Which Member Of The Sheen/Estevez Family Has The Most Expensive Home?

The Estevez family, some of whom go by the stage name Sheen, comprises quite a few of Hollywood's most famous actors. From father Martin Sheen to sons Emilio Estevez and Charlie Sheen, to name just a few members of the family, this brood of artists has an impressive amount of acting credits between them. Of course, with successful acting careers come the benefits of high incomes and exceptional real estate

The Estevez-Sheen family owns a collection of notable houses, and each individual incorporates their own style and flair, including one long-term home that patriarch Martin Sheen once described to Architectural Digest as his "favorite place in the world." So where do all the members of this famous unit live, and who has the most impressive home? While all the facts and figures are not readily available, several sources have given us intimate glimpses over the years into the various residences. 

Martin Sheen's California abode

Martin Sheen owns an approximately 80-year-old cottage in Santa Monica, which wasn't impressive upon purchase. Even though the property has been brought to enviable, contemporary standards, it wasn't extravagantly priced when it was sold to him, nor was there much to look at as it was tucked away in the woods. But the cottage befits the elusive actor, who, despite his great stardom, has remained humble and out of the tabloids for several years. 

His wife Janet, an artist, takes responsibility for transforming the property into a home filled with premium style and outstanding décor. The cottage now consists of a study, two baths, and a kitchen with a porch that has been converted into a pantry. By the time she was done, the cottage was "a brand new house within the footprint of the old one, " as she recently told Architectural Digest." As far as records show, Velvet Rope reports that the house is still owned by the Sheens but is worth a pretty penny nowadays. 

Emilio Estevez's Malibu home

Until recently, Emilio Estevez owned an impressive Malibu mansion complete with a working vineyard. Estevez first rose to fame as a member of the 80s' famous "Brat Pack," a group comprising young actors who often featured in coming-of-age films. Estevez has since maintained a successful career as an actor and filmmaker, which has brought the income necessary to purchase homes like a Malibu mansion constructed in 2008. 

According to American Luxury, the house includes a vineyard and a farmhouse, with the home itself decorated with stained glass and accent stencils. A wine room is decked out in Tuscan hues, glazed with terracotta and leather, while the exterior lighting is functional yet dim to give off a subdued, relaxed vibe. You will also find limestone fireplaces, arched thresholds, an outdoor fire pit, and a hand-tiled kitchen island. Until recently, the vineyard produced the fruit for Casa Dumetz, a wine label created by Estevez and his business partner Sonya Magdevski. 

Charlie Sheen's trio of mansions

It can be argued that Charlie Sheen has one of the most recognizable faces in the Sheen-Estevez family. With successful TV series and movie roles spanning decades, Sheen's personal life has also been on display over the years, including a very public meltdown. While the actor has had his share of controversy, his bank account has never suffered, reaping all the benefits of his hard work. The actor has not one but three homes in the exclusive Sherman Oaks Mulholland Estates community. 

These mansions range in price from $6.9 to $7.49 million and are located within proximity of each other. Features of the homes include a chef's kitchen, media room, private screening room, a gas-heated terrace, and picturesque views of the surrounding canyon. Add in opulent dining areas, a pool, spa, and you have a real estate paradise most of us could only dream of. According to Celeb Casas, Sheen also owns homes in Encino and Malibu, CA.