All The Lowe's Discounts You Never Knew You Can Use At Any Time

When it comes to fixing up your home or working on DIY projects, finding the right materials at a decent price can make all the difference. If you have a set budget, these Lowe's Home Improvement insider tricks can help you save money in unexpected places. They offer a variety of sales and deals every day, to help shoppers find what they need without breaking the bank. You can also check out the website to see what offers are on, or visit the store to seek out the best options.

To make things a little easier, Lowe's discounts can always be found online. The site divides savings by category to make it easy to find what you need for a better price. Customers can also get discounts of around 10-30% on bulk purchases, as well as access to the weekly ad which features special prices and sales. According to the official Lowe's website, they offer price-matching to keep a competitive edge on other retailers. If you find the same appliance or item at another store, all that is needed for a price match is the ad, a photo of the listing, or a printout. An employee can validate the lower purchase price, and match it so you can get the savings during your visit.

Lowe's Offers In Store & Online Discounts Every Day

QuerySprout highlights Lowe's discounts targeted toward first responders, including police, doctors, nurses, and 911 dispatchers. Anyone in this field can receive 10% off any purchase they make — in-store or online. If you don't fall into this category, not to worry, because Lowe's discounts don't stop there. The store offers credit cards that give the holder 5% off every day. The Lowe's Advantage Card also includes 20% off on your first purchase on the card, so you can grab those DIY materials and save a bundle after signing up.

Are you a plant lover? Lowe's has you covered, with reduced prices on greenery that just needs a little extra TLC. Many of these items will be final sale, but they are marked down to 80 or 90% off the original price. Take some time sifting through the plants, because you will likely find some hidden gems for next to nothing in cost. If you aren't picky about small dings or dents, Lowe's appliances that show some damage can sometimes be discounted by management. When speaking to sales associates, see if the manager would be willing to reduce the rate for the minor blemishes, and don't be afraid to attempt to haggle. Many of these appliances might be overlooked due to their imperfections, but stores will still want to find a way to sell them. Take your time perusing these items, and check the surfaces for any dents or scratches that might lead to a discount.

Lowe's Freebies You Didn't Know Existed

While discounts are always exciting, freebies are even better. According to the official Lowe's website, Lowe's will help cut items that were purchased from their stores, including lumber, electric wiring, carpeting, blinds, and pipes (to name a few). They also offer kid's workshop kits for free, giving your kids the chance to explore their DIY passions. Become a Lowe's for Pros member and get free removals on old appliances. You can also save on delivery fees whenever you purchase large items that cost over $400. These savings speak for themselves and will add up over time, allowing for that money to go toward other important projects.

Lowe's discounts are there to help you complete any DIY and home-based projects as easily (and budget-friendly) as possible. You don't have to completely break the bank to get the job done, it just takes a little research and a lot of passion.