The 20 Best Before And After Bedroom Makeovers You Have To See

Your bedroom should be the most relaxing space in your home since it's where you recharge and get ready to tackle each and every day. For many, however, it's a room that can easily get neglected. Maybe you don't bother because it's the master and no one but you sees it, or a it's guest bedroom that rarely hosts visitors. If you're simply bored of the space or know some out-of-town family is on their way, perhaps it's time for a refresh.

Not only will a bedroom makeover be a pleasant visual, it can also positively impact your sleep, according to Apartment Therapy. A calming, clutter free environment will help your mind to relax at the end of a long day — which you must admit, you deserve.

Take a peek through the following 20 before and after bedroom makeovers to gain inspiration and motivation for your upcoming transformation. Some are subtle, others are extreme, and a few are starting from scratch.

1. Before: Cold and uninviting

Despite a blanket and a couple of extra pillows thrown onto the bed, this bedroom looks like the opposite of comfort. Empty walls, mismatched lamps, and the lack of décor insinuate that no real thought or intention was put into the design of the room.

2. After: Warm and welcoming

The soft brown accent wall instantly warms up the whole room. Muted linens in the same color family dress up the bed and a nearby ladder used for blanket storage adds character. The headboard was repurposed using fabric and earthy elements were brought in via the painting and filled vases.

3. Before: Unkempt

The unmade bed and messy nightstands don't exactly display a bedroom that is well cared for nor respected. In addition, there's nothing going on in the way of décor aside from the furniture and bed flanking mirrors.

4. After: Neat

The nightstands not only were decluttered and now serve as functional yet tidy storage, matching statement lamps were also added. The bed was made and now is home to a few new pillows. Perhaps the best addition are the large, tropical potted plants adding a pop of color and nature to the bedroom.

5. Before: Dull

There's nothing particularly exciting about this bedroom with the exception of the contemporary candelabra chandelier and the amount of natural light it gets. Both the nightstands and walls are empty while the bed could definitely be dressed up a bit more.

6. After: Sharp

The charcoal gray paint used on the walls not only enhances the space, but also creates a sharp contrast to the rest of the bedroom. All of the drapes now match, and the linens were mixed up a bit to add some visual interest. Items such as trays and vases were placed on the nightstands to add décor.

7. Before: Strangely stale

Sure, the tufted headboard, decorative pillows, and armchair seem like a cozy set up. However, this all neutral bedroom is about as boring as they come. The furniture is slightly mismatched and there's nothing happening in terms of décor.

8. After: Classically simple

This bedroom now looks like a truly classic space. The new, light gray bed frame complements the bench, lumbar pillow, blankets, and even the rug pattern. Greenery, a piece of wall art, and a rattan side table lamp were added to spruce the whole room up.

9. Before: Juvenile

While it may not be a child's bedroom, it certainly has the look of one. From the basic frame to the messily made bed and from the commonly found wall décor to the solo side table, the space is unoriginal and unrefined.

10. After: Mature

Retaining the bed frame, a bit of creativity was used to turn the bedroom into one-of-a-kind space. A painted archway in a terra cotta color is the star of the show and is a perfect match for the pair of framed pieces of art. The single nightstand was replaced with a sleek set that holds unique lamps.

11. Before: A blank slate

This main bedroom is a clear canvas to create a designer look. New hardwood flooring, fresh neutral paint, and an exceptional ceiling give it an ideal foundation to build on.

12. After: A beautiful boudoir

Keeping the base the way that it was, a stunning crystal chandelier and oversized tufted bed frame were brought in. Rich gray linens suit the wall color, a silver table lamp adds to the glam look, and a full mirror helps to make the room seem larger than it is.

13. Before: Boho basic

While it has nice, natural lighting, this bedroom leaves much to be desired. The bed looks somewhat sloppy without a headboard or decorative pillows. The shelf above seems out of place and the items on it create a bit of visual clutter.

14. After: Boutique B&B

The main event of the room, the bed, was transferred to the opposing side. An accent board and batten wall in a dark blue green paint makes the entire space stand out. Touches such as the matte black sconces and cognac leather bench at the foot of the bed create a modern hotel look.

15. Before: Sweet

With its bright, natural lighting and trendy boho-chic look, this bedroom is cute on the surface. However, the floors are bare, the nightstands are entirely too small, and the walls feel distracting with the multitude of hanging plants, artwork, and macramé.

16. After: Sophisticated

This is truly an impressive makeover in that the new bedroom looks nothing like the former. A medium gray paint replaces the white to give it a more refined look. A leather bed frame and more appropriate sized side tables also help to mature it. The once cluttered walls now display a single statement piece of art.

17. Before: Clean canvas

Starting fresh, this bedroom has great bones and potential to be a truly beautiful space. The original hardwood floors and windows, including the stunning arched one, are the ideal foundation to build upon.

18. After: Cottage cozy

This space now feels like a cushy cabin retreat. The olive colored board and batten feature wall complements the other greens throughout the room like the plants and knit throw. Black accents such as the side chairs and sconces are an excellent contrast to the white paint and dramatic cream drapes.

