Look Inside The NYC Pad That Jesse Tyler Ferguson Just Sold For $1.4 Million

Jesse Tyler Ferguson is an American actor most commonly known for his role as Mitchell Pritchett on the hit ABC sitcom "Modern Family" via Short Biography. While he has had several other roles, his portrayal of Mitchell earned him five Emmy Award nominations. Other notable roles of his include "The Class," where he portrayed Richie Veltch, and as a guest judge on the show "So You Think You Can Dance." He also lives a busy personal life as he has been married to his husband for almost a decade. Now Ferguson, along with his husband, have sold their New York City home.

Located at 200 E 16th Street in Manhattan, New York Post reports the couple sold the apartment for $1.4 million as they wanted a bigger home for their family. They first purchased this home in 2015 for $1.23 million, therefore making them a slight profit. Per Elle Decor, the former estate sits within the d'Orsay that also includes a private elevator, a 24-hour doorman, a gym, a spa, and a terrace, just to name a few. However, Ferguson's previous apartment in itself is 1,402 square feet which contains two bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, and other typical rooms, some of which contain NYC skyline views.

A bright blue living room

The main room of this apartment, and in most homes in general, of course, is the living room. Per Zillow, this living room, along with the rest of the home, is most notable for its bright blue walls that also feature brown wooden floors and a bright white ceiling and trim. To much surprise, this living room looks like any other room you might see in any non-celebrity home. In the far corner sits a tan couch that wraps from one wall to the next. Above this couch is an art painting, as well as another piece of art decor on the adjacent wall. Additionally, the couch has quite a few throw pillows and a small blanket, making it look complete.

Other furniture in this room include a small round table located directly in front of the couch. Residing underneath this is a bright white rug that fits perfectly with the couch. Over on the opposite walls is a medium gray colored TV stand. However, instead of a TV mounted above it, another art piece resides there. The stand is also covered in a ton of decor and a small plant. Beside the TV stand and art piece is where the window in this room is located. Medium in size, the window has an ac unit sitting in it with a gray curtain similar to the stand. Sometimes, simplicity is best, and this home represents that.

A modular kitchen

Leaving the living room and going into the kitchen, via Zillow, you'll see the round glass dining room table. While it's technically located in the living room, the kitchen is small in size, so it's easy to see why this room doubles as both a family room and dining room. It has four off-white chairs wrapped around it, with a single plant sitting on top and another art piece hanging on the wall above it. The kitchen itself is also blue in color with the same flooring as seen in the living room. The cabinets have marble countertops and are a brown shade similar to the flooring color. 

A small bar with stainless steel barstools is located at the entryway into the kitchen on the left. Further on this side of the kitchen is a mini-fridge located under the cabinets that's perfect for wine or other beverages. Despite this kitchen's size, there is still plenty of counter space with a microwave mounted to the wall under the cabinet. The stove is a bit further down on the same side, close to the wall. On the other side, however, is where the sink is located, with glass shelves directly above it providing more room. A stainless steel fridge and freezer combination is located between the sink and back wall.

The main bedroom is cute and cozy

Like the rest of the home, the bedroom features the same colored walls and flooring as well, per Zillow. A large bed with a black leather headboard is the main event in this room. Underneath this bed is a large gray and white decorated rug. Beside the bed are two matching small circular nightstands that are white on top and have brown trimming. Above both of these stands are wall-mounted lights. On the wall in front of the bed, but off to the side, is where the dresser in this room is located. Similar to the nightstands, the dresser itself is white, while the drawers are brown. Sitting on top is another piece of art with several other decor items.

Two other rooms attach to this room: the bathroom and the closet. The bathroom, while of course being mostly blue, also has white baseboards and white counters. The counter itself, however, is marble, similar to the kitchen counters. A long mirror stretches above the dual sink making this room feel a bit larger. The shower and toilet are located directly beside the sink facing each other. Of course, there are several pieces of art within this room as well. The closet, on the other hand, is relatively large in size and can hold a ton of clothing and shoes. The floor is dark brown as well, making this closet the opposite of any other room in this home.