The Dryer Sheet Hack That Will Leave Your Electronics Dust-Free

While dryer sheets may be great at getting the static out of your clothes and adding a fresh, soft scent to laundry, they are not the best for the environment. As Healthline points out, dryer sheets don't help to clean the laundry, and other products like dryer balls, reusable dryer sheets, and more thrifty alternatives can work just as well. Single-use dryer sheets are non-compostable and are known to release chemicals into the air, therefore, you may want to think twice about using them in your laundry routine, suggests Think of the Pandas.

That doesn't mean you should immediately toss out all your laundry sheets, though. The most conscientious and sustainable option is generally to use up what you have before switching to an alternative. Thankfully, dryer sheets have a variety of alternative uses around your home. According to The Spruce, dryer sheets can be used, amongst other things, for cleaning pans, removing pet hair from furniture, and cleaning the dust off your electronics.

Dust your computers and televisions

Cleaning electronics, especially screens, is a task that no one really enjoys. Television and computer screens are extremely delicate, while modern touch screen models tend to be particularly finicky. While there are many different types of specialized screen wipes, dusters, and sprays available, why not use something that you already have at home?

According to The Spruce, the silicone coating found on dryer sheets is excellent for reducing static and cleaning dust off electronic screens without leaving scratches or streak marks. Sweeping Dimensions echoes this sentiment, adding that dryer sheets are also great at cleaning all kinds of dirt from computer towers, modems, DVD players, video game consoles, and just about any other type of device. Do be careful with this method, though, as dryer sheets are highly absorbent. Anything used to clean delicate electronics needs to be completely dry, or you could risk damaging your equipment.