Get Your Starbucks Fix At Home With These 10 DIY Coffee Bar Ideas

There's nothing quite as indulgent or motivating as a cup of coffee. The unmistakable smell wakes up the senses and gives us the power to be productive on busy days. It's also the perfect way to ease into the day, savoring each sip while lounging on the weekend.

While grabbing your favorite latte or cold brew from Starbucks is undoubtedly a treat because it takes all the work out of making it, it also has its downsides. For example, regularly buying coffee can inhibit your financial goals if you're on a budget. And sometimes, you simply may not want to get out of your pajamas and make a run for the shop. The solution? Skip the lines and take a short trip to the kitchen instead. An at-home coffee bar will not only save you some money, but it may also save you precious counter space. Ahead, you'll find 10 DIY ideas to recreate the experience of a coffee shop in the comfort of your own space.

1. Roll in a cart

One of the fastest ways to create your own coffee bar is with a bar cart. Perhaps you have an old one collecting dust or have found one that you love and looking for an excuse to use it. Either way, a rolling cart can easily become your favorite part of the kitchen. Place your coffee maker on the top tier, and add a few of your favorite mugs, sugars and syrups, and fresh beans. The best part? If you need a little extra space while cooking, you can always slide it out of the room.

2. Repurpose old furniture

Maybe you have some extra wiggle room in your kitchen or the nearby living or dining room. Take advantage of it by bringing in a piece of furniture with a decent-sized counter and storage space. A sideboard or a dresser can make a design statement while holding everything you need for your home coffee bar. This idea is especially good if you don't like the look of visual clutter like you would see using a bar cart. You can tuck away supplies such as spoons, stirrers, and saucers inside the cabinets or drawers.

3. Hang a shelf

A coffee bar shelf is an ideal solution for a small kitchen. You can place it anywhere you have a little extra wall space. Plus, it can feel like a bar if you want it to. Hang a shelf in any size or length you'd like and make sure it can withstand some weight. A small-scale machine would be best to set on top. Dress up the shelf with some greenery and artwork. If you're nervous about storing mugs on the surface, affix a rod with hooks just above it.

4. Haul in a hutch

If you'd really like to maximize storage space and have a large piece of furniture, this is the perfect opportunity to create your dream DIY coffee bar. A hutch can withstand multiple coffee makers, which is helpful if every household member has individual preferences. The shelving above can hold mugs and glasses and, depending on the hutch style, be on display or hidden away. The below compartments can store the remainder of your coffee needs, saving an immense space in the kitchen cabinets and drawers.

5. Convert a closet

For the really creative kind, an extra closet or oddly shaped alcove in or nearby the kitchen can transform into your own mini cafe. Install a sturdy countertop for the coffee machine and ingredients, and include at least one shelf for your mugs. Hook up a TV for a relaxing atmosphere with the extra overhead space. If possible, put in a mini-fridge at the bottom of the closet to store your favorite creamers and milk and make it a one-stop-shop.

6. Corral using a countertop tray

Consider adding a lazy susan or tray to your coffee station. Then, load up the sugar, creamer, and any other sweets you like to add to your drink. That way, if anything spills, you won't run the risk of staining the countertop. In fact, this method will make cleaning up easier in general. Rather than removing each item when wiping the counters, simply pick the tray up and move it out of your way. It will also keep clutter contained, making the kitchen feel tidier overall.

7. Carve out space in a cabinet

Are you the type who likes the look of clear countertops? Create space within a kitchen cabinet to house all of your coffee needs. Use airtight canisters to hold fresh beans, shelf risers to maximize mug storage, and a tea organizer to sort the bags. Keep the things you reach for daily on the lower shelves with less-often-used items placed higher. Finally, plug your coffee machine in just below the cabinet so you don't have to travel far for your morning cup.

8. Take advantage of an empty wall

Make the most out of whatever area you have to create a coffee bar, and include the nearby wall in the design. This is especially helpful if you are short on storage space. A mug rack keeps them within easy reach and saves cabinet space. A wall-mounted pod organizer lines up the capsules, allowing you to sort them by type and see exactly when it's time to replenish them. Using the wall space helps add coziness to the coffee station, no matter where you place it in the kitchen.

9. Organize the essentials

A good cup of coffee can boost your mood. So pull out all the stops and create an organized oasis for yourself to ensure a smooth taste and a smooth morning. Use a mug tree, pod organizer, pump bottles, or all these to fix up your favorite drink. The beauty of having your coffee bar organized is that you can easily tell when you're low on supplies. For example, if the mug tree is empty, it's time to run the dishwasher, or if your clear bottles are low, it means stocking up on more syrup.

10. Dress it up

Your DIY coffee bar should be the highlight of not just your morning but also your kitchen. So it's important to design it accordingly. To that end, incorporate your favorite d├ęcor pieces, whether it be a lamp, flower-filled vase, or candles. The idea is that it should be a welcoming space in your home and feel like a treat every time you use it, so give yourself permission to dress it up to reflect your style and include the things you love.