Lose Yourself In This 10,000-Square-Foot Mansion In Indiana For Only $800K

Hardly on the outskirts of the rural community of Rossville, Indiana, is a gorgeous estate that has been put up for sale for $799,900. The Victorian mansion boasts more than 10,000 square feet of living space and sits on 0.79 acres, as per the listing on Realtor. With eleven bedrooms and six bathrooms, it will comfortably fit any family.

The Rossville community is lovely and a great option for people who would like to settle down away from the hustle and bustle of city life. From this home, residents are only a short walk from the downtown area, where they can go grab a coffee, take their kids to the park, or enjoy one of the small-town restaurants. The town is also just a small commute away from larger cities such as Lafayette, Frankfort, Delphi, Kokomo, Chicago, and Indianapolis. Tenants of this home can easily drive to these cities to get to work, run errands, or enjoy their entertainment and other activities.

Unique wooden details

When walking through the doors of this incredible home, you'll first notice the warm hardwood floors and wooden accents. Much of the wood in this residence is hand-carved, which is made obvious by the cute additions of wood angels and detailed pillars. Each of the handcrafted grand staircases features the same wood as the rest of the home, tying everything together.

Much of the home is currently outfitted in beautiful antique furniture by the previous owners. The age of the furnishings certainly matches the aesthetic of the rest of the property built in 1920, which showcases vintage chandeliers, six gas fireplaces, and other original amenities throughout.

Stained glass windows are another design feature that is constant throughout the home. Many of the doors and windows include colorful red, blue, and green designs that only add to the grandeur of this estate. Most of the windows that aren't stained are quite tall and wide, letting in lots of natural light into places such as the eat-in kitchen, the second-floor living room, the primary bedroom, and especially in the indoor pool room, as shown on Zillow.

The perfect opportunity to host

New owners would be remiss not to use this unique property to host events for their friends and family. The giant gourmet kitchen, complete with updated stainless steel appliances, two dishwashers, a walk-in pantry, and an incredible amount of counter space made of granite, via Realtor, is practically begging to be used to cook a large meal. The home also features plenty of sitting options in the living rooms, library, dining room, and around one of the many fireplaces. Guests can admire this incredible property for hours, always finding new details to appreciate.

When guests finally leave, the owners can relax in the oversized jet tub off the primary bedroom, in one of the perfectly lit nooks on the second floor, or around the picnic-style breakfast table in the kitchen. There is a room for each family member to enjoy, whether they prefer getting their exercise in the home gym, sipping a glass of wine while watching over the lawn, or reading a good book in bed.

The incredible exterior

The outside of this home is so gorgeous it's hard to describe. The house is built with red bricks outlining each corner of its exterior. An even more luxurious look is achieved by its many white pillars, which are used primarily around the windows of the pool room as well as at each entrance. The lawn is perfectly manicured with lots of green grass and some hedges and small bushes lining the outer walls, as well as the wrap-around porch. The 800-square-foot, two-car garage is detached from the main structure. With many windows and doors, it could easily be used as a shop for active crafters or made into a guest house with some more work. 

As shown on Realtor, at night, lights inside and outside the mansion make the property glow as though it is the perfect sanctuary during snowy Indiana winters. When milder weather appears, residents can drive a short distance to Rossville attractions such as the Angel Hill Golf Course, the town park, or the Rossville elementary school and middle school.