Taylor Spellman Shares Her Top Home Decorating Tips To Help Transform Your Home

Taylor Spellman, celebrity interior designer and home staging expert, is known for the Bravo shows "Million Dollar Listing New York" and "Yours Mine or Ours." Her designs stand out from other interior designers because of her ability to mix high-end, one-of-a-kind pieces with unique thrift finds. In an interview with Inspirations & Celebrations, Spellman shared that her life goal is to "live richly: and that has nothing to do with money." She translates this goal to her designs so even her clients without a large budget can live in luxurious homes. 

Her personal design aesthetic is bold yet chic, which translates to her adding pops of color to her client's designs. Her clients chose her because of how she can look at a space and know how to best utilize the area. She's helped high-net-worth and celebrity clients to design their perfect homes, and now she has decorating tips to help transform your home too.

Don't follow trends

Taylor Spellman's best tip to transform the design of your home is to not play into trends. In her Q&A with Inspirations & Celebrations, she explains that trends come and go, so it's not a good idea to design an entire room over a fleeting trend. If you really like the trend, Spellman recommends picking one piece that fits the trend and adding it to the design as an accent. That way, when the trend is over, your room won't be outdated.

When looking for decor, Spellman says that trays are the piece to add to any room because they can hold the many things you place on nightstands and entryway tables. Another tip from Spellman is how to design a luxurious room while on a budget — Spellman says her favorite stores to shop at for decor that looks great without breaking the budget are TJ Maxx and Marshalls.