What Are The Best Types Of Dining Room Chairs?

Looking into finding the perfect dining room chairs can be the least of your worries when it comes to decorating your house, but you'll soon notice the importance of comfortable and stylish sets. There are so many different styles and colors that you could choose from on the interior design spectrum — from minimalism to maximalism. According to Home Stratosphere, the most common dining chair is the traditional side chair, a staple in the homeowner's first home. It's used in dining rooms and at simple breakfast bars; they lack armrests and are often made of wood. Depending on how you decide to decorate your space, there's always something that will fit in.

The most crucial part of finding the perfect dining room chair is figuring out your preferred shape, how sturdy it is, and how comfortable it feels. House Beautiful suggests looking into dining chairs that will resist wine spills, sticky fingers, and pet claws because you, ideally, want your chairs to last for a long time.

1. Modern velvet chairs

Modern velvet chairs are a great addition to any dining room because they can be upholstered to have different fabrics. In most cases, green velvet chairs pair beautifully with green plants. The wooden legs of the chairs have a black rubber tip on the bottom so that they don't scratch against the wood flooring and leave behind any marks. They're super lightweight, comfortable, and durable. But it could be tough to get rid of stains from the fabric if any food or drinks get spilled on it, according to Designing Idea.

2. Wooden chairs

Wooden dining chairs have always been a traditional statement piece of a dining room. Fundamentally, they have a wooden base with individual wooden poles on the backrest, usually without any added fabric, says Home Stratosphere. This type of dining chair can fit into any minimalistic space with a wooden dining table. Unfortunately, it does not pair well with dining tables with a sleek countertop, but you could get them in a different finish. They can meet the aesthetic criteria, but they can also be uncomfortable after sitting in them for a few hours.

3. Plastic chairs

A plastic dining room chair is similar to the wooden variety. But the diverse colors of these chairs allow them to pair easily with different dining tables since they're versatile, reports The Strategist. The wooden legs feature metal poles between the legs to make them sturdier, and even if the metal parts detach, they would be just as solid. Plastic dining chairs can be uncomfortable because of their hard seating surface, but if you add a seating cushion in a similar color, it'll make the chair more relaxing.

4. Wicker chairs

Wicker chairs are gorgeous dining chairs perfect for smaller dining tables. Depending on the texture of the wicker, you may find them incredibly comfortable or too hard to sit in for long periods. According to Farm Food Family, wicker chairs are not as strong as chairs made of metal or wood and can get damaged over time. Since they have holey seats, food can get stuck in them, which may be a chore to clean up. An advantage, however, is that you can change the color of the wicker to match the rest of your space.

5. Leather chairs

Leather chairs are probably one of the most comfortable dining chairs you can invest in. They have a soft cushion — in a variety of colors — that can be sat on for long hours, per The Spruce. Additionally, the sturdy metal legs on these chairs have a rubber tip that prevents scratches or markings on a hardwood floor. Leather chairs can pair well with any dining table, depending on the color and texture of the cushion you selected.

6. Upholstered chairs

Upholstered chairs are a lot of fun to work with since they can complement any chair design or style, via Home Stratosphere. Simply pick out the texture and color of the fabric you want and see your design come to life. You can tailor it to your dining table or the décor of your dining room to create a cohesive space. Sometimes, it can be stressful when choosing how you want your dining chairs to look, but factors like sturdiness and comfortability should be your priority.

7. Metal chairs

Metal chairs work perfectly with a rustic interior dining table and match well with a wooden or metal dining table. They can get a bit heavy to move around, but they're easy to clean and often have a prolonged lifespan since they're sturdy, informs Designing Idea. The only downside to these dining chairs is that because metal is a thermal conductor, you may need an AC or a heater to keep them at comfortable temperatures throughout the various seasons.

8. Wishbone chairs

A wishbone chair is one of the most distinctive dining chairs you can purchase for your dining room. They can have different finishes to complement the style of your dining area, says The Spruce. While they can be a great addition to your dining room, they sometimes tend to be uncomfortable, which can cause buyer hesitation, especially considering their price tag. Depending on your location and local market, they can range from $150 to $600 per chair. Some stores sell them as a set of four, but they're a pricey investment overall.

9. Arm chairs

According to Overstock, armchairs generally sit at the head of a dining table. There are many styles available on the market that you can choose for your dining room and table. Even though the most popular types have a wooden base, you could opt for the cushioned variety, which is more comfortable. It's also an excellent idea to purchase an armchair dining set with a backrest. This is critical because the backrest of a chair reduces the risk of back and neck pain and improves posture.

10. Bar stools

If you live in a small apartment where you only have space for two dining chairs, these bar stools can be the best seat in the house. Due to their size, they don't take up too much space and can fit perfectly under dining tables, says Epicurious. They're also easy to clean, in the same way. Bar stools can be upholstered with leather or colored fabric to match the aesthetics of your dining room.

11. Side chairs

Side chairs are one of the most common dining room chairs. Per Farm Food Family, since side chairs lack arms, they should be placed along the longest part of the dining table to make room for more chairs. Of course, there are side chairs with armrests, but they take up space. Side chairs can come in any style, such as wooden, plastic, or metal. Depending on your preferences, you can figure out the finishes and whether or not you want any cushioning. Note that any chair with a narrow backrest can act as a side chair.

12. Palomo chairs

Palomo chairs are a minimalistic jackpot because they have a rounded backrest and fabric that can be changed to any color, reports House Beautiful. The legs can also be any finish you desire to match your dining table. Even though these chairs can be heavy to lift, they are light enough to push around. Palomo chairs can come with a soft cushion seat for your ultimate comfort needs. If you get them in white, keep in mind that it may be hard to clean up stains if you have little ones.

13. Swivel chairs

Fairly similar to a bar stool, swivel chairs come in numerous sizes, so they're not always high. They also take up minimal space, but the weight of their metal base can make it challenging to push or lift them. The selling point of a swivel chair is that you can move around while also having a place to rest your feet instead of leaving them hanging, Overstock assures. You can also upholster them to have a different fabric color if you desire to match the chairs with your space.

14. Woven chairs

Woven chairs appear similar to the wicker chairs, but they're made of leather instead of a textured fabric and can easily be customizable, per House Beautiful. There isn't any extra cushioning since the leather makes up the entire seat. The thick wooden legs and strong leather will prevent the chair from being damaged or easily broken. They're also light enough to move around and can be paired with any dining table or other dining chairs.

15. Parson chairs

Parson chairs have a long accentuated back for more comfort and can work well with any part of the dining table, according to Chairtalks. They lack arms but can be upholstered to match the style of your dining room, as long as you can switch out the fabric color. In essence, it's a dining chair that you and your dinner guests will find relaxing as you enjoy delicious food and each other's presence.