Tour Aaron Paul's Rustic Idaho Home

Aaron Paul spent five years playing Jesse Pinkman on the series "Breaking Bad," and now he has returned to his roots in Idaho to unwind with his family. The star had a very rustic-looking wood home built in Idaho that he shares with his wife Lauren and daughter, Story, age four. The house sits on five wooded acres that have a river snaking through them. The five-bedroom home looks like it was built with materials from the area, as there is plenty of wood and stone all over the place, according to Architectural Digest. The actor was very hands-on when the home was being built as he worked closely with Pearson Design Group to make it resemble the houses he grew up around in Idaho (his grandparents' home is not far away).

 And he used Los Angeles-based Jake Arnold to help with their interior. But even though the home is rustic, it does not skimp on amenities as there is a sauna, a "speakeasy," and a home theater. They started building the house in 2017 and moved into the home in 2019. "With this house we wanted it to feel like it had been here forever," he said explaining the home was built from three old barns made by the Amish community in Wisconsin. "I poured my heart and soul into this thing," Paul shared. "I was pulling my hair out a lot during the process, but living in a place that you built is a dream come true."

The living room is huge with a very high ceiling

Aaron Paul calls the living room the "main gathering room." There is so much light flooding in the French windows and there is such an airy feeling because the A-frame ceiling are very high, making the living room feel like a country oasis. They room looks to be at least 20 feet high and there is wood everywhere: on the ceiling, on the beams, and on the walls and floors. All eyes go to the massive stone fireplace, however, which was made of a slab of stone called Montana Moss for the hearth that was shipped to Idaho and "craned in" to place before the roof was put on, said the actor. It weighs over 26,000 pounds (or three tons) and is one solid piece, added Lauren. 

Paul made sure he was there when the piece of stone came in. "I never thought I'd get so excited about rocks," he said to Architectural Digest. "I found myself daydreaming about rocks." The family also plays backgammon in the room by the front window as they enjoy their morning coffee under the wrought-iron chandelier. There is a balcony above the living room which allows them to look down into the living room from the second floor.

The outdoor space is soothing

Some people have back yards and then some people really have back yards. Aaron Paul and his family look out onto a spectacular view and pristine nature in their sprawling back yard at their Idaho mansion. They can gaze at the narrow but rushing river that is surrounded by trees with a rocky hill in the background. And it turns out the space is crawling with animals. They have said they often see deer outside grazing with their fawns as well as several different types of birds. 

The best way to bird watch is to wear pale colors, move slowly and follow the flocks. And patience is key. It's also a good idea not to be too focused. It's common for a bird watcher to be so fixated on what they're currently watching, or hoping to see, that they miss all sorts of other wildlife around them. Hand-in-hand with this tip is paying attention to the habitat itself; certain types of habitats (trees, shrubs, or meadows, for example) are attractive to different types of birds. A good guidebook can help you pinpoint what type of bird you might see in various habitats.

The kitchen is rustic

There is no way the kitchen could be small in this massive country cabin, because size was not an issue when Aaron Paul was building his dream home. And big, it is. There are also plenty of rustic elements. Paul and his wife used only three materials in the kitchen, however, so it did not look overdone: stone, wood, and concrete. There are also nice touches in this charming country kitchen like ceramic pendant lights. Lauren does the cooking and loves that the space includes a generous kitchen island where she can do her prep work, such as chopping carrots and sautéing meat. The island is so long there is even a sink with a gold faucet and room for bouquets of flowers. 

According to Homes & Gardens, a long island is smart because you can add more seats around it making for a friendly kitchen feel. The Paul family eats a lot of meals at home so they wanted the space to be comfortable. To the side of the kitchen is a long dining room table that can seat about 12 people with comfortable chairs and a built-in cushion covered bench. Above are pendant lamps that look like they belong in a barn. And there are plenty of big windows for natural light. 

There is a formal dining room

The Paul family loves to have their Hollywood friends visit from the West Coast, which means they have to throw some pretty big dinner parties. It is a good thing this wood mansion comes with a grand dining room that is perfect for a tasty meal and plenty of lively conversation. The space includes a long wood table with soft corners that seats 12 with beige velvet covered arm chairs. 

And there are plenty of touches in the room, too, like a massive stone fireplace with a thick stone mantel, a two built-in spaces for firewood, and a stuffed peacock on the mantle with its feathers falling down the side. On the other side of the room is a large wood cabinet that is stuffed with crystal glasses and bowls. And there are plenty of French windows that look out to the serene landscape. Like most of the rooms in the house, there are wood beam ceilings and wood floors for that rustic cabin feel.

According to Country Living, the best way to cozy up a long wood table is with a soft-looking runner, antique vases full of wildflowers and candles with a big pendant light hovering above. Bench seating can also give a dining room a cozy, casual feel while providing ample seating for all of your guests.

