Beerologists Will Love This Long Beach Home That Comes With Its Own Irish Pub

Want a quick trip to the pub? You'll only need to walk a few steps to reach Welch's Bar & Grill, located at this charming vintage bungalow in Long Beach, California. Recently listed on the market for $1.25 million and already pending a sale, the historic Bluff Heights neighborhood property comes equipped with its own Irish pub. The cozy Craftsman-style one-story home was built in 1920 and features three bedrooms and two bathrooms, a serene backyard haven offering various alfresco areas for entertaining, a built-in pergola, an isolated garden with small glass greenhouses that display edible vegetation, and an underground wine cellar. Craftsman bungalows were built at the start of the Roaring 20s era, a style of architecture that stems from the Arts and Crafts movement, which came as a response to the manufactured and elaborate sense of the elongated Victorian era (1837-1901), per The Spruce.

Long Beach's Bluff Heights Historic District is known for its Craftsman-style bungalow homes that were constructed from about 1910 to 1923. According to Bluff Heights Neighborhood Association, BHHD became a historic landmark procured by the City of Long Beach in 2004. With 1,386 square feet of living space, the former proprietors have skillfully preserved the vintage abode by its endless charm and style throughout their twenty years of ownership. Other modern amenities include central air-conditioning and heat, updated electrical and plumbing, and solar panels. Read on to learn more about this enchanting California bungalow.

Stroll around the historic bungalow's grounds that lead to the pub

Chic and inviting, the California bungalow welcomes visitors at first sight. Located within proximity of the beach at 2846 E Vista St, the charming gray-stone pathway cuts through a Zen-like garden that includes native flora with various succulents and cacti. Climbing wisteria decorates the long, secluded driveway. Many California gardens may include such flora, which can sustain the local climate as well as save on your water supply, per Lawn Starter. Walk up the straight path that leads to the steps of the historic home, where an enticing porch swing and chair await you. Additionally, the exterior appears light cream in color with a gray roof and two large rectangular front windows.

Meeting friends for a drink? Step no further than the backyard. A walk around the back is like entering a relaxing alfresco lounge filled with various opportunities to dine and entertain. The approximately 6,000-foot lot exudes comfort and privacy from the unique built-in pergola that features a decorative privacy curtain, canopy, and lanterns, per Realtor. There's a lush little lawn that leads to the glass greenhouses where you can grow your own lettuces, along with another outdoor dining space. A high-end-looking grill with a gray stone façade and marble-like countertop is also present. The delightful carriage house-turned pub sits snugly amidst the area along with a concealed power-enabled shed that doubles as a workshop and storage space. Entirely the perfect place to unwind.

Step inside the exquisite Craftsman house

Vintage and homey, the interior is lovely throughout, with mostly the monochromatic color of yellow to highlight the walls, including gorgeous brown wooden cabinetry, custom crown molding, woodwork ceiling, and original casement windows. Like a home from an early 20th-century American novel, the place shines with original hardwood flooring and classic architectural details throughout. Each bedroom is quaint yet spacious, with brown-framed windows and built-in wardrobes. The backroom is ideal for guests with a view of the private yard and an ensuite, per Zillow.

The kitchen is simple and with classic features like a small farmhouse sink, white appliances, and a thick wooden slab table, along with more built-ins like a quaint breakfast nook that adjoins an office/desk area. The backsplash is dressed in white subway tiles and hexagon tile countertops. The most interesting piece is the vintage white enamel O'Keefe and Merritt gas stove. These beauties were designed and manufactured in Los Angeles and made popular among households in the mid-20th century, per Los Angeles Times. Down the hall is a beautiful bathroom with an original cast-iron clawfoot bathtub, pedestal sink, and built-in drawers. Here in the hall, you'll also find the concealed hatch that leads to the underground wine cellar that can hold a connoisseur's grand collection. There's also a sizeable attic for more storage space.

Inside the converted carriage house-turned pub

Sláinte! When you need a break from the domestic life, grab a beer at Welch's Bar & Grill in the backyard. Enter through the brown double doors to the former property's carriage house that is situated right off the step of the back patio. Originally used as a garage or storage space for horse-drawn carriages and their entourage in the 18th and 19th centuries, a carriage house is a detached dwelling that currently offers diverse renovation potential, per Home Light. Step back in time or into another country with this converted home pub, as the color schemes are like the home's interior along with the dark wood finishes. Look up to see the authentic Tudor-style wood beams in the ceiling, then pull up a chair to the bar where a built-in tap system awaits. You can also sip and relax with your brew in the intimate sitting area. A distinguished step ladder is located near the bar that leads to a petite second loft and appears more for storage than for recreation. There's also a simple antiquated style half bathroom where a white sink with gold fixtures resides.

Currently, the home-based pub is decorated with knickknacks and décor that resemble antiquities from the UK, along with comfy leather furniture and a television, per the listing. The former owners have updated and preserved this historic home well with intricate vintage detailing, fine furnishings, and a love for beer.