The Number One Best Reviewed Product At The Container Store

The Container Store has always been the go-to place for all things home organization. With the professional organizing industry and decluttering TV shows on the rise, it's become even more popular. The reason? It contains, pun intended, everything you need to get your home, office, and life as organized as possible.

Despite a small decline in sales, Markets Insider explains that The Container Store is focused on long-term growth and the corporation has plans to open 76 new stores by the year 2027. It's clear that the company is not slowing down any time soon and will continue to meet the high demand for organizing supplies. 

While all of their products, from simple bins to intricate and customizable pantry systems, are beneficial in their own unique way, there's one that stands out among devoted shoppers. Read on to find out exactly what this beloved organizational product is and how you can use it in your own home.

The top-rated product

The Container Store features a line of lidded containers called "Our Clear Storage Boxes" that range from a small accessory-sized box to an extra large jumbo-sized one. Their most reviewed product, however, is the deep sweater box, which Newsweek reports has been given a 4.8 out of 5 rating by 2,578 reviewers. Measuring 13 ¼ inches tall, 13 ¼ inches wide, and 13 ¼ inches deep, it's the perfect size for standard closet shelving, as The Container Store proudly states.

Despite its name, the box gives you enough space to store more than just your heaviest winter sweaters. Consider using them to store blankets, mementos, or winter ski supplies, as PureWow suggests. Many of the reviewers praised the sturdiness of the bins and how easy they are to stack if need be. At under $18 per bin, they're also an excellent value given the amount of storage space they provide.

The one downside

The only drawback of this fan favorite is that you may find that it's out of stock from time to time. Generally, the more popular a particular product is, the more quickly customers are to scoop it up. Public interest in home decluttering and interior organizational projects only seems to be growing, and rising with it is the demand for inexpensive, high-quality products to assist in completing them. 

The good news is that The Container Store's clear storage line doesn't stop at the deep sweater box. There are 10 other shapes and sizes to choose from, including an under-bed bin with rolling wheels that can smoothly slide into place for easy access. According to Real Simple, these boxes can be used for all kinds of things ranging from shoes to craft supplies to household utility items. So if the deep sweater bin is currently out of stock at your local store or even online, consider using a few of the smaller-sized boxes, or go bigger and leave some room for your collection to grow.