Here's Where You Can Visit The House Boat From Sleepless In Seattle

There was plenty to love about the pop culture in the 90s, including baggy jeans, neon everything, and hilarious sitcoms like "Friends" and "Seinfeld." There were also tons of quality tear-jerking romance films, like "Ghost" and "City of Angels," that left more than one moviegoer crying into their popcorn. Among these films, there is one that might stand above the rest. Released in 1993, "Sleepless in Seattle" was written and directed by the late and legendary Nora Ephron, who was also responsible for romantic comedy classics like "When Harry Met Sally," "Michael," and "You've Got Mail," according to her IMDb. Nominated for two Academy Awards, "Sleepless in Seattle" is a story of widowed architect Sam Baldwin — played by Tom Hanks — whose young son calls into a radio help show (those were a thing back then) to explain how his father is lonely and he wishes that he would find love, according to IMDb.  After the story attracts the attention of relationship-troubled Annie Reed, played by Meg Ryan, the two go through twists and turns until finally meeting at the top of the Empire State Building for what is sure to be the beginning of a happily ever after.

The emotional movie had us hopeful and weepy. However, it also made us incredibly envious of the amazing seaside town in Seattle where Hanks' character lived. Not to mention the incredible houseboat where he resided and where some of the film was actually shot.

A look outside of the floating home from Sleepless in Seattle

Located at 2460 Westlake Ave N, Seattle, Washington, the houseboat made famous by the film "Sleepless in Seattle" rests in a waterside town right on the banks of Lake Union. However, it's not technically a houseboat, which, according to Realogics Sotheby's International Realty, needs to have a motor or other means of actually moving. This Seattle waterfront house is actually considered a floating home, meaning it is docked for good on the water but can't be put into motion freely. Regardless, the waterfront property is a dream.

Purchased back in 1987 for a reported $550,000, the home was then sold in 2008 for a whopping $2.5 million, according to Puget Sound Business Journal. The outside of the house is just like how you remember it from the film. The white wooden shingles of the outside walls still gleam in the Seattle sunshine, and the chocolate-colored wood of the dock is kept in pristine condition. As you envision the waves lapping against the edges of the lake, you can almost picture Tom Hanks' character sitting on the iconic bench near the end of the long dock or leaning against the railing, watching the pops of the bursting fireworks. The home is privately owned, so, unfortunately, you can't take a tour inside. However, you can still catch a glimpse of the outside of the home if you're a big fan.

The inside of the Sleepless in Seattle home has modern touches

Although the outside of the floating home made famous by "Sleepless in Seattle" is easy to spot, the inside is barely recognizable. That's because the house's interior was not used in the actual film. Those scenes were filmed on a studio set, according to King 5 Evening. In the 2018 video tour of the magnificent home, we can see how much work the owners put in to freshen up their house's look. Some walls were removed to widen the area and expand the open concept of the space. The kitchen has modern appliances and a crisp white tiled backsplash.

The large wooden staircase featured in the film is not present in the actual home. Instead, a slimmer walkway leads up to the second floor, braced with black iron handrails. More up-to-date touches include a lovely sliding black barn door that passes over the entertainment area, which includes a large television and a shelf containing precious pictures. The living room, however, still has unbeatable views of sparkling Lake Union that you can see through large framed windows. Window box bench seating allows you to watch the passing boats and wildlife from the comfort of the living area. Even if you can't look at the inside yourself, there are other ways you can experience the film's magic.

Other Sleepless in Seattle locations you can visit

Although the Lake Union houseboat is a must-see, it is also worth it to wander the docks and check out some other floating homes. In fact, if you're looking to permanently live the Seattle life, you can purchase a floating house of your own on the same strip where the movie was filmed. Located at 2040 Westlake Avenue North, this one-bedroom and one-and-a-half bathroom floating home is on the market for $599,500, according to the listing on Washington Waterfronts. It includes multiple balcony spaces plus a rooftop wrap-around porch area.

There are many other locations to visit while in town, like the famous Athenian Seafood Restaurant where Hanks and Rob Reiner talk about dating while enjoying a pint. You can still sit at the bar stools where they filmed the scene, per Curbed Seattle. There is also Pike Place Market and the Inn at the Market, where Reiner was filmed checking out Hanks's rear end as they prep for his venture back into the dating scene. Finally, when you're ready to wrap up your film tour, you can check out Gate N7 at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, where Meg Ryan and Hanks' characters first catch each other's eyes.