect for those who not only appreciate and respect French culture, but want to immerse themselves in interior design concepts they've followed throughout the years. The following is a list of curated French country bedrooms that may give you the creative spark you need to start decorating.

1. Accessories matter

When designing your bedroom, be sure to include accessories that complement the overall design. Anything that is antique-like and vintage will go with the overall theme. You can either buy antique items, or alter current accessories by chipping off paint to make them look older.

2. Gray tones

This French country design is mostly rustic with contemporary elements. It follows the traditional route by adding different tones of wood throughout, and elevated the overall look with a gray and tufted headboard.

3. Beige and creamy whites

This neutral French country bedroom design remains light and airy with beige and soft, creamy whites. The wooden-framed side chair concretes an elegant appearance. 

4. Go all out

This design is a true French country bedroom. It hits all the requirements: Floral patterns, soft blue colors, wooden elements, and even a cabriole sofa. This design definitely steers more toward an elegant look rather than farmhouse. 

5. Decorative motif

This French country bedroom is simple and soft. The wooden headboard with the decorative motifs really solidify the look, as well as the contrasting wooden mantle.

6. Shiplap walls

The black framed windows and white shiplap walls are reminiscent of a traditional farmhouse. The rest of the room consistently follows a French country design with wooden end tables and stools, as well as patterned bedding and an area rug.

7. Use pink

This pink French country bedroom is done nicely with a wooden post headboard and pink floral sheets. The pink roses hanging on the white shiplap walls are also a nice touch.

8. Countryside elegance

The little details in this French country bedroom make all the difference. Although mostly neutral tones are used, the detailing on the bed frame and nightstand add an elegant touch. The marble lamp is also a great choice. 

9. French doors

This bedroom with white-framed French doors is the ultimate French country design. The bedroom also features a stone fireplace that has a pattern within it, as well as distressed wood beams on the ceiling.

10. Small space

Although small, the designer successfully implemented a French country design with several features. The mixture of white and brown wooden tones, shiplap, greenery, and a fireplace nearby make for a perfect bedroom. 

11. Use empty corners

If your room is spacious enough, don't leave corners empty. Fill them with additional pieces to complete your French country look, such as this wooden framed chair with a floral pattern and small wooden table besides it.

12. Bronze fixtures

Bronze light fixtures as seen on the sage green night stands are a great choice when working with neutral and earthy elements. They can complement the colors well, and sometimes help them stand out. 

13. Crystals and gold

The crystal light fixture is an element of French country design. Its presence has allowed for the addition of a golden framed mirror and picture frames to blend nicely into this French country designed bedroom.

14. Mixing elements

This French country bedroom mixes several elements: floral patterns, wood, fabric, and metal. It all blends well in a harmonious look, and the barn door is a nice added touch for those farmhouse vibes.

15. Not just any yellow

The color yellow has been beautifully incorporated into this French country bedroom. However, not just any yellow can work. This mustard yellow that appears to be slightly dull is efficient as it doesn't outshine the rest of the bedroom's features. 

16. Wonderful wallpaper

Wallpaper is an excellent way to get that overall French country design in your bedroom. It can add the needed floral pattern with perfect subtle colors, and it helps coordinate the rest of your design.

17. Traditional touches

This French country bedroom is more on the traditional side. A small and lovely canopy hangs over the top of the bed and serves as a headboard. The floral designs are also a bit heavier and feature deeper colors, and the wooden furniture is darker than what is typically used in the modern era.

18. Wow them with a chandelier

It is common for a French country design to feature an intricate chandelier. Use this as an opportunity to purchase the chandelier of your dreams to light up your bedroom in the most elegant way.

19. Windows bring the outside in

A bedroom window can really break or make an overall French country look. This tall window with beautiful framing and detailing completes this design. It has the appearance of French doors and matches the rest of the furnishings in the space.

20. Blue patterns

Although you can use a variety of light, muted colors when designing a French country bedroom, blue has always been a traditional staple. It has a brightening feel to it and goes well with wooden tones.

21. Avoid clutter

When it comes to designing a French country bedroom, there are plenty of antique furniture and art pieces to choose from, but that doesn't mean you have to use all of them. This bedroom is a perfect example; although large, the designer made sure that there was open space to ensure the room maintained a bright atmosphere.

22. Window treatments

Window treatments are a nice way of adding a pattern needed to complete your French country design. It remains in one space and doesn't feel overwhelming to those who require more simplicity in their bedroom.

23. Rustic vibes

When people think of the word French, they tend to visualize a more elegant picture. However, when working with French country design, don't be afraid to have your room appear more rustic without the sophisticated fluff. 

24. Choose a theme

When designing a room, you don't have to spend time picking out several colors. This French country bedroom is the perfect example of how to choose one color to elegantly design your whole room.

