25 Stone Fireplaces That You'll Want To Hunker Down In Front Of

A home can be made cozy in so many ways: A snuggly sofa, a comfortable bed, and an area rug that tickles you between your toes are just a few items to make your home feel comfy. However, if your home is not as cozy as you'd like it, you may be scrambling for a few ways to fix your problem. Don't worry, though; Inlanta Mortgage says there are multiple ways to do this, including creating a welcoming entrance, placing fresh flowers all around your home, painting with light colors — oh, and accentuating your fireplace!

Not only does a fireplace make your home feel cozy, but it can also be good for your mental health, Stone Solutions Maine says. Watching the flames flicker as they spread a warm feeling across your body can be what you need to unwind after a stressful day. Sitting by a fire is also known to lower blood pressure. But if you want something durable, you'll want to look at a stone furnace, FireCraft advises. Not only that, but a stone fireplace can help you stay relaxed as it is low maintenance and can add value to your home. So, let's scroll down and see the plethora of stone furnace designs that'll put you in a relaxing trance.

1. Go for light colors

This fireplace is made with a light stone of various neutral colors that complement the drapes, walls, furniture, and flooring. The blaze is a nice touch of warmth in a cool-colored room.

2. Add some contrast

If your room is filled with light colors, building a stone fireplace entirely made of dark hues will contrast nicely. But, of course, this will also make it the focal point of your room.

3. Chilly nights

Depending on where you live, it can get cold outside at night. However, installing a furnace on your patio can make nights outdoors with friends last longer as you sit by the fire.

4. High roof

A fireplace can be used to really accentuate the height of any space. If you have it go from the floor all the way to the ceiling, it will draw your eyes to look upward and make a fantastic décor pinnacle.

5. Blend it in

Blending a stone furnace into your existing background would be great for those who desire a minimalist look. It's simple yet sophisticated and cozy.

6. Make a statement

Make your fireplace a statement piece. You can do this by choosing stones of various colors, adding height, decorative pieces, a mantle, and a hearth. Placing a chandelier in front of it will create a harmonious and bright space.

7. Modern design

Adding a stone furnace in front of wood elements is the perfect combination of materials for a modern design. Enjoy a cup of coffee with your friend while relaxing at the sound of the fire crackling.

8. Center your fireplace

Many may think a fireplace can only go against a wall. However, you can install one anywhere as long as it has proper ventilation and meets local code requirements.

9. Make it a finishing touch

Finish off your design with a stunning stone fireplace. The furnace entirely elevated the design of this living room as soon as it was implemented.

10. Paradise at home

Feel as though you're always on vacation with an outdoor stone fireplace. This design, created with luscious greenery and comfy furniture, is the spot where we wish we could drink our morning coffee and spend our evenings.

11. Cottage-style fireplace

If your home — or cabin by the lake — is designed as a cottage, it cannot be complete without a fireplace. This stone furnace creates a warm ambiance that brightens up a room short of natural and artificial light.

12. Warm up the design

A stone fireplace with the right color will complement and complete most modern designs. Especially this furnace — designed in the middle of the room — doesn't seem to take up too much space and offers a place to sit on the hearth.

13. Mix materials

Usually, you wouldn't put wood near the fire for fear of causing ablaze in your home. But this design — the stone that separates the fire and wood — helps create a unique design that is completed as the stone continues to spread across the wall.

14. Fireplace in bedroom

Having trouble sleeping? Maybe installing a fireplace in your bedroom can help you relax and get that shuteye you've been craving for. However, if you're unsure of adding a live fire in the room, installing a screen instead can help result in a similar feeling of relaxation as you hear the wood crack from the flames.

15. Mini and functional

Your furnace doesn't have to be huge to be effective in your overall design. Creating a system where your fire, wood, and other supplies have a functional and organized space can be especially soothing for those who require a neat environment.

16. Ultimate rustic design

As you create an outline for your rustic home scheme, be sure to include a fireplace somewhere. This design complements the furniture and wood as it has hints of a rusty color in its stone.

17. Decorating for the holidays

Having a stone furnace with a mantle and hearth means extra space to place your decorations for the holidays. It's hearty, cozy, and adds a touch of that homey feeling we're craving for when away.

18. French country style

You can't complete your French country design without a fireplace. This décor uses a minimal amount of stone, and the rest of the area is covered in drywall for a softer look.

19. Smooth stone

A stone fireplace doesn't always have to be bumpy. Marble is a strong stone you can use that will leave a smooth and elegant finish. 

20. Did someone say pizza?

Don't get a stone furnace for decorative purposes only. For instance, you can build one outside specifically for cooking pizza or other foods you are craving.

21. Victorian fireplace

This decorative marble fireplace is a beautiful piece that has been incorporated into this space to complete the Victorian design. 

22. Layered contrast

Having a stone fireplace can be useful in layering elements and colors that contrast. Here, the white stone contrasts the mantle and the black shiplap wall behind it.

23. Let out your creative spark

Allow your creative ideas to take form on your fireplace mantle. Adding a mirror, flowers, or family mementos can make your furnace a special home feature.

24. Flat to the wall

Having a stone fireplace doesn't mean that it has to be bulky and in your way. Instead, you can install one against your wall to provide texture and premium space in your living quarters.

25. Add lights

To add more ambiance to your home, lights can be a great touch to your fireplace. Especially if you add amiable lights to match the fire, you'll create a warmer and more comfortable space.