How Much Does It Cost To Build A Dining Room Set From Scratch?

No home is complete without a dining room. It is a sanctuary for family members to gather, eat, and make memories. When considering the options for furnishing, some more handy homeowners may opt to build their own dining room set. According to Home Advisor, paying to furnish a dining room can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $16,000. Building your own set can bring this price down by hundreds or even thousands of dollars. 

Aside from cost benefits, making a dining room set of your own can make your space even more special. You'll have more say on your furniture's size, shape, and style and will be able to create personalized pieces for your family to cherish for years. Of course, there is a lot to consider before getting started. Below, we'll guide you on factors for cost and just how much it'll cost to build a dining room set from scratch.

Factors for cost

DIYers across the internet have created incredible homemade dining room sets for shockingly low prices. For example, YouTuber DIY Lily Ardor posted a video of her $57 build. However, Lucky Belly estimates that you'll spend roughly $500 on materials for a DIY dining room set, which is a pretty good bargain compared to most of what you'll find on the market. Of course, this all depends on what you want out of your table. When building your dining set right from scratch, there are three primary factors to consider. These include the size, style, and finishing. We'll discuss these bits in detail below.


According to the experts at The Spruce, the standard height of a dining set is 28 inches to 30 inches. HTD Direct corroborates this fact; they also mention that you should expect a length of 68 to 72 inches for the standard four to six seating placements. 

Style and materials

Another cost-determining factor is the style and materials you build with. There are several dining set styles like traditional, farmhouse, mission, rustic and modern. Design Idea gives a detailed look at what these dining sets look like and why they may suit you. Your preferred style is a huge determining factor in the materials and extras you will purchase. Materials like glass, metal, and marble can all make beautiful additions to your room. Of course, higher-end materials like marble will bump up the price and skills required for your build.


The last step in creating a DIY dining set is to employ finishing. If you choose to make your set out of a material like wood, this will ensure that the result has a professional look and the table lasts as possible, according to Woodworker Lodge. You can use many different types of finishing, like oil-based polyurethane, tung oil, or even varnish.

Additional costs

Along with your dining room set, you'll probably want some add-ons to spruce up the room; read on to get a rough estimate for these items.


It should be old news that we are passionate about decor. There are a couple of items that you should buy to blend into your dining room seamlessly. First on our list is a rug. It doesn't have to be anything fancy or crazy expensive. In fact, you can get one for as low as $17 on Wayfair. Other timeless decor options include centerpieces, wall art, and mirrors.


Good lighting can make all of the difference in the ambiance of a restaurant. The same goes for your dining room. The glam designers at Restyled Homes put it right when they said lighting can either "make or break a meal." According to Early Experts, basic lights will cost $100 or less. If you want to go glam, you can always purchase chandeliers or sidelights, which can cost $88 to $2,000.

Maintenance and functionality

Every item faces wear and tear over time, but you still want to ensure that your dining set stays beautiful for as long as possible. Curated Interior notes that table cloths are a must-have item to maintain your dining table. Table clothes are relatively cheap, costing between $9.99 and $30 at Walmart.

Types of dining sets

A lot goes into choosing a dining set, but the three primary factors are material, style, and shape. Check out the options available to you.


One popular dining set style is the trestle style, characterized by two large legs that form an X on each side. There is also the iconic farmhouse-style set, which topped Modsy's list of favorites. Others include the pedestal and an offshoot of that style known as the dual pedestal style.


Shape has a huge impact on the look of your dining room table. The Spruce notes that the most commonly seen dining table sets are rectangular, round, oval, or square. Circular tables can feel more intimate, while long, rectangular tables provide more room. The best shape for you depends on what you're looking to get out of the table.


The experts at ZAD interiors highlighted a couple of popular dining set materials — including wood, glass, laminate, marble, quartz, and metal. Renovated Faith writes that the best types of wood for a classic dining set include maple, oak, and cherry wood. Glass dining sets are versatile and sophisticated. On the other hand, laminate dining sets can be cost-effective and sleek.

Why you need a new dining set

There are numerous reasons why may feel the need to get a new dining room set. However, we can point out four major ones. It's not that the other reasons aren't valid but rather that we would be more inclined to replace the entire set if any of these factors are in play:

Wear and tear

The Spruce writes that the ideal shelf life for a dining room table is 20 years at a maximum. Once you notice signs of age, it might be just time to get a new one.


Another solid reason to get a new dining room set is family expansion. Most families have a kiddy table. However, the kids will grow up someday and maybe have kids of their own. As your family grows, you'll want your dining space to as well. 


While some like an iconic, timeless dining room, others like updating theirs regularly and keeping up with trends. So, another reason you may want to replace your dining room set is to ensure it fits in with all of the trends in 2022. According to Homes and Gardens, bold pieces are in. This means bright colors and funky shapes.

Benefits of a dining room set

When was the last time you ate at the dining table? For some people, last night; for others, Thanksgiving. With people increasingly on the move these days, sometimes the benefits of a formal dining room are lost on us. Here are some benefits of having a dining room set.

Better meal choices

We tend to make healthier choices around the dining room table rather than on the move or at a restaurant, according to La Belle Assiette. If you're struggling to get your family to eat healthier, more home-cooked meals around the table could be the answer.


Quality family time is just not as common as it used to be back. A dining room set can help enforce a digital detox for you and your family, giving everyone time to look away from screens and enjoy each other's company. Put in plain words — no phone, no television, no computers, and no headphones at the dining table when you all settle to have a meal.


On holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Passover, most time is spent around the dining room table. If you have a large extended family or just love hosting friends for dinner, a nice dining room set is a must-have.