This $69 Million Mansion Is Santa Monica's Most Expensive Home

Every house in every location varies in one way or another. From design to build to price, it's highly unlikely that two homes are the same unless they're a paired home. In addition, mansions are even further from being alike. These homes are large in size and contain many features that standard houses typically don't have. In every location, there is a home that is the most expensive. Usually, if applicable and like one might think, it's a mansion.

In Santa Monica, their most expensive home is, of course, a mansion worth $69 million, according to Realtor. Prior to its current listing, the home was put on the market a year prior for $90 million. The mansion itself is 22,640 square feet in size while sitting on 1.61 acres of land. With seven bedrooms and thirteen bathrooms, and many other extravagant interior and exterior features, it's easy to see why this home is the most expensive.

An outside look

As per Zillow, this home has many outside features and an incredible view. For starters, the backyard of this estate features a massive inground pool and spa combination. The pool is long in size and comes upwards to make a T-shape where the entrance is located. In the corner of the pool is where the spa is. While it's obviously much smaller in size, it's still large and has room for several guests. Residing next to this luxury combination are several umbrellas and lounge chairs on a separate patio.

Near the pool on this large property is an outdoor cabana. Included in this cabana is an outdoor kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances such as a grill, kitchen sink, and a ton of cabinet space. On the other side of the large counter is a long table with a large number of chairs for a great number of guests. Several lounge chairs reside before this as well. Above, hanging on the ceiling, are two ceiling fans to help cool this area down.

A simple living room

It's no question that this house is absolutely stunning. However, some interior rooms do keep it a tad bit simpler than the rest of the house. A good example of this is one of the living spaces in this home. Per Realtor, this living room features dark wood floors that almost look black. On top of this floor is a large tan rug that helps to brighten up the room and contrast with the dark floors. A tan couch along with brown leather chairs make up the seating in this room that wraps around the rug. On top of this rug are two marble tables: one black and one white.

Sitting behind the couch is a black grand piano. While being perhaps the most elegant object in the room, it's aesthetically pleasing to look at for those that don't play. The wall behind the piano is the main wall in the room. It is light brown in color and has built-in shelves with lights included. Speaking of lights, the wall adjacent to this one is where all the windows are located. Expanding from floor to ceiling, the three windows are large in width as well and have white curtains hanging from them.

Extra features make for a mansion

While there are many other fancy features in this home, there are two that we consider the most eye-catching. An at-home theater and a private gym are included, with plenty of space in both, via Zillow. Inside the movie theater, the walls are a tan color making the room dark but also able to see as well. Lights also reside on the walls as well to help movie viewers see. Of course, these can be completely cut off during the move. The seating area consists of two large tan couches, one located behind the other. Of course, the movie screen resides above on the main wall.

The gym located in this estate looks exactly how one might think, aside from being a bit smaller. The floors are painted with the basketball floor painting for those that enjoy playing this sport. Additionally, a basketball goal with a typical glass backing hangs on the main wall. Two punching bags hang beside the goal as well, allowing this gym to be used for more than just sports. Three TVs reside on the wall adjacent to this to provide some entertainment as well. All the walls are white to keep this room bright and well lighted.