How Much Does It Cost To Install A French Door?

If you want an impressive effect for your home, installing French doors should be at the top of your to-do list. The modern French doors typically come in glass panes that let light flood into your residence, making it appear bigger and airy. Again, the doors can add to the aesthetic appeal of your house and create picturesque views from the garden and exterior locations, Modernize notes. The best part is that you can maneuver in your home's indoor and outdoor spaces easily without using the front door. How convenient is that? Yet you have to dig deep into your pockets to install French doors. After all, nothing comes freely.

French doors come in various types and designs, so naturally, the cost will depend on the style you want, per Fixr. That, along with many other factors, will influence your budget. According to Fixr, to install a French door, the price ranges from $2,000 to $5,000 on a national average, with most homeowners paying over $3,000 to install outdoor fiberglass French doors. Although the highest cost for installing exterior wooden telescoping doors on a stone home is $10,000, the lowest cost for a fixed panel single interior vinyl French door is $1,000. Keep reading to find out what to expect when getting a French door for your home.

Factors for cost

French door installation involves a series of planning. Besides, it can cause some — if not extensive — wall demolitions, depending on where you want the new doors. However, Fixr reports that several other aspects influence the final cost.

French door cost by location

Construction of French doors type in your home relies upon the location you want it situated. Since exterior doors comprise thin glass and heavy material, their efficiency depends on the outdoor spaces rather than the interior. On that note, the average cost of interior French doors ranges between $500 and $800. They can be made of any material and a single-paned glass, and their installation is less costly than outdoor French doors. Exterior doors are heavy and tightly sealed, with costs running from $1,000 to $4,000. These mostly come from hardwood; they have heftier hardware and are normally triple-glazed or double-glazed.

French door cost by material

French doors come in a wide variety that will fall into your preference bracket. It is only natural that they come in different materials as well. Their cost also differs depending on the material used. Wooden designs are mostly made of cut-rate softwood like fir and pine, but they also come in exotic and hardwoods such as mahogany, oak, and maple. However, hardwoods are more expensive and long-lasting than softwood. Wooden French doors range from an average cost of $500 to $4,000.

If you are looking for a durable door, the design that insulates best is fiberglass. Fiberglass needs minimal maintenance and comes in several colors. The cost of fiberglass doors average $650 and $4,000. Again, you can install the doors both indoors and outdoors. Like fiberglass units, vinyl doors are lightweight and require little maintenance. However, because vinyl is not a good insulator, you can't use the door in outdoor spaces as it can warp during hot seasons. Vinyl comes in a smooth texture, but a brand can decide to give other finishes and colors. The average cost of a vinyl French door ranges from $500 and $2,000.

Identically, aluminum doors are lightweight and also poor insulators; hence, they're only used in the interior. They're also smooth and found in a white or black finish. The cost of aluminum models averages $650 to $3,000. Lastly, steel French door materials are rare and mostly found in telescoping and contemporary styles. Although the doors are poor insulators, they are durable and require little maintenance. They come in modern and industrial finishing with average prices range from $650 to $4,000.

French door cost by glass type

Most French doors have a single pane of glass for interior doors. According to your preference, you can go for double or triple-paned glass for exterior purposes, laminated, or tempered for interior installation. The two glass panes used in double glazed doors insulate the glass by trapping air, thus mostly applying to exterior French doors. The average cost of double-glazing ranges from $700 to $3,000. For outdoor designs, triple-glazed doors are a perfect choice, especially in hotter locations. Since there are three panes, they trap more air for insulation of the door, thus reducing the thermal transfer. Triple-glazed French door ranges from $800 and $5,000 on average.

Known as safety glass, tempered glass breaks in small chunks, making it less likely to harm when it breaks. You can install the glass in outdoor and indoor spaces, and the price ranges from $400 and $1,700. On the other hand, laminated glass consists of a glass panel sandwiched between two layers to keep the glass in a frame upon breakage. This makes it a good option for exterior doors. French doors with laminated glass run at an average price of $500 to $1,200.

Additional costs

Often you will find that the planning and budgeting don't stop at the installation of French doors; you have to get ready for any additional expenses that might come your way. Fixr reports that you might also need to pay for new storm and front doors, security, and repair costs.

New storm door

Storms happen, and when they do, it often gets messy when French doors are concerned. To be on the radar, it is necessary to install a conversion kit for two ordinary storm doors, which costs around $20 to $50.


You might also want to do a makeover of your front door to match the beauty of your newly installed French doors and increase your home's value. This will require additional costs, depending on what and how you plan on changing the area.


Keeping your French doors bugler-proof tightens the safety of your home since glass panes are easily broken. On that note, you can install security cameras and alarm sensors or get a deadbolt lock to tighten the security.

Repair costs

No matter what doors you have, you have to set aside some money for repairs or a replacement. The glass can break, or certain elements can damage your French door, so ensure you have a few bucks aside for unexpected repairs.

Types of French doors

Modern French doors come in many types ranging from sliding and single to telescopic models. When choosing one of your preferences, you must consider elements such as clearance for your door swing and the in and out opening size. Fixr elaborates on the different French doors.

Single sliding

Most homeowners install single sliding door types outdoors since only one section opens. Their average cost runs between $800 and $2,000 and is a great choice if you do not have clearance on either side of the door.

Center-hinged in-swing

Center-hinged in-swing French doors are a rare piece primarily used in exterior areas. The average cost of this French door range from $1,000 to $1,500. This option has a classic appearance, and only one door moves while the other one remains hinged.

Single in-swing

This type of French door has its interior made of glass and swings into the room or house. The single adjoining door costs an average price of $300 to $1,000 and usually has a thin layer of glass panel on one side.

Double in-swing

The average cost of double in-swing doors ranges from $400 to $4,500 and consists of two-door sets with neither frame nor stile. Just like single swing-in doors, these French doors also open by swinging inside the house or room, and because of that, it's mostly installed in interior spaces.

Double out-swing

If you do not have enough clearance space inside, a double out-swing door is a perfect choice for you. The doors swing open into the adjacent room or outdoor spaces. These classic French doors range from an average price of $400 to $4,500 and have two doors bound without a frame or stile.

Why you need a new French door

You may need French doors in your home for many reasons. Perhaps you wish to enrich your open layout, enlarge the space, or divide different rooms as explained below, courtesy of Feldco.

Enrich your open layout

Installing French doors brings profound elegance to your home. In addition, if you want to sell your house, making this change will help add value to the property, thus increasing the selling price.

Enlarge the space

French doors create an illusion of bigger and airier spaces. As an owner of a small house or condominium, these doors will help you feel like your home is larger.

Divide different rooms

Connecting two different rooms has never been easier. You can add the French doors to the rooms you don't often use to increase their versatility and utilize the spaces. Connecting dining rooms and living rooms or to kitchens using French doors can create an easy transition around your home.

Benefits of installing French doors

Many perks come with constructing French doors in your home apart from the extra sunlight that fills the space. Next Door & Window reports that installing new French doors has more benefits.

Improves energy efficiency

Apart from bringing in light and ventilation, which helps you save on electricity costs, double and triple glass-glazed French doors avert warm air from escaping your house during the cold seasons. Moreover, the extra layer helps trap cold air during hot seasons.

Improves home functionality

Having French doors enhances easy movement in the house from one room to the other. It is essential, especially when you have more people in your house as they can smoothly enter and exit the room.

Boosts Security

Did you know you can link French doors with deadbolt locks that increase the safety of your home? This, along with the adjustable hinge connected to the doors, make it hard for intruders to break into your property.