20 Green Bathroom Ideas That Will Make You Feel More Zen

Deciding on how to decorate your bathroom can be fun and exciting, especially if you're looking into remodeling and completely transforming your old space. While it can be challenging to pick out what colors to paint your bathroom, folks often choose basic white as their interior. According to Elle Decor, interior designers enjoy using colors that vary in shades of blue, pink, beige, and green, and they're colors that can be mixed and matched to find the desired shade.

If you're between a few shades, consider green as a top contender since it brings peace and serenity, via Good Housekeeping. You can add subtle touches of green such as a few plants, wall décor, an accent wall, etc. You can also go all out and paint the entire bathroom different shades of green. There are many ways to design your bathroom to create your own calm sanctuary space. Take a look at these green bathrooms for some inspiration.

1. Plant oasis

Any green plant will bring the feeling of tranquility to your bathroom since they're known to release oxygen and instantly boost your mood. It's best to use low-maintenance plants, so you don't have to worry too much about them.

2. Green tile accent wall

Instead of painting one wall a solid green color, opt for some texture like this green tile wall. It makes the bathroom look chic, especially while the rest of the interior is solid white. Doing your skin care routine in front of this vanity will take relaxation to the next level.

3. Green and white split wall

Splitting your walls into two allows for more color use, like this bathroom with the top half white and bottom half dark, seafoam green that matches the curtains. It makes the bathroom look modern and clean, creating a space that feels peaceful and incredibly calming.

4. Green tile walk-in shower

Green doesn't have to surround your entire bathroom; it can show up inside your walk-in shower to make you feel calm and stress-free when you're showering. It also adds color to your interior. To make it feel more zen, adding a couple of plants, such as eucalyptus, will enhance a relaxing feeling from the aroma it releases.

5. Touches of green

If you prefer to decorate your bathroom with neutral colors such as white and a plank of oak wood, you can incorporate small elements of green, such as a soap dispenser, towels, a plant, etc. These simple touches will make your bathroom feel peaceful.

6. Textured forest green accent wall

A textured accent wall can always spruce up your bathroom, especially a chevron-style forest green accent wall, and it adds texture and tons of personality to your space. This bathroom has a touch of art, with the massive white blank frame against the green wall filling the room with serenity.

7. Green marble accent wall

This gorgeous emerald green marble wall illuminates the entire vanity mirror, while the oak wood finish wall next to it brightens up the whole space. They complement each other with dark and light colors that can balance your mood and make you feel relaxed.

8. Industrial bathroom

A blend of colors like the one in this bathroom complements each other by keeping them in the same color range. The green accents in the mirror, plants, and plant holders work well with the blue gray wall and oak wood countertop against the white brick wall.

9. Hunter green interior

Using various shades of greens, such as this Hunter green color, pairs perfectly with the beautiful gold décor and white accents. The picture frame wall molding stands out with minimal items in front of it, making it the main focus of the bathroom. 

10. Solid sage green walls

A calm bathroom space can mean dim lighting with a semi-dark wall color like this one with the sage green walls and one hanging light fixture. When you have any dim lighting, it can help relax the body and help it wind down, via Cubicoon, so it makes the perfect pair with green.

11. Green surroundings

Even though this bathroom has an entirely white interior, the green surroundings outside still bring a sense of calmness to the space through the windows and french doors that lead to a small patio. Instead of being surrounded by buildings and cars, you'll have the rustle of trees, the wind, and animals.

12. Green and yellow bathroom

Including green furniture pieces in your bathroom, such as a bath tub can create the illusion that you're sitting in a pool of peace. The yellow walls in the bathroom also incorporate their touch of serenity since yellow is a mood booster.

13. Green floral wallpaper

Adding stunning green floral print wallpaper to a part of your bathroom can make it feel like you're on an island surrounded by trees. It only takes up a small section of your bathroom which is perfect because it doesn't overwhelm the space or make it look tacky. 

14. Retro bathroom

This bathroom has a lot going on with the black and white checkered floor, wood panel walls and tub, and green wall with a varied, multi-colored section. The green wall works well, and since it's on one side of the tub, you'll feel relaxed when you're in the bath.

15. Hint of lime green

If you prefer lighter colors to darker shades, lime green is the way to go since it will make your space stand out. The various beautiful hues of green tile behind the vanity subtly give the wall some texture, and it's exceptionally bright and will make you feel at peace.

16. Vintage touches

Vintage touches can make your bathroom look elegant and lush in a moss green interior, especially with various antique décor pieces. Though gorgeous, this wall needs some updates to smooth out the ridges to make it look cleaner, allowing the green color to stand out better.

17. Mix of green and marble

The dark green walls make the bathroom moody, but the contrast of the gray marble brightens up the space. It's luxurious and calming, especially with the massive window that allows natural light to flow during the day. 

18. Polka dot filled bathroom

This colorful children's bathroom is one of the best calming spaces with various fun colors and polka dots. The green takes up more wall space than the rest, but they all balance each other out. Also, the view of the trees from the windows gives the bathroom a natural, peaceful feeling.

19. Luxurious bathroom

The viridian walls work wonders in this bathroom since it's not too dark of a shade or light; it's a great medium. It makes the bathroom feel peaceful, and the gold trim on the shower doors makes the space look luxurious. The extra added touches of plants and sea green towels and rug bring a nice balance to the bathroom.

20. Secret oasis

An outdoor bathroom is the epitome of a calm sanctuary since plants and gorgeous stone walls surround it. It definitely screams vacation time which always knows how to relax someone.