20 Haunted Airbnbs That'll Make You Believe In Ghosts

If you enjoy watching scary movies, attending Horror Nights at Universal Studios, or love everything spooky in October, then you'd enjoy staying a night at a haunted Airbnb. Airbnbs have become more popular to stay in than hotels nowadays as they oftentimes offer a better discount since they don't incur extra fees like hotels do, according to Investopedia. The exciting thing about Airbnbs is that they're designed and set up differently from one another. You never know what you're going to get aside from what's shown in the online photos.

It could be a bit nerve-wracking to stay in a haunted Airbnb at first, but if you respect the home you're staying in and don't upset the ghosts, they'll leave you alone. Many of the Airbnbs have a couple of things in common when it comes to the style of the homes: They're typically decorated with unique wallpaper and include wood furniture, floral patterned bedding, and wood flooring. They also boast historical charm and some friendly ghosts.

The Enslin House

Located in Troy, New York, the Enslin House is filled with history. You have the choice to stay in the room where the friendly ghost lives, the haunted bedroom, or the host-free room, the whimsical room. This house has been used to film various shows and films and hosts two guests for $470 a night.

The Manor Master Chamber

The Manor Master Chamber was built in 1883, and the look of the home is creepy enough. The interior amenities will give you a spook just from the look of them: a leather headboard on the bed and a black mirror hung on the ceiling diagonal from the bed. It hosts four guests for $83 a night.

The Stroud House

The Stroud House has a French-style interior with floral patterns, wood accents, and white walls. The private bedroom has a beautiful, white wood vanity with a white wooden side chair. It sleeps two guests for $71 a night.

Rensow Manor Retreat

The Rensow Manor home has various spooky features with its all-wood interior and rooms filled with books and antique furniture. Some of the rooms are decorated with darker colors, giving it an even spookier atmosphere. It's a secluded home two hours away from Berlin. It hosts two guests for $126 a night.

Sweet Organic Pet-Friendly Getaway

This is a charming haunted bungalow where you can take your pets with you on vacation free of charge. Some bizarre events have happened here, but nothing horror-like. You'll enjoy the company of Kat and her pets as well. It hosts five guests for $99 a night.

The Beck House

A gorgeous Victorian home, also known as The Beck House, was turned into an apartment complex 70 years ago. While the home had a few changes made, the spirits stayed. It is decorated in an old-fashioned style with wood furniture and bright red, mint, and beige colors throughout. It hosts four guests for $121 a night.

Inspiration House

Filled with many friendly ghosts, Inspiration House appeared on Netflix's Amazing Vacation Rentals where owner Michelle Belanger talks about the ghosts that live there. You'll have the home all to yourself with your friends. It's decorated in a cozy-chic style and hosts up to seven guests for $233 a night.

Historic Civil War Farm House

This farmhouse was used as a hospital after the Battle of Gettysburg, which means there are a ton of spirits hanging around, some for hundreds of years. The ghosts are all friendly, according to the host, Stephani. You'll be able to visit the battlefield grounds where the war happened. The home hosts four guests for $108 a night.

Parks-Bowman Mansion

Buzzfeed voted the Parks-Bowman Mansion part of the Top Ten Haunted Airbnb Locations. The ghost that lives here is a little girl in a yellow dress who is shy, so you probably won't run into her too much. It hosts two guests for $130 a night.

Gurnard Cottage

This enchanting cottage has a tall lighthouse attached to it. It's beautifully decorated in a modern style, so you wouldn't even think there were ghosts staying here. It's just a 10-minute drive from the coast of Ventnor and hosts five guests for $177 a night.

The Haunted Bedroom at Talliston

While most of these Airbnbs have a spooky feel to them, The Haunted Bedroom at Talliston has a horror look to it, especially in the master bedroom. It's decorated in a Scottish Art Nouveau style with a dark interior and huge drapes covering the windows. You'll feel a bit scared sleeping here. It hosts two guests for $180 a night.

The Stone House

The idiosyncratic Stone House makes the skin crawl just a bit with the design of the stones. It was built in the '30s in Charleston. The interior of the home is clean and colorful with a different style in every room. It hosts six guests for $299 a night.

Laura's Cottage

Laura's Cottage is filled with tons of history and is visited as part of local ghost tours. It's a complete wooden cottage with various antique furniture and wooden beds. Don't be alarmed if you hear some creaky wood or feel a drop in temperature. It hosts four guests for $219 a night.

Haunted Suite in Historic Benton Park

The three-story building is rundown with an old-fashioned interior and a haunted suite. There are creepy framed photographs hung on the walls throughout the home that will spook you and make you feel like someone might be watching you while you sleep. It hosts four guests for $67 a night.

The Chamber Apartment

This chilling chamber apartment is well over 600 years old and it is definitely haunted, according to the Airbnb description. It has some luxurious features with a clawfoot tub, curtained bed in one of the rooms, and a beautiful yellow interior kitchen. It hosts four guests for $158 a night.

Phantoms Lair

Phantoms Lair has a creepy theater with a dark interior and dim lighting. You get to stay in a gorgeous private room with red velvet couches and a crystal chandelier. The bed is a four-poster wooden frame with maroon bedding. It hosts two guests for $208 a night.

Casa Las Azucenas

While there's no mention of ghosts, Mexico is known to have a few spooky hauntings that occur throughout the country. Casa Las Azucenas has a beautiful and simple private room with the chance to explore and tour Tlacolula. It's decorated with art and various colors. It hosts two guests for $20 a night.

The Married Quarters

Even though this rundown cottage has a stunning modern interior, don't let it distract you from the spookiness you could encounter. Stirling Castle is just a few minutes away on foot, which could host a lot of different ghosts. You get the entire unit to yourself and up to four additional guests for $112 a night.

Henry Derby House

This bright yellow Henry Derby House has a fun personality and is rumored to be haunted. Every room in the home is decorated in pastel colors. The owners have many stories to tell about the things they've heard or seen that may or may not be true. It hosts 10 guests for $518 a night.

Victorian Gothic Castle Mansion

The Victorian Gothic Castle Mansion is filled with mystery and elegance. It's been used to film movies and do photoshoots; there's an amazing pool you have all to yourself. You can party it up with the ghosts or any other spooky guests all night long. It hosts 12 guests for $500 a night.