Step Into An Astonishing 7,800-Square-Foot Mansion In West Virginia

Zillow says this West Virginia home is nearly 8,000-square feet — but is priced at less than $1 million. Is there an antonym for sticker shock? Although the pricing for such a large place is something many of us could never imagine, this type of pricing is normal in West Virginia. The Ascent says West Virginia has some of the cheapest home prices in the country. The average home price in the mountain state is $117,639, which is only 40% of the typical home price in the U.S. This all sounds interesting, but we know what we're all thinking — the place is probably haunted. Just kidding!

This beautiful, traditional eight-bedroom and eight-bathroom property has been a private residence, bed and breakfast, office space, and a wedding venue. Zillow even says the space could be made into an apartment building. The exterior and interior features are monumental, so let's examine the properties of what could be the cheapest mansion in the world.

The exterior

The exterior of the home has a traditional, southern appearance. Four columns hold up the large awning that is centered above a stone porch, according to Zillow. The porch also has stone steps to match, as well as a metal railing with a simple square design. Whoever designed this home sure loved natural light because there are several windows all around the home. The entryway has 10 windows alone if you include the porthole that is placed in the middle of the awning. The front yard is landscaped with trees, bushes, and flowers to create a luscious scenery.

The backyard has a tiled deck with plenty of room to place furniture and a grill to entertain guests. The patio door is a dark cherry brown to contrast the pastel yellow home, and three gray awnings are provided for shade and as a way to softly decorate the area. There is also a detached two-door garage and shed space in the back, as well as plenty of room to park several cars in the open space.

Grand entrance

As soon as you walk into the home, you're met with a grand staircase that is wide enough for several people to walk through, according to Zillow. It's adorned with a deep, red rug with a white floral pattern. Up the first flight, there are three windows with traditional, striped window treatments draped over them. There is also a large dining area where you can either place several small tables or a large dining table to design around. That deep red color follows this space and is contrasted with white wainscoting and light brown floors that also match the several doors that are in the space.

There are two living room areas, and the design of one stands out a bit when compared to the other. Instead of the deep red color found on the other walls, this room is covered in wallpaper. The top half is designed with striped wallpaper, and the bottom half has a different soft pattern of the same color, and they are divided by a white chair rail. The fireplace has a black stone hearth, as well as white trim and a mantel with decorative motifs.

Bedrooms of their own design

All eight bedrooms have their own design and theme. They all play with different colors, such as red, green, blue, and gray, according to Zillow. The light blue bedroom is especially beautiful with its tropical ocean theme. This room definitely gives off the feeling of sleeping in a luxury suite of a cruise ship with its woven straw decor, tropical tree designs, and fish decor in the bathroom. This room isn't blue; it's very blue. The wall color is slightly lighter than the blue carpet, with a pattern that looks like tumbling waves. The white wainscoting breaks them apart for a perfect, bright contrast, as well as the sheer, white canopy over the bed.

Another bedroom is covered in red rose wallpaper and is reminiscent of the Red Queen's palace from "Alice in Wonderland." This room is more simple, with matching red drapery and carpet. This bathroom of this room uses the rose wallpaper as trim along the ceiling, while the rest of the wall is the red that is seen all throughout the house.