The Waterfront Isn't The Only Stunning Thing About This Pennsylvania Property

A home located in Pennsylvania with a beautiful waterfront is now up for sale with history included. According to Realtor, this home has never been listed on the market as it was built and owned by the family for over 50 years. The home was built in 1963 and featured only one bedroom. However, just a few years later, in 1970, several more bedrooms and bathrooms were added on to have the functionality of a full house. Aside from the many rooms this home now holds, this property has many more stunning exterior and interior features.

Sitting on 10.6 acres of land, this home that is 1,630 square feet in size has a pond as the main exterior features. While being only one story, this residence has much of a cabin and lodge type of aesthetic to it. Almost every room in the house is brown in color, with many walls consisting of paneling. Additionally, while this property is mostly secluded, it resides close by to many restaurants, theaters, and shopping. Known for its unique and quaint features, it's easy to say this home won't be on the market for long.

A country view

For the most part, the view that comes with this property consists of the waterfront and trees, via Zillow. However, this one-of-a-kind pond takes up six of the 10 acres this home comes with. Since it's so large in size, there is plenty of room to do whatever one would want with a pond, even ride in paddle boats. Speaking of boats, there is an enclosed boathouse garage that leads directly to the pond, with the boat staying on the water. This garage is large and can hold one or two boats at a time with unloading access that leads back into the house.

Another outside view comes from the screened-in porch. This porch is long in size and provides a ton of room for outdoor activities. Chairs with matching tables, swings and even outdoor couches are just some of the many options one can do with this area. Additionally, this porch also overlooks the large pond to help provide even more relaxation. Several wooden benches currently reside on top of stone flooring. The house itself is painted red with a red ceiling and brown beams up above.

A massive living room

Large in size, much like this whole property, the living room is cute and cozy, as per Realtor. A gray stone fireplace is the main event in this room, and it's large enough to heat up the whole house. The ceiling goes upward and meets right above the fireplace. Exposed beams reside throughout this room and extend into the kitchen area. The ceiling, like the outside of the home, is red in color and has a large ceiling fan hanging down from it. The flooring is a very short carpet material making for easy cleaning.

The furniture in this vast room includes a couch and matching loveseat on one side of the room. A uniquely shaped wooden table sits between these two adjacent sitting areas. On the other side, closer to the fireplace, are four wooden rocking chairs with green cushions. Sitting in pairs of two, a light brown end table resides in the middle with a lamp sitting on top. On each side of the fireplace resides several shelves that provide room for an endless amount of decor and items.

The kitchen is open and warm

Upon leaving the living room, one will be entering into the kitchen, via Zillow. A door that leads to the outside resides between these two rooms that helps to separate them. Directly beside this door is where the stove is. It's white in color and appears to be an older model, which helps bring the country theme more to life. Beside this is the counter space and sink. The cabinets that hang on the wall are brown, with a section in the middle that hides behind a curtain. The sink is located on the cabinets that reside under this.

Over on the other side of the cabinets is where the fridge is. It appears to be a newer model than the stove and is stainless steel. The flooring in this room contains the same kind of carpet that can be found in the living room. Directly in the center of the kitchen are two large dining room tables. Both are brown and wooden, while one is an oval shape and the other is a circle. However, both the tables and chairs match each other and provide a ton of seating for guests.