25 Desks That Won't Take Up Too Much Space In A Home Office

In order to keep your personal life and professional life separate, it's nice to have a place to work away from where you live, however, it can also be handy to have a dedicated workspace in your home. When it comes to what you might want — or need — in a home office, you should definitely consider incorporating ample storage space, ensuring easy access to outlets, and adding the kind of lighting that works with your needs and eases the strain on your eyes, suggests Houzz

More importantly, though, you'll need a comfortable chair and the ideal work-from-home desk. Of course, if your home office isn't exactly spacious, then you'll need to find ways to save space, and that includes opting for a desk that won't take up too much of the room. Fortunately, there are plenty of options that are both stylish and practical.

1. Sleek white and gold desk

If your home office has a modern and chic design, then you would likely adore a desk just like this one. It has a relatively shallow top with enough room for three drawers and gives off the appearance of whitewashed wood, while the thin legs are gold-colored and match the cute round drawer knobs.

2. Modern white and wood desk

Another option that's both modern and sleek, this small desk has a versatile yet compact design. It pairs white painted sections with natural light-colored wood. It also features slim legs while opting for a single drawer between two open storage spaces.

3. Small desk with a pair of drawers

This small desk offers storage space with a pair of white drawers on either end. However, instead of the drawers using up the entire length of the countertop, the desk leaves a long space in the center with a gorgeous panel of natural wood that is perfectly polished.

4. Small desk with rounded legs

When considering the look of a new desk for your home office, in addition to focusing on the top and front of the piece, be sure to take a peek at the legs. While square legs can certainly be attractive, this smaller desk has thin rounded legs which you might prefer.

5. Minimalistic all-black desk

This minimalistic desk definitely won't dominate a room, which is just one reason why you might love it. While it doesn't offer a lot when it comes to storage — in fact, it doesn't have any drawers or shelves at all — it does offer a generous countertop.

6. Tuck under the stairs desk

The space underneath your stairs doesn't have to go to waste. If your home office is on a lower level of your home, then you can have a desk built into the area under the stairs. Simply add some drawers, shelves, and lighting above to create the perfect workspace.

7. Two-in-one desk

This unique desk can be adjusted to suit your needs and is a great option if you work with someone else. You can either separate the desks and leave space between or you can push them together to create one large workspace.

8. Desk between storage space

If you need both a desk and storage that doesn't take up too much space, then you might want to consider building a desk between two shelves or cabinets. This desk is relatively thin, so it won't encroach too far into the room.

9. Wood slab desk with plenty of drawers

It might seem difficult to find a desk that doesn't take up too much space yet offers a decent amount of drawers, but this option does both. The desk is made from a simple wood slab that has been placed on two shorter cabinets with five drawers.

10. Desk that extends from a shelf

Make your desk an extension of an existing shelf or design one that combines both a desk and shelf along one wall. You can keep the desk at one end or position it in the middle depending on your preference, and it can be the same depth as the shelf or deeper if needed.

11. Fold-up desk

If you would prefer not to look at your work at the end of the day, or like to keep your computer in a safe place when you're not using it, then you might appreciate having a fold-up desk. It's an easy way to tuck away your workspace while giving you additional space in your room.

12. Small antique desk

A small antique desk can give your home office an element of charm. While you could try to track one down at an antique store, you can also opt for a new desk that features an antique look, or have one made to the exact size and look you're after.

13. Single-legged desk

This type of desk only requires one leg as the other end is secured to a wall. This not only means that it offers more room for your legs, but it also allows you to work from either side of the countertop, or provides enough room for two people to get down to business at once.

14. Desk in a closet

This is another option for anyone who wants to close their workstation when it's time to kick back and relax. Built into a closet-like space, it offers a sizeable countertop and multiple shelves that will all be hidden when the two full-length doors are closed.

15. Desk with adjustable height

Since it's attached to bars on the wall, this desk allows the countertop and shelves to be moved higher or lower as needed. It can either be adjusted to suit the height of different users or can be taken down to give you more room in your office.

16. Desk with magnetized backboard

This desk may be small, but that means it won't take up an excessive amount of space in your home office. However, it does offer a magnetized backboard, which will give you an area to store pens and notes, and maybe even display a creative doodle or two.

17. Three-toned desk

Natural wood, white drawers, and black legs are combined to create this relatively small but stylish desk. Simple, slim, and sleek, this option would suit a minimalistic office. Liven up the area around the desk with plants to bring out the tones in your desk even more.

18. Desk with a bold backing

With full sides and a matching worktop and back, this desk can be color coordinated to any room. Its thin design means that it makes the most of the available space without feeling overly bulky.

19. Desk that blends thick and thin

Why choose between a bold desk that's made from thicker materials and one that takes advantage of a thinner design? This relatively compact option has a sturdy top with hidden drawers and thin legs. The all-black color makes both aspects stand out equally.

20. Small retro desk

Something that surely would have suited a room in the 60s or 70s, this kind of retro desk could look just as amazing in your home office. The smaller design features a smooth worktop that is held up with rich wood legs finished with gold accents.

21. Super slim desk with metal legs

This super slim desk uses a light wood top with beautiful graining, and a pair of thin drawers with matching wood knobs, to create a compact workspace. To give it a slightly different look, it has metal legs that are painted bright white as its base.

22. Small desk with different storage areas

This simple desk gives you a range of great options when it comes to storage space. Along with a drawer on one end, there are also two open areas for additional storage. Additional matching drawers can be added to complete the look.

23. Desk with unique shelves

This space-saving desk offers you everything you need when it comes to storage space. Each of its sections are differently sized, while some also have glass doors to protect what's inside.

24. Sleek black floating desk

Since floating desks don't have legs, the countertop is secured directly to the wall. They are a great option for compact rooms and they can be as wide or long as you need. This sleek black floating desk is a fabulous option for a contemporary workspace.

25. Wood desk with an industrial base

At first glance, this desk with a wood top might appear to be attached to the wall, which would certainly make it an attractive floating desk. However, look a little closer and you'll see that it's actually resting on a metal base with a distinct industrial vibe.