They have a wood shed

When living in Idaho, which gets to 17 degrees below zero in the heart of the winter, according to Weather Atlas, the cold can be an issue. That means there needs to be plenty of fireplaces in a mansion, as well as plenty of firewood. There is no problem collecting the wood because there are trees everywhere on Aaron Paul's tree-filled property; some branches have even fallen down which makes for easy pickings. 

But there has to be somewhere dry to store the wood. And the last thing Hollywood star Paul wants is an eyesore. So the actor had a very tasteful-looking stone shed built not far from his living room so he can haul the wood out on a chilly night without having to walk too far. The result is fantastic. The shed is covered in large blocks of stone with a wood plank façade and a narrow door with a metal handle. The shed is small and cozy, resembling the kind of place a little Hobbit would live. "It's so cold here we have to keep it stocked," Paul said during his home tour

Not all home sheds have to be big and expensive. According to Popular Mechanics, affordable wood sheds are the best option because they are "attractive and durable." Some can cost as low as $1,600 for a six by three foot wood shed with a double-hinged door.

The bedroom has several windows

Aaron Paul and his wife have a beautiful place to rest at night after a long day of soaking up Idaho's natural beauty. Their cozy bedroom is spacious and looks out to the back yard and river. The floor-to-ceiling windows provide spectacular views and are dressed with white drapes to be used when needed. They have a large bed with a beige bedspread and plenty of soft pillows. A mirror that looks like it is from the 18th century hangs on the wall nearby. The best part about the bedroom is there is a living room space where the oversized arm chairs are turned to look at the yard with two wood stools used for tables. 

For those who are lucky enough to have a bedroom that can fit a living room off to the side, House Beautiful says it is a must to add a small sofa. Some of the best options are a convertible futon sofa bed in case a guest needs to crash there, or a 70-inch soft, cozy Denver sofa. Another smart idea is a lazy-looking daybed with bolster-style arms and round pillows. It looks very old Hollywood glamour while screaming, "take a nap here!"

The bathroom is full of stones

The master bathroom in Aaron Paul's luxurious home is a place one can spend hours. There are stones all over the huge master bathroom, lending a cavernous feel to the space. There is also plenty of luxury, including double sinks with a stone counter and sizable mirrors next to chic wall sconces. The bathroom also features a stand-alone bathtub that Lauren calls "epic." The bathtub is not some ordinary model; rather, it is a cut-out slab of concrete from Native Trails with fancy Waterworks hardware. Off to the back wall is a toilet in a glass-contained area with a drape around it for privacy. Off to the side is a modern steam shower, which has become all the rage these days. 

According to This Old House, it takes a bit of machinery to make it all work. A digital control has to be used to make steam. Behind the scenes, the switch triggers an electric valve to fill the small steam generator with about a gallon of cold water. Then the generator brings the water to a boil with the help of electricity. The steam gets piped in and is never above 118 degrees Fahrenheit. 

There is a bunk room

When you own a vacation home, friends start to think it is their vacation home too, which sometimes means they pull up in a minivan full of kids, aunts, and uncles. So, it becomes a challenge of where to let them sleep. With most people having maybe one or two guest rooms, tops, it becomes stressful. The solution? A bunk room, which has become a trend in the last few years. A bunk room literally means a room full of bunk beds. But the Pauls have done it in the most chic way possible with built-in bunks that have not twin mattresses, but full ones. And the bunk beds also have very convenient wide ladders to get up to the second level without falling. 

Each bunk has a nifty lamp which is ideal for nighttime reading, as well as a wood shelf. The space is great for when kids visit (the pillow fights must be epic!) or "drunk" guests have to stay the night, quipped Paul in his home tour. According to Sunset, playrooms and attics can be turned into bunk rooms just by adding two sets of bunk beds against the wall. It's also important to add storage space next to or above the bunks.

There is a bird theme in the house

There is a reason Aaron Paul has named the home "Camp Pretty Bird." Well, actually "Pretty Bird" is the nickname he has given his wife, Lauren. But the home does unquestionably have a bird theme to it. Everywhere, there is bird decor, like a stuffed peacock with brilliant blue and green colors on the fireplace mantle in the dining room, and a dark metal bird sculpture in the media room. And there are also birds in the antique-looking fabric used on the throw pillows and for the curtains. 

According to Country Living, bird décor themes are on the rise. One way to get the look is to use wallpaper that features bird art. American artist and designer John Derian comes up with some very elegant wallpaper that lets the natural world speak. In addition to trees and fish, he also adds in our flying friends. If you don't want to go with wallpaper, consider adding a few throw pillows made from bird-themed fabric, or wall art featuring birds and nature. Whether you want to go big or small with the theme, there are plenty of options.