25. Matching design elements

This adorable French country bedroom has an interesting bird theme. They've placed an owl pillow onto the bed, two bird cages on the side tables, and artwork of a bird on the wall.

26. Be girly

French country is your time to let your inner girly desires out. As a feminine design, you can feel free to add items you believe fit the French country theme. This bedroom not only has frilly bed covering, but also a heart-shaped mirror hanging beside it.

27. French country glamour

This French country bedroom is not only elegant, but also glamourous. The chic, fluffy bench pairs nicely with the sheen of the cream, tufted headboard. It's not your traditional French country design, but it still works.

28. Velvet textures

This French country bedroom has an interesting focal point with this red velvet canopy. As it stunningly drapes over the headboard, it's a reminder of the dresses European royalty used to wear, according to Fashion History

29. Contrast your whites

Here, the all-white furniture is being contrasted by the neutral-colored wallpaper behind it. This is important when designing a French country bedroom, because it is easy for a design to look bland without contrast. 

30. Add artwork

When designing a French country bedroom, it is also crucial to choose the right artwork. The artwork in this bedroom gives off a nostalgic feel of visiting an art museum and gazing at the work of some of the best French artists.

31. Bed frame and headboard

The design of your bed can make or break your overall French country bedroom. The bed pictured here is marvelous and not only completes the design, but also serves as the focal point with its intricate design.

32. Be whimsical

This French country bedroom took the crucial wood design element to a whole other level. This room is reminiscent of cottages in the old country of French, with outdated wallpaper and heavy, patterned drapery. 

33. French country bliss

The beauty of this French country bedroom is seen all throughout it. The matching light fixtures, fireplace, and luxurious drapery all complete this well done, neutral design.  

34. Can it fit?

Don't ever sacrifice one décor item for another if you don't have to. This beautiful canopy bed was able to fit this adorable chandelier right in the middle to provide the perfect ambient lighting.  

35. Shiplap galore

This French country bedroom is entirely engulfed with shiplap. From the baseboard the ceiling, this design gives off the ultimate farmhouse look.

36. French country royalty

Although the overall look of this bedroom may feel a bit too high-end for that country feel, it still has similar elements for a subtle French country design. The chandelier, floral pattern drapery, wood dressers and side table, and the decorative motifs are all elements that provide that French country feel.

37. Gray and black

The gray design of the bed with the twisted wooden posts and subtle floral design screams French country. The windows framed in black contrast nicely for a nice and calm feel in the space.

38. Get your antique collection out

Add your own personal style by incorporating family antiques or heirlooms in your French country bedroom. Something personal, or even something you found at a garage sale will work to accomplish the vintage vibe looking you're inspiring to create.

39. The perfect bedding does exist

When designing your French country bedroom, don't skimp out on the bedding. This is where you can really let your personality shine, whether it's frilly textures, something more minimalist, or even a traditional look.

40. Pattern overload

If you're someone who loves incorporating different patterns in a space, then French country is where you can do just that. It's easier to do, as the color of the patterns are typically muted and aren't jumping right in your face.

41. Small furniture

For a more cottage-like feel for your French country bedroom, add small furniture pieces. This can not only leave more space for other beautiful French décor, but also draw in the comfier elements for a warmer look.

42. Metal bed

Some people may feel overwhelmed or bored by having a room with all wood furniture. If this is the case, you can include a metal frame bed. Make sure its appearance is more on the dainty side, as a bulky metal bed will take over the design entirely. 

43. Wall texture

The overall design of this room is simple, with minimal furniture and bedding. But the texture of the wall is similar to that of cement, which is familiar to old cottage homes in Europe that were made of wood and stone.

44. Be functional

Designing a French country room can sometimes take up space depending on the size of your bedroom. These decorative hooks not only blend in with the overall design, but serve as a way to properly hang some of your necessities. 

45. French country simplicity

You don't have to go all out when designing a French country bedroom. This simple design has the basic features down, while also displaying a minimalist aspect with a metal, hollow bench that provides more room below it.

46. Be creative

Be creative with how you design your french country bedroom. If you don't want to include any major floral wallpaper or bedding, this design may be an excellent option for you. Here, they've hung a wreath and framed it with an antique frame.

47. Side pieces

When designing a French country bedroom, don't forget about putting the same amount of effort into various other furniture pieces. This vanity sits nicely in the room and complements the rest of the space.

48. French country guest room

Not only can you create a beautiful French country room for yourself, but also your guests! Due to it's warm and inviting nature, this can be the perfect makeover your guest room needs.

49. The perfect armoire

For the perfect French country design, you can include an armoire. This traditional French piece is not only a crucial design piece, but it's a great way to show off all your antiques, French books, and photos. Or, it can be a beautiful way of storing your clothes.