Inside The Home Kim Kardashian Just Bought Next To Kanye

American billionaire Kim Kardashian is best known for her modeling career as well as her appearance on the reality television show "Keeping Up With The Kardashians." From an early age, Kardashian was trained to be in the spotlight. She was born in Beverly Hills under luxury and privileges highly brought on by her parents, Robert Kardashian and Kris Jenner. Her mother, Kris Jenner, still manages every aspect of Kardashian's career along with the careers of her siblings, helping them continue on their easy path of fame and wealth, as told by Biography.

Today, Kardashian continues to gain more wealth and attention even as she continues into the family stage of her life. In 2011, she welcomed her first child, North West, into this world and married Kanye West three years later. Brides states that the couple had a total of four children together before divorcing this past March. As Kardashian and West continue on with their co-parenting journey, Kardashian is now also beginning to make accommodating moves to best benefit her separated family, like the purchase of a new home that lies directly between her current house and the home West recently purchased. New York Post mentions that this new home was purchased by Kardashian for $6.3 million, over 14% more than it was originally listed for (via Zillow). Let's take a quick look inside to see why.

A backyard with potential

The property is located at 24862 Eldorado Meadow Road in Hidden Hills, California. According to Hidden Hills, this neighborhood is known for being one of the best and most luxurious places to live in California. Not only is it quiet and perfect for raising a family, but it is also known for being a very private area popular with celebrities. Although the houses tend to be rather expensive, the luxury is well worth it.

Offering a calm place to reside in this quiet, luxurious neighborhood, Kim Kardashian's new house boasts broad and spacious lawns that are beautifully manicured and lined with protective fencing. Overlooking the lawns in a separate gated area is also a small terrace. As far as Zillow shows, these outdoor spaces don't include anything fancy or luxurious but provide plenty of room for improvements. For example, the spacious back lawn includes plenty of space for a pool, comfortable seating arrangements, or even an outdoor kitchen. The terrace likewise can be set with a beautiful fire pit surrounded by cozy chairs and couches.

The perfect entertaining spaces

Moving to the interior portions of the house, Kim Kardashian's new place is sprawling with 4,239 square feet of living space. With only four bedrooms that occupy this rather large area, we can only assume the luxury that is hidden in those parts of the home. Zillow only shares two main interior portions of the home, which include the spacious family room and the large formal dining room. 

The family room is located at the heart of the home and boasts a spacious area that can fit a variety of entertainment features with plenty of extra space for seating arrangements. This makes the area a perfect place to either spend quality time with family or entertaining guests. Also located in this perfect common space is a grand fireplace, wet bar, and sliding doors that provide direct access to the extensive backyard. Similar to the family room, the formal dining room is also a very spacious area to host formal dinners or be easily cleared for extra entertaining space for parties or family get-togethers.

Opportunity for change

Similar to the yards that surround the home, the interior portions of the home are also bound to face a series of updates and changes in the near future. Upon entering the home, one can easily recognize the outdated style of the home. It is first seen on the grand staircase, which leads residents and guests to the upper portion of the house with a dark green carpet and gold decorated railing. The rest of the front area of the home, including the family area, however, takes on a distinctly different style with crisp white walls, which are reflected with one entire wall of mirrors and slick marble flooring. The style of the home then quickly bounces back to the outdated dining room that is completed with light hardwood floors and heavy green drapes lining the walls, as seen on Zillow.

With all these changes and updates that need to be done, many may wonder why Kim Kardashian would settle for a home that is any less than perfect. To this, New York Post concludes that the convenient location of the home wedged directly between Kardashian's own and Kanye West's home made for a highly desirable location to best benefit her children. In regard to the home, however, we can expect many upgrades or maybe even a completely new home to emerge on the property in the near future.