History Buffs Will Love This Castle In Denver Is On The Market For $3.5 Million

If you've ever dreamed of living in the kind of home that would suit a king or queen, there are plenty of stunning castles around the world that could satisfy your royal real estate aspirations. Beyond that, some castles fit into a wide range of budgets. For instance, a castle sold in the Bronx for $1.5 million, while a Connecticut castle was put on the market for $11.8 million. That's not to mention the massive fairytale-like castle listed for a whopping $60 million. According to Realtor, it would also cost a few million — $3.5 million to be exact — to buy one particular castle in Denver, Colorado, that could very well be the home of your dreams.

Found in a desirable location close to parks and restaurants, the incredible abode was built in the 1880s by architect William A. Lang. While the castle would surely be a fantastic place to live, it would be just as lovely to work there, which is undoubtedly why it was turned into a professional space that held offices. The listing notes that it would also be an ideal property for a deluxe Airbnb rental or to host special events.

This castle would certainly suit any of these uses, thanks to the fact that it boasts original charm and modern updates that will thrill both history buffs and luxury lovers alike.

This castle has dreamy outdoor spaces

Sitting on a lot that spans 8,712 square feet, per Realtor, whoever is lucky enough to own this castle will enjoy vast outdoor spaces that will make them feel like they've stepped into a dream. Along with the covered porch on the front of the home, there are also balconies and patio spaces on the ground and roof.

Outside is also where potential guests can find the carriage house, which is not actually included in this listing, but can be purchased if someone is willing to pay an additional $1.5 million. While it appears to be set up as a separate home, it would also be an incredible spot for a business, art studio, or bed and breakfast.

When guests approach the castle itself, they would surely notice the exterior, which features lava stone from the nearby area of Castle Rock. Not only does the stone give the property an aged look, but it's also used to create arches, columns, and a turret. Tall chimneys reach up from the home while the carved details, large windows, and a peaked roof add to its charm, as do the lamps on the lawn and gate which surround the property contribute a magical glow with their little lights. Once inside, those who live in the home will find even more charming aspects that are all too lovely to ignore.

The castle's interior is wonderfully regal

Walking into this castle in Denver might make you feel like you're stepping back in time, even more so when you spot the hard-to-miss elements such as the suit of armor, a crouching gargoyle, and seemingly endless touches that are more than just a little majestic from top to bottom. While the overall home spans over 6,300 square feet and three stories, the main floor is just one level where residents can find breathtaking woodwork, stunning fireplaces, and elegant wainscoting, according to Realtor. The downstairs living areas also feature painted accents on the walls and large windows — some with stained glass — that let in enough natural light to show off the details inside the home.

When it's time to prepare dinner, there is more than one kitchen to choose from. Each has been updated with countertops made of quartz, modern appliances, and sleek cabinetry.

If it's time to indulge in some relaxation, those in the home can head upstairs. Of course, that's an experience in itself, thanks to the staircase, which is practically an art piece. Carved wood and slanted wood surround the stairs while a rug lines each step, and a massive rounded stained glass window glows above the first landing, making it visible from below. Residents would indeed feel like a royal as they ascend to the upper levels of this castle to find even more incredible spaces.

There are plenty of resting spaces

Throughout this massive castle in Colorado, residents can find eight bedrooms, according to Realtor. Each has its own look and unique features, such as the same kind of woodwork found in the living spaces on the main level, lovely wallpaper, and gorgeous fireplaces. There are also many sitting areas in the window-filled turret sections, which could easily become someone's favorite place to kick back and gaze out at the view. While most of these rooms have held onto an impressive number of original details, it's clear that they've also been cared for while benefiting from TLC throughout the years.

That same level of care can be seen in the castle's nine-and-a-half bathrooms, which all mix antique touches with modern upgrades while using a range of styles, arrangements, and colors. The bathrooms also boast artistic tilework that ranges from marble-like hexagon-shaped tiles inlaid with wood on one bathroom floor to black and white geometric patterns in a shower in another.

While there are plenty of options for where you could enjoy some relaxation in this castle, there are undoubtedly countless rooms for rest, work, or play that would make you feel like a princess, duke, or knight.