Which Bridgerton Cast Member Has The Most Expensive Home?

It's no secret that "Bridgerton" has captivated viewers around the world since it made its debut on Netflix on Christmas Eve of 2020. Since then, viewers have devoured two seasons and now wait in anticipation for the third that's on the way. We've fallen hard for The Duke of Hastings and Daphne Bridgerton in the first season, and watched Kate Sharma and Anthony Bridgerton take us on a roller coaster ride through the second season. It's hard to think that we fall even more in love with the Shondaland's Regency-era drama after each season, but alas, it seems as though we have.

Since viewers have spent a lot of time with the Bridgertons, some may wonder where the stars live in real life and if their homes are anything like the lavish settings displayed in the series. Here, we look at several of our favorite cast members to discover who has the most expensive home and dive into their personal styles and home design aesthetics. Keep scrolling to find out for yourself.

Phoebe Dynevor's North West London House

During the first season of Shondaland's "Bridgerton", we have to admit we were captivated by Daphne Bridgerton. We watched as she caught the Queen's eye at the ball, becoming the Diamond of the first water, and watching her romance blossom and subsequent marriage with the handsome Simon Bassett, The Duke of Hastings. The couple lived in the immaculate Clyvedon Castle in Yorkshire, which was built starting in 1699 but wasn't completed until one hundred years later. According to House Beautiful, the estimated value is around $290,104,173.

With this kind of fame, the world is curious about where Dynevor has laid down her own roots, no doubt. Thankfully, fans are lucky enough that the actress has shared plenty of photos of her home on Instagram to show how she lives in her Hampstead, North West London abode. According to HELLO!, the actress (and daughter of Coronation Street actress, Sally Dynevor) has some pretty snazzy digs of her own. For instance, her all-white kitchen features wood paneling on the walls and white countertops, but she adds a touch of color with bright artwork. While we couldn't find the exact price she put down for this home, the average cost of a home sold in 2021 in this area was roughly £1,931,308, according to Foxton's Estate Agency.

Regé-Jean Page's London home

We must admit, we were a little devastated when we heard Regé-Jean Page wouldn't be joining Bridgerton for Season 2 as the witty Simon Bassett, The Duke of Hastings. Turns out, the dashing Duke has a pretty sweet life in reality, too. According to the Daily Mail, the actor is dating Emily Brown, a copywriter with clients like Nike, Converse, and Uber, and a part-time soccer player for the South-West London team, FBB Warriors. Per the outlet, the couple put down around £800,000 for the home in North London last February, just months after the Duke made his debut on Netflix for "Bridgerton."

Page proclaimed to the world on SNL that, unlike his character, he's "just a regular guy." While we aren't so sure about that, we did catch a glimpse of his design style during an interview with Jimmy Fallon. His living room looks comfortable and relaxing, featuring a plush brown velvet couch with an array of pillows in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Also revealed in the room were more personal touches such as ambient floor lighting, and a guitar to possibly serenade his own Duchess!

Simone Ashley's home in London

And now, we move on to Season 2. We could barely take our eyes off the stunning Simone Ashley, who plays Kate Sharma, the love interest to Anthony Bailey's Viscount Anthony Bridgerton. It's not difficult to see why the captivating actress is such a head-turner when you catch her on the popular series. The actress divulged to Glamour Magazine in a recent cover story that she "grew up everywhere." Although she is originally from Surrey, England, the actress now lives in London with her dog and spends much of her time working in Los Angeles.

According to The U.S. Sun, Simone has an equally intriguing abode with large windows that allow light to pour into the space and lots of lush plants. In her envy-inducing upstairs bathroom sits a large soaking tub with views of a dreamy outdoor patio. We aren't sure exactly what the actress paid for her London home, but according to The Real Deal, the average home in the metropolis will set you back around £514,000.

Nicola Coughlan's London Flat

Nicola Coughlan plays Penelope Featherington (lovingly known as Pen—and for a good reason, ahem Lady Whistledown!) on "Bridgerton." The Featheringtons are members of a prominent family that resides at the fictional 1 Royal Crescent in the series. Per Cheat Sheet, if the property was for sale, the lavish estate located in Bath, England would set its buyer back about $9 million. 

In real life, Coughlan briefly lived in a London flat before moving back to her childhood home in Galway, Ireland, citing loneliness and the busyness of the city as the reasons for her dissatisfaction. As HELLO! reveals, however, her childhood home is classicly cute and cozy, and it's easy to see why she longed to return. The living room has a vintage feel with a floral couch, baroque-patterned carpet, and cream-colored walls. Spotted in the background during an interview zoom call was her bedroom complete with light wooden furnishings and clean, white walls. While we aren't sure what the Coughlan family paid for the home, an average home in Galway, Ireland, costs about €322,543, according to GalwayBeo. More specifically, a semi-detached three-bedroom house will cost around €255,000, and for a classic bungalow, buyers can expect to pay approximately €432,000.