Look Inside The Atlanta Mansion Mariah Carey Just Bought For $5.65 Million

Global superstar Mariah Carey has a steadily busy life. Starting in the 80s, she has gone on to release several critically approved albums, starred as a judge on the popular show "American Idol," and acted in several roles via Biography. Not to mention the amount of successes she's had in her personal life as well. Now, Carey can add one more victory to her list as she just officially purchased a new home.

Located in Atlanta, the "Fantasy" singer just dropped around $5.65 million on her new pad. As per Realtor, this massive home sits on a little over four acres while being 12,575 square feet in size. With both extraordinary interior and exterior features, this home is anything but simple. Eight bedrooms and 12 bathrooms reside inside, along with other standard rooms. However, the outside features several other luxuries, including a pool, tennis court, and a guest house. Prior to Carey's purchase, the home was rented out to actor Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

A look at the outside

Upon entry into this gorgeous estate, one can see the two-story brick mansion in all of its glory, per Zillow. Two staircases on either side of the driveway meet up into one staircase that leads into the front of the house. Once you've arrived on the front porch that features marble stone, there are several seating areas located on each side. Several benches and chairs reside, with all of them being white in color and featuring blue cushions. Directly beside the doorway entrance are two statues on each side that can be kept as is or potentially be used for plants.

However, before you get to the home, an elegant pond is featured out front and off to the side. Near the pond is a small seating area for one to relax and enjoy some time by the water. Keeping up with the water theme, out back is a large inground pool with a ton of patio space wrapped around each side. On one side, lounge chairs similar to the ones on the porch reside while also being white in color with blue cushions. The other side is where the entrance is located and has a few more of the same chairs on one side. On the other side of the entrance is a white table with matching white chairs that has, you guessed it, blue cushions.

Even the standard rooms are elegant

Moving into the interior of this home, one will be amazed at how bright it is. The living room is completely white aside from the dark wooden flooring, via Realtor. Large windows reside on one side of the room with white sheer curtains hanging from them, providing privacy while allowing light to flow at the same time. A fireplace is the center of attention in this room, with a piece of art hanging above it. On one side of the fireplace is where the mounted TV resides with storage space underneath it. For more storage areas, you can go to the other side of the fireplace, where both shelves and cabinets reside.

Over in the kitchen, it is just as bright as the living room. Directly in the center is where the large island sits. With gray marble countertops, several stools reside on all sides to provide space for numerous guests. All the cabinets within the kitchen are white as well, with lights inside to help you see to grab the right cup or bowl. Additionally, there are lights underneath to help brighten up the counter. Hanging from above are two large white and silver chandelier types of lights that are similar to the chairs and help bring out the light aesthetic this room brings.

The theater and gym will leave an impression

Of course, with a house like this, there are going to be some extra rooms just for fun. Per Zillow, this house, however, has two: a theater and an indoor gym. The theater, as expected, is large in size for a large number of guests to enjoy their favorite movie. Two rows of brown leather seats are where these guests will sit, located directly in front of the screen. LED lights hang around the screen to provide a small amount and aesthetically pleasing light into the room. The room also has lights located around the ceiling so one can still see even in the dark.

Elsewhere in this large residence is where the at-home gym is located. This room, like most others, is white in color and is long to help spread out the equipment. Speaking of equipment, there are several different workout machines to help you workout whatever part of your body you desire. There is also a bit of empty floor space as well for exercise that doesn't require equipment. To help keep yourself entertained, a large flat screen tv resides on one wall so you can watch tv or even play music.