20 Outdoor Projects That Will Increase Your Retail Value

The exterior of your home is on display for everyone to see, and if you ever decide to put your home up for sale, then there will be a lot of people going in and out of your home. You definitely want your home to impress and be able to sell for so much more than you first bought it for. With increasing housing prices, now is a great time to increase the value of your home by adding some outdoor features, according to Better Homes & Gardens. Even just fixing up a broken fence or touching up some spots with new paint can add value to your home. Every little detail you change can make a huge difference to the look of your home.

If you're on a budget, there are many things you can do to make your home look like it's worth a million dollars; for example, redesigning your front yard by adding a few plants, new fruit trees, or putting in the time to make your grass grow greener and evenly. Here are 20 different ways to spruce up the front of your home.

1. Repaint the front door

Repainting your front door the same color or a new color can instantly make your home look clean and upgraded. You want it to stand out and feel welcoming, but you don't want it to clash with the color of the rest of your home.

2. Plant some trees

Planting various trees can definitely increase the value of your home by at least $9,000, according to Better Homes & Gardens. Avoid planting them by driveways and along the side of the house in case of any issues. They'll make the perfect hangout spot when they grow, and you can plant different types, such as fruit trees.

3. Add a deck

Laying out in your yard is a great way to sunbathe on hot days, but if you don't like laying on the grass, you can add a deck with lounging chairs. It'll add value to your home and be a great source of entertainment for your guests. You can decorate it with flowers and a picnic table to make it look nice.

4. Add some shutters

Shutters around windows make them look elegant and add some color to the exterior walls. They come in a variety of finishes, such as fiberglass, wood, vinyl, and aluminum.

5. Repaint the mailbox

Keeping your mailbox up to date with a fresh coat of paint every few years or so can make your home look put together. It'll give your home points on the market since it tells folks you pay attention to detail.

6. Install a fire pit

A fire pit can enhance the outdoor living experience, whether you put it in the front or backyard. A great way to end the night of any gathering is by sitting around the fire pit.

7. Renovate the garage doors

Replacing or simply repainting your garage doors can give your home a whole new look. You can add a new style of doors or pick out a fresh new coat of paint to increase the value of your home.

8. Keep your lawn maintained

If you already have a nice patch of grass, then it's best to keep it neat and clean. Covering up any holes in your grass with seeds to grow new grass while maintaining a regular mowing schedule will help keep your lawn in tip-top shape.

9. Add light fixtures

Your home is your safe space, so installing some light fixtures outside along the walkway, by the front door, or the garage door will give your home more security. LED lighting is one of the most common lighting options because they provide extra illumination, as per Better Homes & Gardens. They'll definitely add value to your home if you decide to sell it.

10. Improve the house numbers

When you invite new people over, they'll be looking for your house number as they drive through the neighborhood. Therefore, making sure your house number is clean and easy to read is important. You can repaint the numbers if they're on the sidewalk, or if they're metal numbers, you can use spray paint.

11. Add a water feature

An outdoor water feature, such as a fountain, can increase the value of your home and give it a luxurious touch. It's also important to make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible to catch a buyer's attention. 

12. Freshen up the roof

Cleaning or replacing your roof tiles if they're cracked or faded can make your home look brand new. That being said, it's better to get a professional to take care of the repairs to be on the safe side. When you're trying to sell your home or increase its value, you want every part of it to be perfect.

13. Add a fence

Installing a fence around your home gives you more privacy from other neighbors and will make your home look attractive to buyers. There are various types of fences you could use, like a topiary trimmed hedge or a wooden fence, that could increase the value of your home.

14. Install an outdoor kitchen

There's nothing better than enjoying the warm days outside with a cold drink and a barbecue. Investing in an outdoor kitchen gives you the luxury of being able to cook outside while not having to go back and forth inside your home. All you need is a grill, ice chest, and stainless steel appliances.

15. Grow a flower garden

Growing your own flower garden can go a long way in brightening your front yard. It'll add texture and give your landscape a whole new feel. Try adding some flowers to either side of your walkway if you have one.

16. Power wash your home

A little soap and water can make the value of your home increase quickly. Removing all the grease, dirt, and dust from your home can brighten up the exterior faster than repainting the entire thing. House Logic states that washing your home can add another $10,000 to $15,000 to the sale price.

17. Create a walkway

If you don't have a walkway, you can always install one if your front yard is big enough. Creating a clear path to the front door will prevent visitors from stepping on your garden. 

18. Add a swimming pool

A swimming pool can elevate your backyard and attract a buyer's attention when you put it on the market. If you live in a place with hot summers, it'll definitely be worth the price.

19. Install a shade structure

When your backyard lacks tall trees to give you shade, the best way to prevent a sunburn is to install a beautiful shade structure, such as a pergola. You can decorate the small space with furniture, a fire pit, or bright string lights. It'll make a cozy environment and add value to your home.

20. Spruce up the porch floor

If you have a small porch or steps leading up to your front door, it's nice to have the flooring stand out and give a preview of what you can expect inside. Maintaining your porch floor doesn't only help with the look of your home, but also helps it last longer.