Step Inside The $12 Million West Coast Mansion That Christina Haack Bought

Looking for some major house envy? Check out the $12 million mansion that Christina Haack, the former HGTV co-star of "Flip or Flop" and current host of "Christina on the Coast," just purchased — it's absolutely jaw-dropping. According to the listing, the house is nearly 7,000 square feet and includes five bedrooms and six bathrooms. It also features top-of-the-line smart home features, an impressive security system, an in-ground pool, an exercise room, and a private movie theatre. If only our homes could compete!

Although Haack's new mansion is breathtaking, the house looks impressive yet relatively unassuming from the front. It also features lots of tall, full trees, providing the home renovation star with privacy. Wondering just how impressive Haack's new home is? The property's Zillow listing claims that an offer was put in within a remarkable 60 seconds — clearly, Haack was really excited about the mansion! After viewing some of the pictures, we certainly don't blame her.

A backyard fit for a queen

Although the mansion is certainly impressive, we can't stop staring at Haack's new backyard. The lot is 16,659 square feet (about 10k more square feet than the house), so there's lots of room for an immaculate outdoor oasis, as seen on Zillow. The main focus? A stunning pool with beautiful gray coping. Photos captured at night reveal that the pool lights up (via New York Post), and we can't help but wonder if the lights are hooked up to the property's smart home automation.

Not a fan of swimming? No worries! The HGTV star's backyard has plenty of outdoor seating options: couches, tanning chairs, barstools, and more! With so much space, it's sure to be a hit during summer evening gatherings. Haack's backyard also includes a bar and what looks like an outdoor fireplace just behind it, making it a picture-perfect hosting space — and a great addition to her home.

A relaxing glass palace

Haack's new home is sure to get tons of sunlight. Although we haven't seen many pictures of the mansion's interior, we do know that it's full of stunning glass walls that'll certainly let in lots of light. Just imagine lounging on the couch with a book while the sun beams down — what a dream! Plus, increased sun exposure leads to better mental health and higher serotonin levels, according to Healthline, making the whole experience even more soothing. Of course, the glass walls also keep with the mansion's modern style, providing a cohesive theme.

Not all of the walls are made of glass (that could certainly make things awkward!). Neutral tones like black, white, and beige feature heavily throughout the mansion, preserving a clean yet subdued aesthetic. Ultimately, everything comes together to look very stylish yet classy — it's exactly the type of home that we could see Christina Haack in!