They have their own speakeasy style lounge

This power couple is busy all day with work and their active child. But when the sun starts to set, they head into the basement where they have the ultimate lounge area to have some fun in. There is the Raven Room which is like a "speakeasy." It's where Aaron Paul and his wife and friends drink and play poker and billiards. Also in the same space is the Whiskey Room. The feel of the rooms is dark 1800s, as if Wyatt Earp could possibly step in for some bourbon. 

There are rich fabrics everywhere — velvet on the chairs and leather on the stools, and wood-paneled walls with old-fashioned oil paintings hanging from them. And the accents make a big difference, including an amber-hued globe, the wrought-iron standing lamps and marble bowls. One of the highlights of the area is a poker room with a big round wood table and chairs, accented by inviting wallpaper and wood-beamed ceilings. 

This Old House states that all you need for a basement lounge area is a bar (either custom-built or pre-fab), stools, and a mini fridge stocked with all the right beer. To give it a truly authentic look, consider adding a footrail to the bar, and maybe installing some taps and kegs. A dart board wouldn't hurt either.

The media room can seat 20

A media room is a must for a celebrity mansion so they can take in the latest blockbuster movie or an old classic, and this Idaho property has not missed out. The carpeted room fits several beige, comfy chairs, a huge sofa, and large ottoman for their guests. There are even cute little red-shaded lamps on the side tables for warm ambience. And the look of the room is very old-fashioned, with maroon-paneled wood walls with a wide screen in a wood frame. 

The first movie Aaron Paul and his guests watched in the room was "The Shining," but lately they watch "Frozen." They also keep candy and snacks in the space. suggests loading up on salty and sweet snacks. Think gummy worms in a large candy jar and bags of potato chips in a wicker basket. For both salty and sweet at the same time, stock up on chocolate-covered pretzels. And if you can afford it, a popcorn machine hits just the right note and look. A mini fridge with soda pop is always a crowd pleaser for the little ones.

There is a long bar

A sizable bar is not a bad idea when living in a rustic home way out in the country. And what a bar it is! It is so big it looks like it could belong in a restaurant. And the offerings are good. They have to two beers on tap — a dark and an IPA — that are local. And it is also where Aaron Paul keeps his mezcal from Dos Hombres, the company he founded with his "Breaking Bad" costar, Bryan Cranston. There are wine and champagne glasses hanging upside down over the wood bar, which has four leather-topped stools under it. Behind the spacious bar is a counter with a sink, and a shelf with bottle of hard alcohol. Paul also has a cocktail smoker; it takes 10 minutes to smoke a drink under a glass enclosure with the help of combustible wood chips. 

According to, The Breville Smoking Gun model is the best to use with whiskey to make an Old Fashioned. Liquor smokers are fairly easy to find for home bars, and you can get a variety of flavors depending on the wood you use to smoke with, how long it smokes, and what other flavor additions you decide to add.

A collection of movie memorabilia

Movie stars love to take home little keepsakes from their movie sets, and Aaron Paul is no different. He says he "steals things" from the sets of his movies and stores them on the shelf in his fun play room. "Whenever I do a job, well a job that I love, I tend to steal things from the set because if you ask they always say no," said the actor. He showed off a leather-bound and gold-stamped book from one of his movies, "El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie," which came out in 2019. "Surprise, I stole this," he told the camera before adding, "Don't take it away from me!" 

According to Good Housekeeping, movie memorabilia can mean big money. Some of the priciest pieces to sell are Steve McQueen's racing suit from the 1971 film "Le Mans," which went for $336,000, the white Lotus Esprit from the 1977 James Bond movie "The Spy Who Loved Me," which went for around $864,000, and Darth Vader's Star Wars helmet from 1980's "The Empire Strikes Back," which pulled in almost $900,000.

The sauna is used often

Even though the Pauls live in unspoiled nature with miles of rolling hills, boulders, and wildflowers, there is always that sudden cell phone call about movie negotiations that can stress one out. So, it's a good thing they included a large wood sauna inside their home to let the anxiety melt away. The Am-Finn Sauna & Steam is far from small. It has benches to chill out on with a large box of gray river rocks in case steam needs to be added to the room. The sauna also has another relaxing feature: Windows that look outside to the river. The windows have ledges that the actor can sit on as he looks out the window at all the natural flora and fauna. 

Aaron Paul explained during his home tour that he did not have to go far to find the material for his home sauna. It was actually made out of a cedar tree that had fallen into a nearby lake. He and his pals pulled it out of the lake, cut it up and dried it out. So, the wood was free, which must have been a relief as the home looks like it cost a fortune to build. 

Spending time in saunas can be beneficial to your health, according to the Mayo Clinic, which looked at controlled studies. The site noted it helps especially well if you suffer from high blood pressure, headaches, type 2 diabetes, or rheumatoid arthritis.