Hone Your Green Thumb At This 337-Year-Old Connecticut Estate

A historic estate with over 3 acres of property has hit the Connecticut real estate market with an asking price of just $895,000, according to Zillow. If you think this price seems low compared to other estates of its caliber, you're not wrong — this house has a history of selling for less than it is listed.

In June 2010, the home was listed with an asking price of $1.29 million, but after two years of price slashing, it was finally sold in 2012 for only $715,000. The new owners posted it for sale again later that month for $895,000, before it was resold in June 2013 for just $715,000.

It seems that potential buyers found the new listing price to be fair, as the Zillow posting currently says the house is pending a sale for the full asking price — a 25% increase from the previous listing. With the vast amount of meticulously kept land and historic interior, it's no wonder it was snatched off the market only four days after being listed.

A look at the large property

The main house was built in 1685 and features four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and over 3,300 square feet of living space, according to Zillow. The original colonial build has white siding, large windows with white trim, two stone chimneys, a gray roof, and muted dark blue front door.

This is not the only historical build on the 3.67-acre property, though. There is a two-story barn on the property that was built around 1900. This barn features room for storage on the first floor, a recreational area on the second floor, and a carport. There is also a red carriage house just yards away.

At the back end of the property is a field with a beautiful, rocky stream. A bridge leads across the stream to the in-ground pool and red pool house. The pool area is surrounded by a white privacy fence and paved with bricks. There is also a small hot tub connected to the pool. Gardens throughout the property make it the perfect spot for anyone who loves to spend time outdoors.

Inside the historic home

This home does a fantastic job honoring its 337-year-old history and incorporating some modern charm. According to the Zillow listing, some of the original features of the 1685 build include three fireplaces, wide planked wood floors, exposed chestnut beams, and decorative wood paneling.

The formal living room, pictured above, stays true to the original build and history of the home and is virtually untouched by modern features. The wood finishing, hardware throughout the room, and beehive fireplace are all original features that instantly transport you back to the 17th century. The doors and windows are trimmed and paned with wood to help lighten up the somewhat heavy-toned room.

Just outside of the living room is a steep staircase with a broom closet tucked underneath. The living room leads into the formal dining room and the family room. The dining room is a blend of old and new, with the original floors and fireplace but lovely muted blue walls with frame-style molding. The other walls are white with accents of the same blue, giving it a quaint and charming feel while still being light and modern.

More of the Connecticut colonial

If the formal living room seems too stuffy for your liking, don't worry, there's an inviting, modernized family room just off of it. The wood features and fireplace in this room are original to the build, but the cream walls and windows help lighten it up, making it the perfect mix of cozy, rustic, and contemporary (via Zillow).

The kitchen is another blended room, with original wood flooring but bright white walls, a ceiling fan, white pantry doors, stainless steel appliances, and white marble countertops. The dining room follows suit, with a charming, antique farmhouse vibe. The deep wood floors are paired with sky blue walls and white trimming, enhancing the light from the large window and glass pane door leading outside.

The combination home office and library returns to the historical sensibility, with wood paneling on the walls and ceiling, small windows, an original fireplace, and built-in shelves. There are a few modern touches, like the light gray carpeting and the ceiling fan. The bedrooms upstairs also alternate between historic and modern. While they all have the same wood floors, one is enhanced with wood paneled walls and exposed beams; another has light blue walls with white accents. A third room has an original built-in armoire and light wood trimming.