What Is The Best Tree Trimmer On The Market?

Tree trimmers are a crucial piece of equipment for home gardening enthusiasts and those who simply want to keep a well-maintained yard alike. Tree trimming is an essential part of the lawn care cycle and often takes place in the winter months (November to March) while trees remain dormant (via Birch Tree Care). This helps you shape the spring and summer growth spurt that trees experience and keeps the open wounds that trimming creates safe from disease carried by insects. It also promotes fast healing while the plant's energy isn't directed at new leaf and branch expansion.

Trimmers come in a few different varieties, so selecting the best one is always going to be reliant on your precise needs. Sumo Gardener reports that three specific types dominate the market: Manual, electric, and gas-powered trimmers. Selecting the one that best suits your needs takes some introspection and perhaps even a bit of experimentation with a few different styles.

Manual trimmers will generally be the cheapest option, and with the addition of a chord-operated slicing blade on the back end, they can provide a precision cut that may not be possible with a powered model. Yet manual trimmers take a considerable amount of physical work to maneuver into place before sawing, slicing, or chopping through target branches and segments. There's a reason why professional tree trimmers use gasoline-powered models, and one of these powered options may be right for you too.

Manual trimmers provide easy entry into tree sculpting for homeowners

Manual trimmers are an effective choice for many homeowners seeking to tackle simple tree trimming needs. Den Garden reports that a manual pole trimmer is typically the lightest trimming option you can find, meaning they provide simple maneuverability and operation that often can't be matched by heavier, powered models.

As well, Sumo Gardener estimates that a manual pole trimmer can be found for as little as $20, significantly minimizing the overall spend on new trimming equipment (with gasoline and electric models also adding marginally to the operational costs over time). Manual options also run without the intense noise that emanates from powered models, making a great addition to the shed or garage for those who have hearing trouble or are easily bothered by loud or extended noise production.

The use of a standard pole saw model gives you the ability to finesse any cuts that you are seeking to make. These tools are often designed with a saw blade on one end and a slicing attachment on the reverse. With the lack of power controlling the movement or cutting power of the blades, you can position the cutting tool precisely before getting to work on any branch that needs to come down. For smaller trees, this enhanced control is the perfect way to ensure that you are training the plant's growth in the exact format that suits your yard, driveway, and home.

Powered tree trimmers come in a few designs and offer an easier workload

Sumo Gardener reports that gasoline-operated tree trimmers are the most powerful on the market and are best suited for extensive trimming needs or heavy cutting requirements (for instance, when trimming a very old tree with large, dense branches). Gasoline-powered models can support the most powerful engines and won't require you to consider the length of a plug-in cord. However, these are the most expensive on the market, typically priced at more than $150 for a standard model (via Sumo Gardener). 

A great alternative that still delivers consistent power is a battery-powered option. A battery-supported tree trimmer delivers the same mobility that gasoline models provide, but they will require constant battery charging and a level of planning that other options don't require. Nothing's more devastating to a workflow than having to stop for half an hour to recharge a battery.

Lastly, a corded trimmer can perform a job that sits between the power output of each of these types. But these trimmers come with a literal string attached. It may be a good idea to invest in a heavy-duty extension cord that can amplify your effective range by as much as 100 feet, per Reviewed. For many home trimming needs, a corded or battery-powered model is often the best value, starting around $50 for a quality trimmer (via Sumo Gardener).