19. Before: Eclectic

One might refer to the mannequin lamp as a conversation piece, but it feels more like it would be eerie to wake up next to in the middle of the night. There are entirely too many patterns and colors to look at including the damask shade, the crisscrossed monogram wall art, and the pink, purple, and black bed.

20. After: Polished

Long gone are the gaudy details from the former bedroom. The old color scheme is still honored but within more subtle details such as the pink velvet chair and the artwork palette. The bed linens are muted and the addition of the flanking mirrors and side tables creates a more mature ambiance.

21. Before: Outdated space

From the carpet to the blinds and even the door frame and hardware, this empty bedroom is showing signs of age. The good news is that a blank space holds unlimited potential for what it can become.

22. After: Modern master

It's a toss up as to what the centerpiece of the room is between the woven, textured bed frame and the new, sliding barn door. This makeover is impressive in the sense that it's a neutral bedroom but in no way dull.

23. Before: Cluttered mess

It's obvious that this bedroom has to undergo quite the renovation before its shining transformation. Furniture, construction materials, and trash fill the space turning it into an eyesore.

24. After: Calm and cool

This bedroom is unrecognizable from what it once was. Instead of construction clutter, it is now a serene sanctuary enveloped in black walls and furniture. The white bedding, tan couches, and placed plants contrast the darkness well and the chandelier adds elegance.

25. Before: Lacking style

The potential this unfurnished space has is apparent. Not only is there incredible natural light, the wood panel moulding and window seat are features that you don't often see in master bedrooms.

26. After: Luxe living

A makeover of this stature is applaudable. What was formerly a blank space is now a luxurious master bedroom. The grand, tufted headboard in a dark gray is in the center with silver and mirrored décor pieces complementing it. Now the space feels both glamorous and serene.

27. Before; Excessively bland

There's nothing to lay your eyes on in this bedroom with the exception of the poorly made bed. The barren walls and window along with the lack of accompanying furniture makes the space a boring vision.

28. After: Adorably charming

Now, there's nothing not to love about the new room. The large, white canopy bed against the blue gray board and batten accent wall is a captivating sight. New curtains, side tables, lamps, and single framed artwork complete the makeover.

29. Before: Mid makeover mess

The current state of this bedroom is proof of its pending makeover. Paint cans and contracting materials litter the floor while it appears that changes are possibly being made to the window and door frames. Nonetheless, this shell of a space is bound to be stunning when completed.

30. After: Mid century modern

A truly magnificent makeover, this bedroom has turned into a mid century modern oasis. The stained wood slat feature wall is the ideal backdrop for the moss green bed frame, black side tables, and gold sconces. The addition of greenery and a rust colored area rug assist in warming up the space.

31. Before: Longing to be lived in

Currently an empty area, this bedroom is about to go under a major transformation. There are a few obstacles to overcome such as its small size and lack of natural light.

32. After: An end of day retreat

Once again, the board and batten accent wall takes center stage in this new bedroom. The gray is a nice background for the cream colored bed frame and linens. Natural accents such as the macramé framed wall art, the potted plant, and decorative branch give the space an earthy environment.

33. Before: Childish

Lack of a footboard can be forgiven for many rooms but no adult bedroom should be without some sort of a headboard. The bed looks low and frumpy while the mismatched nightstands come off as careless.

34. After: Cultivated

This bedroom is now a work of art with a striking charcoal accent wall behind the much welcomed headboard. Beautifully paired side tables flank the frame and contain minimal, yet necessary, accessories. Pops of brown such as in the bamboo window shades and bed pillow bring a little color to the space.

35. Before: Clashing characteristics

The style of this bedroom prior to its makeover is confusing to say the least. The artwork and floor length window mirror appear to be in the farmhouse category, while the nightstands and lamps look glam, and the leather headboard appears modern. One could imagine it being difficult to relax in a space such as this.

36. After: French farmhouse

The wonderful thing about this new room is that it incorporates some of the styles, primarily the farmhouse and glam looks. However, they blend well together thanks, in part, to the new, neutral color scheme. The tufted, wood framed headboard is a beautiful sight against the new board and batten wall.

37. Before: A fresh start

A large, open space is the superb slate for a makeover. With its clean, hardwood floors, freshly painted walls, and sizable window with fantastic lighting, this bedroom transformation is sure to surprise.

38. After: A natural sanctuary

The very thought of unwinding in a space like this at the end of the day is divine. From the curtained canopy bed to the stunningly unique beaded palm hanging lamp, this bedroom is a true haven. The overall blending of natural materials and soft, neutral colors creates a flawless boho bedroom.

39. Before: Puzzling design

The details in this bedroom seemingly conflict. The pop of red patterned pillows on the bed does bring in color but doesn't quite suit the pale blue paint and look out of place. The floral wall décor, wood stained dresser, and gold metal side table clash with one another.

40. After: Perfectly styled

This now neutral bedroom is much more refined than it had been. The furniture is coordinating with the art including the gallery wall. A slight pop of red is still seen via the rust colored leather cubes.