Find Luxury At This $3.5 Million Waterfront Property That's 300 Years Old

Centuries-old homes that come up for sale don't happen as often as other house sales. Additionally, those that do, sell pretty quickly. For those that buy these types of homes, the charm and craftsmanship are what appeal to the buyer, per UpNest. However, there are many benefits and downsides that come with these homes. Depending on location, many centuries-old residences usually have historical significance in the town they reside in. Yet, on the other hand, old homes can come with a ton of problems, including electrical and foundation issues. Buying an old home can be an incredible experience, but both pros and cons should be considered.

If this is something that piques your interest, a home that is almost 300 years old was recently put on the market, according to Realtor. Located in Maryland, this home is an antique lover's dream. This home was built in 1740 and sits on over 200 acres of land by the lake. The interior of this enormous three-story home is 6491 square feet in size and features five bedrooms, five baths, and one-half bath. Many exterior features also reside on this property, including a separate two-story garage and a guest house. Despite its old age, this residence has a lot to offer its new owner and is sure to be snatched up quickly.

An outside view

While it's clear this house has some age on it, you wouldn't be able to see it from the outside, via Zillow. Mostly, this home is built completely with brick on the outside with some white paneling on the far side of the home. A long stone brick path leads up to the home from the roundabout dirt driveway. The front yard, despite the pathway and a white fence, is mostly empty, giving a ton of space for kids to play or a garden should one desire. The two-story guest house also features a brick exterior as well, matching the house.

The lake where this property sits is located within walking distance. A brick pathway like the one that leads up to this home also leads as an entrance to the lake. A few trees sit on either side of this pathway, providing some shade. A bench or even a swing can be installed underneath to add some more activities to this property. In addition, with so much land and empty space, tons of other outdoor luxuries can be placed as well. An inground pool or even a courtyard are just a few of many ideas.

Two contrasting living rooms

Most homes come with your typical rooms, such as a kitchen, bedroom, and living room. However, this estate comes with two living rooms, via Realtor. Whether one of these rooms was once something else, such as a den, is unknown. The first living room is bright and bold. The walls, aside from one, are a bright shade of red. While ceiling and brown wooden floors also reside as well as brown tan trims and baseboards. A fireplace is located on one side of the room with windows on either side that also spread through the rest of the room. On the adjacent wall is a built-in bookcase that is the same shade as the trim of the room.

The other living room, however, is the complete opposite. While still looking vintage, this room also has a modern vibe to it as well. For starters, all the walls are white, matching the ceiling with light brown wooden floors. A large fireplace resides in this room as well, with glass cabinets on each side. Two red chairs sit in front of it with a black metal framed couch across from it. However, the first thing one will notice upon entering this room is the large black piano located in the far side corner of the room in front of a tall window.

Two dining rooms reside as well

Upon building, it's clear the original owners wanted a ton of space. Much like the living room situation, this home comes with two dining rooms as well, per Zillow. The first dining room is bright and bold as well. The walls are all completely yellow, with a large white-colored fireplace as the center of attention. Directly in the middle of the room, of course, is the dining room table. It's large and brown in size with multiple chairs big enough for a large family. Directly above this, hanging from the ceiling is a large chandelier that is silver and yellow in color. Under the table is a large multicolored rug that brings the room together.

The second dining room is a lot busier than the first. The walls are all blue in this room, aside from an accent brick wall. Two brown cabinets reside on this wall, along with a sink and mini-fridge. On the wall directly across from the brick wall is where the fireplace is located. Unlike the one located in the yellow dining room, the table in this one is smaller in size for a more intimate setting. Above the table is a large antique chandelier as well. Three large windows and a glass door all reside on the far side of the room as well to help bring some natural light into this darker room.